Monday, February 01, 2010

Senator Brown will be Obama's friend: Brown gets it what's wrong with the rest of the party?

What Keeps Obama Fighting

Since Obama's election and promise of unity and success we have seen nothing but Partisanship and a promise by Republicans to make Obama fail. Both party's only think about what is right for their party and the country and the people are not even a thought.

Our Government of the people, for the people, and by the people, fed by the Constitution has become a Government of the Politicians, for the corporations and affluent, by the Media, fed by the legal system. SCOTUS just made that sickeningly true however I now think both party's as the relentless liberal said, will start doing what the people want if only to save their jobs. I think we the people may be put back into the equation!

I have to hope the election of Republican Senator in the bluest of blue States Massachusetts will start making the difference for Obama and average Americans and it will as long as he is true to the independents that elected him and does the right thing for the people not the party!

What he just did should not be misinterpreted by the Republican Party as a denial of Obama, his agenda, or the Democratic Party. It was not! It should be a wake up call to both party's that we the people are sick of the games, sick of the partisanship, sick of the concern being for the Party's not we the people. It is a Revolution however it is not a revolution against 'a party" It better serve as a wake up call to both party's. We the people want to matter!

Remember Brown never once mentioned the Republican Party but instead ran as an independent. He promised he would work for the people not as Republicans do but as Ted Kennedy did and to make him proud. It is not a revolution against a party it is just the people wanting we the people that were removed during the last Administration put back in the equation. It is a move against incumbents "all incumbents"
Brown gets it! As I said when he was elected this was not a defeat for Democrats it was a victory for Americans. I said if he does the right thing for the people and not the Republican party he will be President some day. I have been watching him and he is on the right road. He is the Republican Barack Obama and just what we need to unite this divided country and get us back on the right road. He is the first one willing to break ranks and reunite the country!

He already told Republicans he got there without them and with the help of a close group of friends and very little help from anyone down there, so there will be issues when I'll be with you and there are issues when I won't be with you, Brown said Thursday during the half-hour interview. So, I just need to look at each vote and then make a proper analysis and then decide. I hope he remains true to his word and I believe he will as I see character in the man and a future leader of America.

Supposedly Republicans will not pressure him and it will not matter when they do. The senator-elect did not elaborate on possible breaking points, though the Washington newcomer dismissed any suggestion he will relent once he starts working in the highly partisan capital. I'll tell you right now Massachusetts does not need health care and he will not vote for it so they have no concerns there. I think the country has a winner here! Brown Tells AP He'll Sometimes Side With Democrats

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


morb320 said...

According to an article I read on RightWingWatch a few days ago, Brown is already in the bullseye of the fundamentalist groups like Focus on the Family. They feel that they need to "educate" him because he voted for HCR in MA and does not oppose civil marriages for LGBTQ persons. They will apply extreme pressure to force him to conform to their expectations. It sure sounded like he made a clear pledge during his campaign to block Obama's plans for HCR, cap and trade, and finance reform. Time will tell, but I'm thinking he'll vote with the republicans on these and other issues important to progressives.

Holte Ender said...

I hope you are right, all I hope is that he serves ALL the people of Massachusetts, as an example to the rest of the rabble.

an average patriot said...

morb you can bet he is but the Religious right or hard right conservatives did not elect him Independents did.

I think he will be fine! I am really impressed that he announced as pro choice and he is still around. I think we have a winner here!

an average patriot said...

Holte so far I like what I see! He4 is not serving the people of the country by saying he will vote against health care using the excuse that we in Mass already have it. I do have faith he will vote for the Mass. majority but I have no faith if he somehow competes against Obama in 2012!

LadyJtalks said...

I haven't paid to much attention as many of us for good reasons and we are watching this too. Renews your faith when you get to see this happening. I wish him luck and all of us too!

an average patriot said...

Hi LadyJ
I am pretty psyched the way things are going since Brown won our election. Republicans and Democrats know their standard kids games have to stop. People and country have got to come before party period!