Monday, January 04, 2010

Afghanistan Suicide Bomber May Have Been Helped by CIA Informant

Officials: Afghan Bomber Invited Onto US Base

Afghanistan Suicide Bomber May Have Been Helped by CIA Informant

Afghan CIA bomber 'was courted as potential informant'

We saw this in Vietnam! I was afraid of a repeat here and because of our arrogance and lack of thought process everything is being repeated and then some. We are not too intelligent! I warned my sons not to trust them or turn their backs on them. Like it or not we are the enemy not the Taliban Why can't they frigging understand that?

I refuse to believe the CIA would drop their guard like that. One man can be stupid but a whole crew? No we can't be that stupid. Afghanistan is called Obama's Vietnam and I am long convinced it is and much worse thanks to Bush ignoring Afghanistan for 7 years.

Afghanistan: Can Obama succeed in the 'land of the unruly?' No! Afghanistan is Obama's Vietnam compliments of Bush! Land of the Unruly, Graveyard of Empires, front of the war on terror, whatever you call it they have never been defeated militarily and will not now. Adding thirty thousand troops will do nothing. This is just beginning!

Afghanistan is President Obama’s Vietnam on steroids in every single respect! If we insist on adding more troops and hanging around there we will add the number of Americans killed! I keep being given the stupid example that not nearly as many have been killed in Afghanistan as in Vietnam and they attacked us so they are in no way the same.

Oh how contraire! Most do not know that the vast majority of those killed in Vietnam were killed “after President Johnson was advised to get out he could not win in Vietnam. We created the DMZ creating South Vietnam and supported an unpopular President. We tried to establish a Democracy where it was not wanted by the majority of the population.

The very troops we are trying to kill are killing us when they can. It is happening too often with promises that it will happen a lot more, Once again our enemy has turned the tables on us and used those we thought we were using against them to kill us. They are beating us at our own infiltration and spy game.

They promise it will get worse and it will. We are the enemy not the Taliban. They belong there not us! In March, 1968, President Johnson was told by his Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara that in his opinion the US could not win the Vietnam War and recommended a negotiated withdrawal. More than 50,000 of the more than 58,000 American deaths were after that. Is that what we are waiting for? Get out now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

We must have taught them well when they were fighting the Russians. And now we train the next round of insurgents.

an average patriot said...

Demeur we are pretty frigging stupid I just do not get it. WTF is wrong with these people we count on!

Holte Ender said...

After reading your post, I think we ought to take the "I" out of CIA, from now on lets call it the Central Agency.

an average patriot said...

I know Holte, I am stupefied actually. The CAI central agency for idiots! I thought they were some of the best and the brightest, if so we are in trouble and we are!