Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Haiti the worst and hopefully the best is yet to come!

82nd Airborne: Delivering Aid to Quake Survivors

Amidst rapes, orphanages being held up, looting, pillaging, increased chaos, the 82nd Airborne arrives to deliver aid and security! As expected, sporadic violence is erupting; gangrene and disease are setting in, like it or not but security is necessary and critical. The 82nd Airborne has arrived on the ground to supply it.

The 82nd will supervise the arrival and dispersal of critical food, water, and medical supplies. From the point of landing it on the ground to getting it to where it is needed and to make sure it is not stolen once it gets to where it is needed boots on the ground is a necessary evil. There are 10,000 troops prepared to get critical supplies on the ground and dispersed.

I hear many complaints that more guns are not needed but the Haitians who need the supplies know and agree that they are. Some doctors are frustrated that the soldiers are coming in before supplies saying why should I operate if the patient is going to die from lack of medicine. Looting is just beginning and will be worse as desperation increases.

They feel they need supplies first then security but without security the supplies will not go to them but those strong enough to take them and they will. Just one thought! Remember those prisons that emptied out? People are hungry and thirsty but just as critical is medical supplies. People are dying from their injuries; they need antibiotics and surgical supplies. This is destruction, deprivation, and injury, on a massive, massive scale.

Haiti earthquake: the struggle to distribute aid

Haiti earthquake survivors face growing disease threat

Security in Port-au-Prince erodes, hampering relief efforts

C17's are air dropping food and supplies in order to circumvent angry mobs and clogged streets. We must get medical supplies, food, and water where it is needed and quick time is running out! This is not a military take over. This is a large scale rescue and recovery mission. Like it or not NGO's are necessary but the military are the ones prepared to supervise the logistics of a mission of this scale. As we discussed our military made the difference during Katrina and the Tsunami, and they are making the difference here. There is a new role for the military of the 21st century!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Totally insane what Monique wrote on your post from yesterday!" Really is it true, that they would just go over to amputations as standard procedures? Pretty nuts!
Anyway completely nuts the general idea re bacteria and infections - all I can say is that antibiotics are not the only cure and it's not as terrible as many think, that the resistance is increasing.

what would be terrible is if the individual soldier doesn't have a choice, just has to receive the treatment which he is given - no questions asked!

and just for the record: one can survive blood poisoning and all kinds of infections - as long as one keeps clear of doctors!!!

re your aid-posts: good that you're writing about it!

how are things on the homefront?
How did the election turn out?
Any other news?

I finally got myself to write another post:
thought, I'd let you know, since I went on your Salem-tour and perhaps you're interested what things looked like where I grew up.

Weaseldog said...

It's good to hear about the noble deeds being performed by our military.

What concerns me is what comes later. Does the USA have the will and the attention span to continue the aid for a reasonable period of time?

As the population continues to grow and the suffering increases, what role will the USA take in their continuing crisis?

The over population problem is likely to escalate into war. With Haiti so close to the USA, the US military is certain to get involved in a shooting action there, or at least work to create and supplement death squads, ala Negroponte.

Or do we open our borders and bring a million Haitians to the USA to reduce their over population problem?

These are the concerns i was worried over when discussing the role of the military. That and the Republican think tanks calling for new bases there and controlling Haiti's government through military force.

HelenWheels said...

AAP!! Sorry off topic but OMG, that SCOTUS decision today. We are officially living under corporate fascism. I am SOOO upset!! :(

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia! We lost the election bbut that might be a good thing we will see.

Yes! Right now they say 20,000 a day are dying from their injuries because of lack of medicine and surgical tools.

Besides the starvation and thirst the biggest problem making amputation necessary is the crush injuries. It kills that part of the limb and it must be removed or it will kill the entire body.

I say it to much but because our so called leaders never realize it but this will get a lot worse.

Right now people are escaping to the countryside any way they can!

an average patriot said...

Hey Helen! Where have you been? Yes now let us see if they really do something about it. We all knew it now let them try to end it. That is another thing altogether! We have discussed it often and you make me anxious to get a phone call about it I know is coming. Thanks!

an average patriot said...

Wease I still do not think they realize the scope of this. There was no infrastructure or decent buildings to start with.

There is 3 million homeless and wounded. Their is no way in hell. 20,000 a day are dying from their wounds.

They just announced on top of everything else they are sending all the orphans and injured to the US. OMG!

an average patriot said...

Hey Helen I am looking into that more WTF? So much for limiting influence! Legalized corporate bribery! I wonder how Sotomayor voted?

Holte Ender said...

What you spoke of yesterday, is happening today in Haiti, the U.S. military waging peace.

an average patriot said...

I know Holte I just wish China and Russia would join in we can not do it alone. This is too big!