Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nato calls for more global partners: Russia rearming because of NATO buildup, End it, ask them to join NATO!

Nato calls for more global partners

'US, NATO to work with Russia on issues of mutual interest'

NATO'S LAST CHANCE The West Should Invite Russia to Join NATO ...

Let Russia join NATO - Los Angeles Times

There is only one choice! end all this! Invite Russia to join NATO. This is not a new idea. Once upon a time, it was openly entertained in diplomatic circles East and West. In late 1991, the final days of the U.S.S.R Boris Yeltsin stunned a NATO meeting by sending a letter with this unilateral declaration: "Today we are raising a question of Russia's membership in NATO." Tom Friedman reported for the New York Times at the time, were "too taken aback ... to give any coherent response." In the ensuing years, as Yeltsin with characteristic bravura continued to raise the prospect, the West kept fumbling for a reply.

Even Putin, in his first days in the Kremlin, seized on the issue. Instead of taking the perfect opportunity to unite the world Reagan and at least the Bush's chose to make a worse enemy of Russia and widen the gap between the west and Russia by instigating them to war.We had the perfect opportunity to unite the world in peace and our past leaders chose to divide it further by trying to rule the world.

We must put an end to this desire to rearm to fight each other, threaten each other, dominate each other. World unity is the only way for a successful future. The Nobel prize winners must come together and bring to the forefront around the world the dire danger to us and the planet if we continue down the road of an unsurvivable world war! We must somehow convey to them that are respected around the world that the time is now and immediate.

We should be using our militaries for the sole purpose of helping and ensuring honesty among the Nations of the world. There can be no action taken without the knowledge and complicity of all Nations that have the future of man and the planet as their goal. We should be using our militaries not to wage war but to wage peace. Our military efforts after the tsunami were a shining example of the way our militaries should be used in the future. The world as a whole must be made to realize the fragility of our situation.

We can make this work despite the tenuous situation we have put ourselves in. With that said we must proceed and work as a world unit. It will not work as separate competitive entities as we have done in the past. We must Proceed into the future as one. We must proceed into the future with the future life of man and the planet as our only goal. Nothing less than the survival of man and the planet are at stake. Shortly the planets life sustaining ecosystems will no longer have the ability to sustain the current population of man. We can not afford to destroy them altogether as another war would do. It is imperative to me that we unite with Russia and I believe we can do that with President Obama!

Let Russia join NATO! Our future is dependent on us coming together! We are all interdependent. We are one like it or not. We are all, all life, part of the planet we call earth! We are all part of that one organism called earth! Under Bush we had the worst, the divider, the destroyer. Under Obama MLK's words now ring true "The Greatest among you shall be your servant" He is the guiding light we have been waiting for to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has us, the entire world in! This is not only Obama's time this is our time and Obama can lead the way if given the chance. It is up to all of us collectively! That means Russia! That means China! The alternative is further division! War Destruction! No future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Admirable sentiments, but if this was ever proposed by the current administration, the Republican leadership would all have heart attacks . . . on second thoughts . .

jmsjoin said...

I know Holte just like everything else he suggests. The idea would have to come from one of them!

Zhann said...

Considering the fact that NATO was formed in order to keep Russia in line, I find it hard to believe that Russia will be welcome in NATO any time soon. While there is no doubt that this would solve many of NATO's problems, I think its mere existence is a problem that is unavoidable. Now that Russia is no longer the obvious enemy, its death is long overdue. What is NATO's purpose? Why can't NATO's obligations be meshed with the UN Security Council?

NATO is a sinking ship. Those that don't jump soon are bound to get pneumonia, or worse.

jmsjoin said...

That is pretty good, I have thought of joining the two myself.

We are taking ex USSR countries to me and Russia to work against Russia, bringing them in or at least offering would dispel that.
NATO the UN hell the entire world seems to be a sinking ship today.

World unity seems to be the only savior and that will never happen.

Demeur said...

Just wondering Jim if putting missiles in Poland is still on the table? If so then that's the reason Russia won't play ball.

Larry said...

Russia, like China and most of the world hate the U.S ala Bush and this is just an excuse to do what they have planned anyway.

jmsjoin said...

They are off the table, shelved for the Aegis. Russia ia still threatened because Romania is going to house an MDS instead.

They need not feel threatened by that because we no longer need it to stop them.

Did you see metal storm? Google it, scariest frigging thing I ever saw. 1 million rounds per minute unmanned firing at aanything that moves and can take down an ICBM in seconds. Fired from any platform it has no moving parts, that they should fear!

jmsjoin said...

I know Larry, Bush and Cheney set things in motion around the world that have a life of their own and Obama can not turn it around.