Sunday, January 03, 2010

Iran opposition leaders face threat of prosecution he warns you can not stop us I am ready to die for Iran!

Iran opposition leaders face threat of prosecution

As this ratchets up let me reiterate first: We have a bloody showdown in Iran, deaths arrests, and defiance, the Iranian regime as predicted in June is beginning to crumble before our eyes! In the middle of twice President Khatami’s speech the basij barged in and chaos ensued! The 1979 Revolution is ending the people want their country back.

Think about it! You know how I feel about Iran's Revolutionary Guard Command, but now there are many pro Government citizens calling for the death of those against the current regimeand the IRGC! Like most I believe the election was stolen. I originally though it had to be known right to the top but I do not think so. I now thing even Ayatollah Khamenei was duped about the stolen election. Some not all of the clerics have been dragged into bed with the IRG!

As you know, the IRGC was set up to protect the ruling authority after 1979 and are supposed to be controlled By Ayatollah Khamenei authority. I know Ahmadinejad and 2/3 of his first 21 member cabinet are ex IRGC members and that simply reinforces that I am increasingly led to think the IRGC has become the final authority not the Supreme leader.

The Supreme leader is appearing as a puppet needed to keep the religious leaders together and to make it appear that they are still in charge. They have become a major force capable of taking control of Iran and I am afraid nothing less than that is what has happened.

Not only has the IRGC perpetrated the horror and brutality we have all witnessed in and out of jail and lord knows the horror we will never know about but to add insult to injury Brigadier General Yadollah Javani a senior official with Iran's increasingly powerful Revolutionary Guard is calling for the prosecution of two key opposition leaders and a former president, accusing them of fanning the protests that have gripped the nation since its disputed presidential election two months ago.

Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi, along with former reformist President Mohammad Khatami, he says should be tried for attempting to lead a Western-backed revolution that aimed to topple the regime. I am sick of hearing that crap. That was not western backed though I am sure they and us have been cheering this on. Those people merely want their true people led Republic back not the IRGC controlled Islamist Republic of Iran.

He wants the judiciary to go after them, arrest them, put them on trial and punish them according to the law. Do you know what that will do to the unrest in Iran? it will blow big time and you have to think that is what Javani wants. Then he will be able to get all this out in the open and have his millions of thugs put this to rest once and for all but I don't like what I see happening.

The IRGC is in control of furthering Shiite demands around the Middle East! You know by no what they are doing in Yemen, Iraq, and everywhere they can in the Middle East. I now believe Khamenei is the power behind the crackdown but he is unknowingly enforcing a lie!

As we have been discussing, this will continue to ratchet up whenever possible. There has been violence since the stolen election in June. However this as we have been saying is once more being brought to a new level. The opposition is picking its moments carefully and getting bolder. Amidst cries of we will fight we will die we will take our country back they are now fighting and dying but taking their country back I don’t know but I wish them luck! This has gone to another level! Protesters wanted a fair election now they only want regime change.

* In closing: We are seeing a new and hopefully better Iran awakening, better for the Iranian people and better for the world. Iran is perhaps the most important Nation in the Middle East and what is happening there is most important to the world and our future. The mayhem we saw Wednesday after Iran’s effort to shut down and control information was followed by 2 days of Government sanctioned and promoted “pro” Government rallies.

There were threats to execute and assassinate opposition leaders if the Judiciary did not punish them within an allotted week. Isn’t the punishment death anyway? I know both sides profess love and duty to God so I do not understand threats to threats to protesters and leaders that they may be tried for going against God and defying God’s will and I find it very disingenuous!

There were reports that Mousavi and Karroubi had escaped Iran but Karroubi’s son Taghi disputed that lie saying they were both in their homes and that the ones who were killing the children of the Revolution were the ones that, those with Iranian blood on their hands that should escape. Iranian Opposition Leader Sends New Warning "You can kill us but you can't stop us"

Mir Hossein Moussavi’s response was to warn the Government that they could not stop the reform movement by force and he was not afaid to die and be martyred for the good of Iran. While the Government blocks coverage of the unrest saying Iran is more unified than ever Moussavi correctly warned on opposition web sites that Iran is in the middle of a serious crisis. Mousavi Says He Is Ready to Die for Iran Change

Finally we know Mousavi's 5 point plan will be laughed at and ignored. We also know the the opposition leaders and protesters will not relent nor will the hard-line Government. They have already proven they will do anything to keep their mis-agenda moving forward. This is coming to an ugly head. I pray for those people and the world as we all have a stake in how this turns out.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

That about sum it up James. When good starts to happen it will be easy to see.

an average patriot said...

I see no good coming only hell. Mousavi is ready to die for the cause and if or should I say when he does this will be a full blown confrontation or whatever you want to call it, Those people will not give up nor will the current dictators.