Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rhetoric vs reality as Iran Claims Nuclear Gain and Protesters Clash

Huge rally and protests mark Iran revolution It was a disappointment but the protest is not dead!

From opposition web sites there were accounts of gunfire, tear gas and attacks on opposition leaders. Videos posted online showed protesters calling for the release of political prisoners and carrying green banners. I saw a protester being beaten but this was ignored as protesters were beaten back and all the Governments illegal activity was kept off Government TV.

This was a test of strength and with Iran shutting down all methods of the protesters communicating and possessing the agenda and the weapons to enforce it, it is obvious who wins at least for now. One opposition web site reported Security forces firing shots and tear gas at supporters of an opposition leader, Mir Hussein Moussavi as they mounted a counter-rally in central Tehran.

Another opposition Web site, Jaras, said that security forces attacked the car of another opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, as he was heading to a rally marking the anniversary. security forces also attacked former President Mohammad Khatami and briefly arrested his brother and his brother’s wife who is a granddaughter of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the father of the Islamic Revolution. Iran Claims Nuclear Gain as Protesters Clash

This all continues to go against the true beliefs of the 1979 Revolution being celebrated. Ahmadinejad and other leaders attempted to shift the spotlight from the protests to the stolen election to the quest for nuclear power which all sides agree is a right of Iran. He announced that Iran after enriching Uranium to 20% is now a nuclear state. Ahmadinejad: Iran is now a ‘nuclear state’

That is subject to interpretation if it is even true! Rhetoric vs. reality: Iran faces nuclear setbacks
I will say that with prime ministers, ex speakers, ex Presidents, and the likes of a granddaughter of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the father of the Islamic Revolution being beaten attacked and arrested by the IRGC big taboos are being broken by the Government. All to silence any dissension what has become as a true Islamist Nation " The illegal Government of Iran"

A reminder: As you know, the IRGC was set up to protect the ruling authority after 1979 and are supposed to be controlled By Ayatollah Khamenei authority. I know Ahmadinejad and 2/3 of his first 21 member cabinet are ex IRGC members and that simply reinforces that I am increasingly led to think the IRGC has become the final authority not the Supreme leader.

     The Supreme leader is appearing as a puppet needed to keep the religious leaders together and to make it appear that they are still in charge. They have become a major force capable of taking control of Iran and I am afraid nothing less than that is what has happened.

     Not only has the IRGC perpetrated the horror and brutality we have all witnessed in and out of jail and lord knows the horror we will never know about but to add insult to injury Brigadier General Yadollah Javani a senior official with Iran's increasingly powerful Revolutionary Guard is calling for the prosecution of two key opposition leaders and a former president, accusing them of fanning the protests that have gripped the nation since its disputed presidential election two months ago.

The IRGC is in control of furthering Shiite demands around the Middle East! You know by no what they are doing in Yemen, Iraq, and everywhere they can in the Middle East. I now believe Khamenei is the power behind the crackdown but he is unknowingly enforcing a lie! Iran will not give up her nuclear weapons designs and will never give up power or efforts to dominate the middle East. Ahmadinejad and the IRGC are the driving force and will not relent. Increasing sanctions will only work to defeat all the opposition has done.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

If you think Russia will assist in our pressure on Iran think again. As I said before it's all about arms for profit. First I find that the U.S. is selling arms parts to Iran on 60 minutes then I come across this article:

Russia selling arms to Iran.

an average patriot said...

Supposedly they have had enough but the proof is in the pudding as you know. Thanks for the article, believe it or not my apolitical wife told me about it. Thanks!