Friday, January 15, 2010

Yemen Ready for Talks With Al-Qaeda Members Who Reject Violence as they kill Al Qaeda and fighting intensifies!

Yemen sends message to al-Qaeda - 09 Jan 2010

Yemen Says It Killed a Qaeda Leader as fighting intensifies Talk?
Al Shabab isn't coming over to help them talk. Look at Pakistan look at Afghanistan, look at the Chechen's, look at Al Shabab, they don't want to talk. That has been tried. They want to fight period. I just discussed this! Al Qaeda veterans are flooding into Yemen hiding in the hills

jihadis from across the Arab world are hiding in the lawless hills of Shabwa province . There are dozens of Saudi and Egyptian al-Qaeda militants who came to the province to join homegrown Yemeni radicals both from Shabwa and other regions of the country.promising to defeat Yemen and the US.

So what do they do? They want to talk! Talk to Al Qaeda? Come on get with it. Yemen Ready for Talks With Al-Qaeda Members Who Reject Violence

Yemen is running out of water. There wells are down 65 feet. Give them a water supply; build them a desalinization plant to be shared by all those cooperating. Give them the ability to grow food and feed themselves and avoid a blockade. Play our strengths. They do not want to talk! I really think that building a desalination plant and trying to help the country would defeat Al Qaeda there if they tried to destroy everything for the citizens. We have to keep military boots off the ground! Turn the people against them!

Thinking is counter to our way of doing things today but I firmly believe that we can turn the people against Al Qaeda in this instance if we play our cards right. Otherwise Al Shabab is coming over to help Al Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula and keep this mess growing. Prove what I said the other day wrong I challenge you!

When are we going to realize that so called terrorism is the head of the Hydra? You cut one off and many spring up in its place. No one in their right mind can really think they will quit. I have said it to many times but we are winning nothing. This is still barely beginning, will keep growing, and will equal all past great Religious wars. As you know, Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest!

We can change that here! Make believe if they have to that they really care about the citizens. Try to build them a desalinization plant and let them watch Al Qaeda try to destroy it and the peoples future then they will join in and help us you think?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

With Haiti,Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Darfur, not to mention we haven't finished rebuilding New Orleans and you wonder if this just isn't the end of things. How about having the Suadis build them a water plant? Or did I forget they want things destabalized so they can yet again raise the price of oil.
Has man become insane? Here we are going to spend another $400+ billion to try and kill people while people are starving to death around the world. It's looking more and more like Al Qaeda is winning this thing. They have us cowering at airports and spending borrowed money. At what point does our system collapse? We're not spending on things that would provide a future benefit. Once a bomb is dropped that's it - $2 million circles the toilet bowl. Is this not madness?

an average patriot said...

Demeur Saudi Arabia is building their own. You know, During Bush's mess I had major debates With Religious nuts on the right saying he was trying to bring about the and of days and asked me if I was ready. Things are way beyond control now and can only be reacted to. Take care!


Must say, I'm impressed by Yemeni govt doing everything they can to combat Al Qaeda.

an average patriot said...

I am too Anna! They just got 6 today one was a leader you may remember escaped prison in 2006. I remember the thought being they had help from the inside and I am sure. I'm glad they got him.

I told you my friend Jerome the Relentless Liberal publishes at the think tank now. He just sent me the piece he did on on nuclear nonproliferation and it is good. Do you still go there?

an average patriot said...

Here it is and it will be up later!

Averting Nuclear Annihilation (2)

By Jerome Grossman

President Barack Obama has called for a major change in world policy on nuclear weapons, leading to eventual elimination. His initiative is supported by a powerful group of conservative and military allies led by former Republican Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Schultz and Democrats former Secretary of Defense William Perry and Sam Nunn longtime Chair of Senate Armed Services Committee.

These leaders recognize that nuclear weapons are the most inhumane and dangerous ever conceived, that kill and maim without discrimination, the only weapons ever invented that could destroy all life on planet Earth. That must not happen. Disarmament is the only answer: If any country has nuclear weapons, others will want them. Then, some day they will be used by accident, mistake, or design - the ultimate catastrophe.

These conservative leaders agree with the Democrats in the US Senate. Both argue for dramatic reforms in the US and world nuclear policy. The problem is political, how to persuade the Republican Senators to adopt these reforms. It won’t happen unless Kissinger et al do some serious lobbying with the Republicans. Obama can’t do it alone and GOP support is essential.

While the public argument will advocate the no first use of nuclear weapons, immediate reduction of all nuclear arsenals, guarding nukes and nuclear materials, enhanced verification and enforcement procedures, their private argument will point out that complete and verifiable elimination of all nukes will enhance world-wide US military hegemony.

During President Clinton’s administration, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was sent to the US Senate for approval. It failed to reach the 67 votes necessary for ratification, but did attain a majority, 51- 49. In 2010, there will be another attempt to reach 67, hopefully by persuading seven Republicans to join 60 Democrats.

Some conservatives and military leaders believe that a worldwide policy of no nukes would be the most advantageous policy for the US, enhancing and protecting its status as the only military superpower with the capability to deploy overwhelming non-nuclear forces anywhere on earth in a matter of hours. It would legitimize US action against alleged rogue states and tighten control over the nuclear black market. It would support present US hegemony by eliminating the so-called suicide defense prepared by North Korea and Iran. Giving up nuclear weapons and accepting US hegemony may be the price that humanity must pay to avert the threat of total annihilation.

Several countries including Libya, Ukraine, Belarus, have given up their nukes as not worth the high cost of development and maintenance. Some have found the prestige of having nukes to be over-rated. And others have found themselves under an informal US nuclear umbrella: Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Israel, and others. And finally, nations that find US hegemony onerous and oppressive, with or without nuclear weapons, could ally themselves for resistance.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but most of the time they will make fools of themselves."

Holte Ender said...

Saudi Arabia SHOULD get more involved in their locality, we can't keep flying round doing their bidding, kicking Saddam out of Kuwait, should have been their job. They have the firepower, they have the money, they dont have the will or the desire to have a peaceful Gulf, which they could, and should dominate.

an average patriot said...

I agree Holte! They are fighting the Houthi on their border and sometimes on their own soil so that time is now!