Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go back to your roots President Obama! Remember what you ran on!

Obama, Biden Set Agenda to Boost Middle Class

Obama facing State of the Union Address tries to reinvent himself and Middle America!
Obama does not have to reinvent himself! He has to remember who he is. He has to remember what he ran on. After the politics of division and partisanship along with financial disaster and war mongering Obama promised change. He promised bipartisanship Republicans promised to defeat him and heretofore they have. Remember "yes we can"

The whole world felt the promise of Obama pressing the reset button. He went around the world bringing hope. So far that is all we have, hope! Last weeks election in Massachusetts is being called a mandate against a party, a mandate against the Obama agenda, a Revolution against a party "the Democratic party" WRONG! Wake up and think about what just happened.

What Scott Brown just did should not be misinterpreted by the Republican party as a denial of Obama, his agenda, or the Democratic Party. It should be a wake up call to both party's that we the people are sick of the games, sick of the partisanship, sick of the concern being for the Party's not we the people. It is a Revolution however it is not a revolution against 'a party" It better serve as a wake up call to both party's.

Remember he never once mentioned the Republican party but instead ran as an independent. He promised he would work for the people not as Republicans do but as Ed Kennedy did and to make him proud. It is not a revolution against a party it is just the people wanting we the people that was removed during the last Administration put back in the equation. It is a move against in incumbents "all incumbents"

Our Government of the people, for the people, and by the people, fed by the Constitution has become a Government of the Politicians, for the corporations and affluent, by the Media, fed by the legal system. SCOTUS just made that sickeningly true however I now think both party's as the relentless liberal said, will start doing what the people want if only to save their jobs. I think we the people may be put back into the equation!

Right now the Supreme Court of the United States decision is a huge win for Republicans and corporations. They stole our America and the legal system made it possible. I have to hope the election of Republican Senator Scott Brown in the bluest of blue States Massachusetts will negate that!

Losing the peoples seat kept by the peoples Senator for 46 years bothers me only because Health care was Senator Kennedy's legacy and I feel we let him down. However I think Brown is the next best thing unless he proves me wrong. We just elected a young charismatic Senator as our President because he offered change and hope. With Senator Scott Brown, he is a future President of the United States, a likely candidate in 2012 to lead and unite us but let us see if he can be true to what he ran on, Obama has so far failed! Obama to reintroduce himself during State of the Union

Most say lots of stimulus $$$ wasted

Obama Unveils Tax Initiatives to Help Middle Class

Obama has gotten the message. I think Obama is smart enough to stop giving the message that the Democrats will go alone if they have to but truly be bipartisan and now that the Capitalist system has been rescued, focus on the middle class and our America. Ronald Reagan turned it around when he saw this happening to him. I know Obama is now working on it and he too can turn this around and work for the masses not the party. If he does that he will win reelection!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

Obama knows he needs to do something.

But I expect he'll just give us mostly empty promises again.

If he loses the next election, he still comes out a big winner for being a servant of the big banks. There is really no downside for him in selling us out.

Until both Houses of Congress learn respect for the American people (not corporations) and the rule of law, we'll keep getting more of the same.

When politicians get voted out, they go to K-Street where their banks accounts are over filled with lucre. Voting them out, means they can make more money. Then come back again later.

Weaseldog said...

Another nail in the retirement coffins. The SEC vote 4-1 today to allow suspensions of redemptions in money market funds.

In plain english, if the market is low, you can't get any of your money out of your 401k. your retirement could abruptly end without warning, based on the capriciousness of the markets.

Proposed rule 22e–3(a) would permit a money market fund to suspend redemptions if: (i) The fund’s current price per share, calculated pursuant to rule 2a–7(c), is less than the fund’s stable net asset value per share; (ii) its board of directors, including a majority of directors who are not interested persons, approves the liquidation of the fund; and (iii) the fund, prior to suspending redemptions, notifies the Commission of its decision to liquidate and suspend redemptions, by electronic mail directed to the attention of our Director of the Division of Investment Management or the Director’s designee...

an average patriot said...

Wease I thought I answered this hours ago but forgot all about it! Anyway Republicans now have the corporations to do thier dirty work.

Democracy is Dead! Obama thinks he is going to get a bipartisan panel to work on ways to try and stop this? Forget it! Republicans are ecstatic. They smell blood! Brown and then this.

They see the beginning of the end of Obama his agenda and the dominance of the Democratic party and their agenda whatever that was. The Republican five declared a victory for the first Amendment and freedom of speech. My eye! It was a defeat of our Democracy and a victory for Republican Corporatocracy!

Weaseldog said...

Obama is still focused on returning us to an era of eternal exponential growth.

At least that's what he is saying. And if he believes in this fallacy, then it's easier to believe that he's trying to do the right thing.

If I make that assumption, then we're still screwed as he's doomed to fail.

The next Republican President will be just as clueless about how the physical world works.

We're about to have a cold snap. After that I'm starting my seedling trays for spring. Most of my new chicks have grown into fine looking hens. I think one laid a tiny little egg today. It's a month early for them.

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

I know! He just has to focus on some sort of stability. I am sure the Babe Ruth of speakers will hit it out of the park again.

I have already been listening to Republicans saying don't listen to him, you can't believe the white House, believe Massachusetts.

Screw them idiots! That message was to all of them. We are sick of their childish games none of them are safe, we want our country back! So what do they do? They give it to big business. Sonofabitch!