Friday, February 05, 2010

Saudi Arabia wants Taliban to expel bin Laden! Do they have that kind of influence?

The Biggest Battle Yet in Afghanistan

As the world comes together on Afghanistan I see success whatever that is! As I have said for years now, we can not succeed in Afghanistan on our own. By we I mean NATO! We have for some time now heard Karzai and others call for a return to the Government of moderate Taliban whatever that is. Much of the world is stepping up now. They must! However you define success I want us out of there and we will not succeed unless the entire world helps they are all on the menu and we have got to concentrate on Al Qaeda around the world.

I like what I am seeing but a couple of critical key players remain absent. We will discuss them in a moment as we are fighting for one while they reap major benefits from mining in Afghanistan. First once again I will once again let the links speak for themselves. If something interests you and you want to learn more please click on it!
Saudi Arabia wants Taliban to expel bin Laden

Pakistan says it will help train Afghan forces

NATO offers to train Pakistani forces

India rethinks policy to keep Afghan influence

Up to 80 percent of Afghan Taliban not hardcore: UK

Marines gear up for push into Afghan Taliban enclave

Now! Things are really starting to look up in Afghanistan despite our suffering more death in 2009than ever with promise of even more this year with the surge and operations ready to kick off against the last remaining Taliban enclave. I really with those marines well! I have to hope Pakistan has forces on the other side of the border to intercept any Taliban running back to Pakistan for safety!

I am pleased everyone is now getting involved and taking this personal because it is! I want to know why someone is not twisting Russia’s arm and getting them to join in our efforts. I know under normal conditions Russia would want to see us fail but these are not normal conditions. Russia has their problems with Chechen’s and others. Russia should be in Afghanistan too!

China‘s involvement is more than overdue! US troops providing security for China’s monstrous copper mine China is mining what may be the largest deposit of copper on the planet. They stand to make tens of Billions and we are defending their interests.

For now this is justified as we have to be in the area anyway but once China builds a railroad in order to move the copper to port that better come to an end. You can bet every inch of that railroad and port is going to need 24/7 security. It will be a major target as the Taliban seek to keep what is Afghanistan’s theirs!

China should have her troops there providing her own security at the very least. If they were helping in Afghanistan as they should they would be less inclined to be trying to gum up the works for us everywhere else. We must make this a world effort if we are to succeed. I am happy to see we are moving in that direction. Now for China and Russia!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

The fact that Osama Bin Laden has been unable to appear on video for nine years, gives me reason to doubt that he is alive.

But the PTB, need a bogeyman. Perhaps a hundred years from now, his name will still be used to frighten the public and spur support for military action to defeat him?

But perhaps he's neither alive nor dead, but 'undead'. Vampires don't appear on video, do they?

I've had people tell me there is plenty of reason to believe he's alive. Then they point me to articles about scratchy audio tapes. Or tell me that cameras don't work in caves. Or that he doesn't have access to a camera. Or that the law restricts him to using an Edison cylinder recorder.

Osama could clear this question up, if he were alive. He could make another good quality video.

an average patriot said...

Hi Wease! I rally think he's dead but dead or alive he will always be alive and the uniting motivating factor behind the so called terrorists.