Saturday, February 13, 2010

Will Mogadishu fall? Africa and the world can not allow it!

I will never forget Black Hawk down but Somalia has been racked by violence since it lost its last central Government in 1991. Gunfights and shelling are common in Mogadishu the Capital as the transitional government backed by African Union troops and UN funds - controls only a small part of the capital as they battle for control.

This is only the Capital one city, one militant group Al Shabab! The rest of the country is ruled by warlords, al-Shabab or other Islamist militias. Rebels 'pour into Somali capital'

Hizbul-Islam and Al-shabab's long simmering battle amongst themselves has erupted into open warfare. The interim Government is pretty happy about this as they think they will be busy killing each other and not them and the African Union troops but they should not be. They smell blood as they sense victory over the so called Government.

They are strong and are fighting to see who comes out on top and gets the palace. Al Shabab is more strict but they both want Islamist rule in Somalia. Al-shabab is also smaller but has Al Qaeda members in its ranks and is confident enough to send fighters over to Yemen to help Al Qaeda there. Islamist rivalry

BBC News who had plans to interview Al Shabab and learn more about them planned to stay in Wajid one of their strongholds until they learned that al-Shabab had just publicly beheaded three men in the area and shot dead a community leader. They changed their plans quickly. Al-Shabab is bitter towards the puppet Government as they demand strict Sharia law and feel the Government want humanity has sold out the Religion of Islam.
They proceeded to Dusamareb the headquarters of a moderate Sufi Islamic movement. The leader of Ahlu Sunnah is bitterly opposed to al-Shabab. Significantly, Ahlu Sunnah has just signed a formal agreement to co-operate militarily with the embattled government in Mogadishu. Meeting al-Shabab

Ahlu Sunnah's chairman Sheikh Omar Sharif Muhammad said he hoped the alliance could defeat al-Shabab. But it badly needed international help, he added. He is right Somalia better wake up! Amputations and beheadings is not a desirable way of life. Al-Shabab are not even humans," said Sheikh Omar. "They're desecrating our culture, and destroying our sovereignty and our religion.

"They're very dangerous and must be driven out. They recruit young, innocent children to become suicide bombers. Islam does not allow that. However Sharia law does. Though Ahlu Sunnah has thousands of fighters and is allied with the Government shored up by African Union troops we have to somehow get them help too. We can not let Somalia fall to Sharia law because it will only spread from there. Outside the meeting people were singing wake up Somalia Lean against each other and the entire world better pay heed!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Interessting parallel here.

"Islam does not allow that. However Sharia law does."

Confusing until you substitute Islam with Christianity.

Christianity does not allow that. However Christian government law does.

an average patriot said...

Son of a gun Dave you're right! Religion is supposed to be the savior of humanity but it is the bane of the world!

Jolly Roger said...

I'd say that Mogadishu is a lost cause. It might be possible to quarantine that plague, but the plague itself is permanent, barring some radical changes in the local conditions. And we won't be the ones to help effect changes. Our corporatocracy is only interested in people where people can be exploited; since the Somalis have nothing, they essentially ARE nothing.

an average patriot said...

Jolly I have agreed with you on this since 9/11. The quarantine areas are growing. Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran,Syria, some of them we can't and we have to watch all countries. This is still just developing!