Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The new 3rd party the pity party is taking shape, it is sick but Palin will be at the head somewhere!

US Republicans seek 'Tea Party' alliances

In Full: Palin's Tea Party Speech

Sarah Palin Hand teleprompter

The Tea Party is still taking shape Harnessing 'tea party' spirit won't be easy. Convention is proof. They better take these fools seriously!
As you know, Palin made her debut on Faux! She made her debut on the Oreilly show she looks forward to being fair and balanced. Cut the crap! Oreilly, Hannity, Beck, and many others there have been caught flat out lying so many times it isn’t funny! They will all be in the new party.

Oreilly, Hannity, Beck, Palin, and their lying destructive guests, fair and balanced? I just learned Oreilly’s is the flagship show. That is sick! Watch the video of Oreilly flipping out live! Flag ship? Their flag whatever it is flies upside down! Oreilly is an idiot.

Oreilly asked Paling why she attracted so many pinheads. He is an ass. That is easy, because she is a pinhead. He must be talking about her fans not her intelligent America loving good sensed detractors. Sarah Palin Slams President Obama, Critics in Fox News Debut

I think taking a job with Fox was a huge mistake not for Paling but for Faux news. During the campaign for President McCain’s aids had to teach her about WW1, WW2, and the Korean War. Even later she could not understand why there is a North and South Korea. Come on, that is 3rd grade! I am sure she is still confused about everything you can see the confusion in her face!

She couldn’t even remember Joe Biden’s name. In preparing for their debate she kept calling him Obiden. To try to avoid her looking stupid which is impossible from the get go they tried to avoid the issue and that is why you heard the line “can I call you Joe” She still managed to call him Obiden! This is what the pity party I mean tea party is grounded on?

* She is a ditz albeit undeservedly now a rich ditz! Words of advice to Fox, you better limit her air time and coach her well. So far they have but wait until she speaks then they will jump. I do believe she has a big audience of dummies and when all is said and done will be bad for the Republican Party unless they fuse with the pity party. I believe she will use Fox as a jumping off platform for a 3rd party “the pity party” Sick but in the video the woman is holding a picture of what she says is our next President, Palin!

Watch her whole speech if you can listen to the BS! Amidst calls for “President Palin” she said she wants divine intervention, a return to Christian America. She said America is ready for another revolution. I am afraid we are listening to the next President of America and that is scary! Palin was caught on camera looking at crib notes she wrote on her hand. Come on! $100,000 wanting to be President and looking at crib notes?

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I think it's good if she runs, because then hopefully a much more sane candidate will win!

I can't believe anybody does really take her seriously!

by the way Jim, what do you think about my last comment from yesterday:
- the legal issue and
- domestic use of the weapon?

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah! I just fixed my internet so bear with me. She had to write on her friggen hand to remember her core values. I am sick!

A good friend of mine wants her elected to shake us up. There are many that want that brainless liar as our next President. It is sick but I can see the putz getting elected.

As for the weapon the big drawback to me is collateral damage. That is part of the arsenal of the future and I can't see them caring. What a future.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yes, collateral damage, you're of course right, but how soon will they get it through? I mean you can't just use anything on the battlefield, it's gotta be legalized...
on the other hand, I'm probably quite naive if I think that would be a stop... and yes, you're right it's totally sickening to think of what lies ahead. But it isn't really that great now either, is it?!

Sarah Palin - seriously, who do you think her voters would be? Brain-dead chicks or other babes who are just as faked as her or the guys who just wanna have something better to look at than a male candidate? But then they would get a magazine... wouldn't they?! You know it really doesn't add up! I can't imagine anybody to want her in office for real!

My hubby says she represents everything that's dislikable about America. Okay he's British... but he REALLY hates faked babes!!!

Do you think that there are people who don't think she's fake?

Dave Dubya said...

Palin feeds on, and feeds from, hatred, fear and ignorance. Ignorance is the greatest commocity in American politics today.

I have a feeling more people are going to get hurt or killed from this Reich Wing madness.

Their hatred has already killed Pittsburgh cops, Tennesse Unitarians and a doctor in Kansas.

Weaseldog said...

Anything is legal on the battlefield, if it hasn't been explicitly illegalized.

Even then, the nation using illegal weapons has to be defeated before the folks in charge can be put to trial, by the conquering nations.

Many nations use nuclear waste in their weapons systems now. This will lead to suffering for billions of years, as this contaminates that land and the water for such long periods of time. No one met in a multi-national convention, to declare that these are legal tools, in the slaughter human beings for profit, industry.

In war, a nation can do anything they want, until someone stops them.

an average patriot said...

Sarah you can google metal storm it is already ready. Like me they are probably trying to think of a practical application.

Sarah your husband is right but it is worse. Those on the right and many independents lover her because she is like them. She is a lying ditz who quit her post and abandoned the people to get rich.

The right has many people sick of the Democrats for what they themselves have done. My friend thinks she will shake things up, sink us is more like it!

an average patriot said...

Dave Republicans are the cause of yesterdays problems today's and I am sure tomorrow. That ditz who has never answered anything but responds with nonsensical rants and people love it. I'm sickened!

an average patriot said...

Wease that is part of our arsenal for the future and what it portends is downright scary! Take care of that garden!

Zhann said...

Lets not forget why many people were drawn to George W., he played the role of an average American. He spoke like the average redneck, he has had his run ins with the law, his demeanor was similar to one you would find in your local bar. People are drawn to these kinds of characters, which is why I think McCain picked Palin as his running mate.

Palin has all the 'average Joe' characteristics of Bush, she isn't very intelligent which means she will not talk down to the people. Most politicians like to play the Inteligencia role, which pushes away most of the Rednecks of America. I am not trying to say that all Bush/Palin supporters were rednecks, but it is safe to say that if you are a redneck you are likely to support one of the two.

Personally, I feel it is high time that the Democrats and Republicans took a back seat to 2 new parties. Wishful thinking, yes, but both parties have overstayed their welcome.

an average patriot said...

Hi Zhann
You're right! They are both full of crap mindless losers and it sickens me.

Their draw to Bush was he was a life long loser and alcoholic and Palin that she is mindless and they can relate.

Hell that is not what we need in a leader. Let Obama lead instead of blocking him and we will be alright but Republicans just want him and us to fail and that is sick!