Friday, January 01, 2010

Lieberman: Iraq was Yesterdays war Afghanistan is today's war and Yemen will be tomorrow’s war if we don't act. Too late!

As usual with our so called leaders we are a day late and a dollar short. We have ignored activities in Yemen for years. I have written about it numerous times and sometimes been criticized for it. That said it is too late to make Yemen a priority. Let me reiterate in part something I wrote last week! Yemen the first open battleground for new Middle East order

First, we hear we have quietly stepped up air attacks in Yemen hunting down and killing Al Qaeda. It is no secret we have been discussing it and the fact that Iran's revolutionary guard is also there supporting Houthi rebels in an effort to get Shiite dominance. The attack on a packed air bus on Christmas day came from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; a terrorist cell led by a former personal secretary to Osama bin Laden and was in retaliation for recent attacks in Yemen by the US. There are promises that this was the first of many. I'm the first of many, warns airline 'bomber'

While getting ready to say this I have to wonder why Cheney crawled back into his hole right now at this time? Is it because the airport security system that just failed was theirs? Is it because two of the leaders responsible for the attack were released from Gitmo by Cheney and Bush? They have failed the country from beginning to end. Anyway!

Al Qaeda ties of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: How deep do they go?
Yemen says may harbor up to 300 Qaeda suspects

Look at the total picture here that has become Yemen today as it sits in a crucial Middle East location for good and for bad everyone wants to control! There is a lot of activity there that has been attributed to Al Qaeda and their interests. I was surprised to learn that Yemen is Middle East nation, where Osama Bin Laden's father was born. Knowing all that you know my focus has been on Iran's interference in Yemen as they try to install Shiite dominance there and everywhere else in the Middle East.

It is looking like Yemen is going to be the first country down! Please watch the video, the Middle East is right to be concerned. Yemen is going through severe domestic turmoil due to the violent activities of Al Qaeda, Houthi rebels in the north and the Southern Movement in the south. The remaining Jews are threatened with slaughter by the Shiite.

Yemen is in a fight for its life! Al Qaeda wants it as the safe haven it has been for years. Saudi Arabia can not have a radicalized Shiite State there which is what Iran is trying to set up with the Houthi. We can not allow any of it to happen.

Despite 2 insurgencies and Al Qaeda Yemen is already in trouble. They are running out of water! Wells are down 65 feet per year, many wells have dried up and they can not grow food. They are rapidly running out of water and that problem too is now. Yemen water woes in the poorest Arab Nation

With our air raids in the East, civil war looming in the north, pro-independence protests in the south and al-Qaeda in the background threatening a wave of attacks on America, Yemen is today’s war. To top it off Yemen is running out of water! There is more Al Qaeda there than in Afghanistan why are we in Afghanistan and not Yemen?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Yemen is in such a strategic geographic position it is no wonder there are groups within in the country itching for power. With Somalia a hop, skip and a jump away Suez Canal traffic would be in danger, as you know pirates are already plundering the narrow straits between the two landmasses. The US should give Saudi Arabia the green light to sort this mess out before it becomes another war we have to fight for them.

Demeur said...

This should come as no surprise. With only about 100 Al Qaeda left in Afghanistan they've become an equal opportunity employer. Anywhere in the world that has low employment, a shakey government and poverty is ripe for these guys. A good part of Africa would be easy pickings for an Al Qaeda push.
Interesting to note that Osama's father Sunny was very western and unlike his son came to the U.S. quite often and liked to dress in jeans and western hats.

And here's another piece of mud you can sling at republicans. They were the ones to vote down spending more for airport security and they are the ones who want to put airport security back to where it was before 911 with underpaid rent a cops. How stupid is that?

an average patriot said...

Holte I think it is too late. Saudi Arabia is trying to help because ultimately they are the target. It is Iran helping the Houthi that concerns me more than anything but Yemen running out of water.

an average patriot said...

It really peeves me Demeur that they are guilty of messing everything up and they get away with shrugging it off, denying it, or ignoring it. There is more Al Qaeda in Yemen than there is in Afghanistan they are our allies and need and want our help we should be there not in Afghanistan.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Checking out he details of the latest "alquaieder-terr`ist bomber".
He boarded in Amsterdam, looking drugged and dazed, without a passport, despite being already on a "list", the security firm at Schipol has ties to israel and digging a little deeper, there`s all kinds of evidence that show this one to be a false flag op....

But yes, there`s a few radicals holed up in Yemen...

Bombing the Yemen will no doubt create even more anger towards the US and Israel.