Thursday, February 18, 2010

Biden says Cheney is misinformed or misleading, trying to rewrite history! No kidding?

Biden says Cheney is misinformed or misleading

I am so sick of Cheney’s lying BS, read the transcript if you can stand it. 'This Week' Transcript: Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Is Dick Cheney a psychopath? You know he wants the country to get hit again for Political gain! Cheney wants to press the reset button back to the Bush years! Success?: Whatever you call success once you have experienced it to that idiot you are drunk with it, you want more. You can't get enough. Sadly success for Cheney and Bush equals total failure to average Americans and our America.

I don't really want to talk about Specter abandoning the sinking Republican ship. I don't want to dwell on the lying torture and Bush destruction enabler Pelosi, Reid, or the rest of them. They are al guilty. They were all guilty. I just want to say a few words about the snarling scum who beside Rove I consider the real reason for the so called success of the Bush Cheney mis-Administration.

Hopefully you will read the story at the link and watch the video about Cheney being a psychopath. He is I think many of you know and he is doing his damnedest to justify the torture, death, and destruction, that marked the Bush years and their so called success. Bush, Cheney, and Rove were the real axis of evil. We can not allow them to rewrite history. We can not allow them to glorify this mess. We can not allow them to fool people into thinking those Fascists were good for us and the world and we should return to their policies.

No kidding: Cheney mentioned he thought some of us were upset that, that snarling maggot cast the tie breaking vote in the Senate. Along with everything else that gave many of us to give in to the inevitability that we were now going to be totally controlled to follow an agenda good for none of us and of which we had no control whatsoever.

The 2000 elections, 9/11 attacks, anthrax attacks, Cheney. Katrina, the whole 9 yards of this Bush Cheney mis-Administration is just a part of the total lie we are still living today. I am stunned that anyone can get away with calling that abortion success. I was sickened knowing the total mess Bush and Cheney made of us and the world and the scum Bush rode into the sunset bragging about his destruction. I have said it before but it is time to call Cheney on his Bluff. My overwhelming thought it the Senate was blackmailed into submission and at this point all of them on sides are guilty and complicit.

From beginning to end with this Bush mis-Administration including both sides of Congress we will never know the truth. Cheney says it would be a mistake for Republicans to be more moderate. A mistake for the small minded "big tent" party to try and be like Democrat? What a sicko! It is exactly what they need to compete with Democrats. At this point I guess we can only hope they hold on to Bush era priorities all the way to obscurity!

Listen to Cheney. He will keep the diminishing Republican party diminishing. The Cheney Bush way of doing business has hit the point of diminishing returns. Cheney is punch drunk, insane. He said most Americans are happy with water boarding. Snarling Mr. Torture thinks torture made us safe and is the reason why we have not had another attack. Hell we have not had another attack because they aided and abetted the first one to enable them to follow their fascist misagenda. Doesn't anyone get it?

* In closing! Cheney stupidly thinks Republicans and thus the country should stick to the values that were employed under Cheney and Bush. Reagan the Father of all our problems? The Reaganism that got us into 2 world wars, a recession, and the worst jobless rate in 25 years with the long term unemployment rate at 27% the highest since 1948. Progress you can be proud of, that guy is an idiot!

Cheney's job is to cover the lie we lived under Bush. Whole teams have been working at rewriting History even well before Bush's term was up. We can not let that happen. Their has been in the past efforts to tell the truth but it was casually dismissed as conspiracy theory so the lie could continue. I do not think the truth will ever come out but we must keep trying!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Why don't he say the sob needs to be tried for war crimes and then he might get people to listen. Other than than Biden is just a nobody.

Holte Ender said...

Big Dick Cheney is just getting the Cheney name out there on a consistent basis paving the way for another Cheney to run for office and lie to us like only a Cheney can, his daughter Liz.

Demeur said...

The right has lied so much that now I believe nothing they say as truth even if it may be.
Holte I see the British government is working on their own investigation into the lies that got us into Iraq. I wish them well in their efforts.

an average patriot said...

Tom I am sick of Cheney. Did you see that plane that6 flew into the Building? The guy was pissed at the Fed. Obama better stay home this is getting bad.

an average patriot said...

Tom turn on MSNBC

Dave Dubya said...

While we know the Reich Wingers are lying about Obama destroying Anmerica, the reality is the Reich is vested in the worst case scenario for the US in order to gain power. THEY are the ones undermining everything from our safety to our economy. THEY are the ones destroying America.

And they only want to add to their eight years of destruction from the last administration.

an average patriot said...

Holte she is scum too. They were just calling for Cheney to run but he said no, we'll see. Liz on the other hand no way, she has no credentials good or bad beyond being the snarlers daughter!

an average patriot said...

Demeur the truth will never be known or should I say, will always be denied. Did you see that plane fly into the Austin Fed building? Obama better stay home.

an average patriot said...

Dave did you just see that guy flew into the Austin Fed Building? We kept saying this will get bad. They are whipping up anger against Obama and the Government. Obama better stay home, Reid and the rest are going to lose anyway!



I don't understand why US media still cater to this old faggot.

The man clearly is a liar, a revisionist, a whatever.

Cheney is so boring, I wish they'd lock him up.

But hopefully, something positive comes out of his blabbering away, i.e., as you say, "He will keep the diminishing Republican party".


Btw, read about that fella who crashed his plane at an IRS building.

We should do that here too. IRS, anywhere, whether in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands will be IRS, an abject category of people whose main goal in life is to drive people mad.

I know they've got a job to do but they don't have to be kinky about doing it.

an average patriot said...

Anna you know I agree and I do not get it either. He is such a lying destructionist. Did you see that ass at CPAC put down Obama and say thanks to their divide and conquer tactics Obama will be a one term President. It sickens me. We knew that and we and the world are in so much trouble it is not funny!

an average patriot said...

Anna the IRS is scary and I have had my own bad experience with them but I do not advocate killing innocents ever. That guy had enough and pulled another Timothy Mcveigh. These so called lone wolfs are becoming a big pack instigated and embraced by the Republican party.

One Fly said...

"These so called lone wolfs are becoming a big pack instigated and embraced by the Republican party."

That's right Jim and it's scary. Even the so called good repugs denounce nothing that the other nutter say or do-thus they are endorsing all this crap from their side.

Kevin Kelley said...

I was very satisfied during the vice-presidential debates when a question regarding the role of the VP came up. Palin took the position that the constitution is vague and that as VP, she would float around and do all sorts of things.

Biden took the position, the correct position, that the constitution specifically outlines the VP's duties, and I cheered when he had gone on to state that Cheney was the most dangerous VP America has ever had...

I just don't understand how Cheney has remained a credible source for the right. That moment in the debate was very clear and to the point, yet conservatives continue to fawn over the man...


Hah! Not to worry James -- I'm not advocating killing the IRS species.


Re A one-term Obama

Inconceivable! I can't begin to think that Palin will do a better job.

Why don't the Dems (they are so tame) go on the offensive and tell it like it is -- that America is lucky that Obama is still able to hold things together for the US after 8 years of terror and wanton destruction of the economy by Bush.

I am flummoxed -- such overt hostility against Obama is self-defeating. The man has only been there a year for crying out loud.

What is all the more gobsmacking is that this overt hostility against his person was so palpable in media even before he got to the White House. Think of the nefarious influence this must have even on the moderates.

We in Europe just don't understand why the Dems allow it to go unchecked.