Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iranian Hypocrisy as Iran, Israel, Britain, the US, are all guilty of war mongering!

US senators seek regime change in Iran who warns World Against Further Sanctions and accuses US of "war-mongering!
US senators seek regime change in Iran Frigging Republicans!

Ahmadinejad Warns World Against Further Sanctions

Iran leader accuses US of "war-mongering"

As you know, the IRGC was set up to protect the ruling authority after 1979 and are supposed to be controlled By Ayatollah Khamenei authority. I know Ahmadinejad and 2/3 of his first 21 member cabinet are ex IRGC members and that simply reinforces that I am increasingly led to think the IRGC has become the final authority not the Supreme leader.

The IRGC is in control of furthering Shiite demands around the Middle East! You know by no what they are doing in Yemen, Iraq, and everywhere they can in the Middle East. I now believe Khamenei is the power behind the crackdown but he is unknowingly enforcing a lie! Iran will not give up her nuclear weapons designs and will never give up power or efforts to dominate the Middle East. Ahmadinejad and the IRGC are the driving force and will not relent. Increasing sanctions will only worsen the anger felt by the regime.

I wrote this 2 years ago but it is more true than ever! Now let's finish this with Iran and what they naively call "speculation" Hard-line allies of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are ahead in Iran's parliamentary election, partial results suggest. But conservative critics of Mr. Ahmadinejad also appear to be making a strong showing that could undermine his domination of the parliament. Reformists are said to be struggling after large numbers of their candidates were barred from the race. The United States says this means the results were "cooked". NAW!

The Iranian authorities had called for a big turnout to defy the US and other countries they say are Iran's enemies. The election will shape the political map ahead of 2009's presidential poll. President Ahmadinejad flew in from an Islamic summit in Senegal to cast his vote. He said the world had chosen Iran as its "role model and savior". They are preparing to take on Bush

Stunningly knowing what Bush is doing, why, and the negative consequences of it all and that Iran is stacking the Right war wing and military to take on what they too see as an immanent inevitable war with the US there are 6 signs to prove the war is immanent. This was two years ago when the last US administration was trying to get the war with Iran going. six signs the US is headed to war with Iran

Last but not least as I always say, Experts don't have a damn clue! The world's anti-terrorism experts met for a conference in Stockholm and, as Roger Hardy, the BBC's Islamic Affairs Analyst, found, optimism was in short supply. What struck me most, in three days of debate, was the degree of pessimism about the task at hand. Yes, there has been a learning curve. It is now widely recognized that Muslim hearts and minds matter and that military successes mean little if the battle of ideas is being lost. But there is still a long way to go.

This came home to me when I spoke to an American military man who had helped produce the US Counter-Insurgency Manual. How long did he think the "long war" - as many now call it - would last? It is the kind of question journalists ask, and I did not expect that he would put a number on it. But he did. "Thirty years if we get it right," he said. "A hundred years if we get it wrong." That's not pessimism that's optimistic Realism

I have said it a million times these so called experts don't have a clue! War with Iran was only one of the reasons for attacking Iraq and this total world eruption will make the 100 years war look short. Depressions, wars, they don't get less significant over time they get more pronounced and much worse as time goes by. This will be no exception! Old regional wars were a prelude to WW1. WW1 was a preparation for WW2, and WW2 was a warning if we were stupid enough to allow it to happen, WW3 would be the longest and the worst!

*In closing I was going through stories on the instigation to war with Iran by Britain, Israel, the US, and by Iran's Revolutionary Guard as there has been so many provocations since 2003. I had 275 stories so I figured there was too much. You remember the IRG boarding a British boat, Border crossings by the IRG, the recent temporary capture of an Iraqi oil field, numerous instigations by the US and Iran. I do not know what is going to set this off but something will and it will not be good!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Demeur said...

By logic you know we aren't going to war with Iran any time soon. We're spread too thin around the world and with Iraq and Afghanistan... well you get the picture.

an average patriot said...

That is what you would think but if something is started by Israel we will not have a choice!