Saturday, February 06, 2010

We need a regular question and answer between the President and the opposition on a regular basis!

President Obama addressing Republicans

If the prime minister of England can do it why can't we? Remember the ditty anything they can do I can do better. Why don't we do that instead of the party's cloistering alone privately only to come out to belittle the President and score political points. These childish games have to stop and now. The way the Brits do it is a bit too loud and heated for me. We can do it better and be civil!

Please read and sign the petition demanding an open televised dialogue rather than a private televised monologue. Read the open letter request then sign the petition It should be done with the Democrats too! The games must stop and the work of putting the country back together must begin. Do the peoples work not the Party's. Pass health care and get people back to work. Republicans do not care about our economy but passing healthcare is critical for rebuilding our economy.

Back and forth between Obama and Republican leaders should be a regular event to keep Republicans honest and nicely call them out! Look and listen to the GOP. These are not cerebral people. Republicans should be embarrassed of their leadership. They will continue to cater to those lowest common denominator and people with insecurities; meanwhile they work with multi-national corporation lobbyists against those very peoples interests. Why can't Republicans see this? Do some research outside Fox and Drudge!

To me holding a back and forth between Obama and Senate Republicans at least should be a regular event held at least once a week and televised to keep everyone honest. It would not be as antiseptic as something planned and with Teleprompters for the President but it would be real and hopefully spontaneous. What a way to close out a weeks work then eat and have a drink together! If it is televised as was the one held at the Republican retreat any attempt at shenanigans will be highlighted and not acceptable by the people. I think it is a great idea whose time has come!

Obama also had a face to face with Senate Democrats It is about time on both accounts! Conservatives in both party’s have to be confronted and held accountable for their bomb throwing and blockading of everything constructive.

I keep hearing Scott Brown’s victory called a surprise and a disaster for the Democrats. It was not a surprise to us in Massachusetts it was a given and a message to both party’s. Both party’s are on notice and that was a good thing for Democrat’s and America. Democrats still have the 2nd largest majority in a generation. They now have 59 seats but still have to lead.

They could not lead with a 60 seat filibuster proof majority! However since the people of Massachusetts woke up the country by electing Republican Scott Brown who ran as an independent we may get something done finally. Both party’s seem to have gotten the message.

It still remains to be seen that our politicians are capable of coming together as a viable Government of the people for the people by the people. We stand a chance but first must override the Democracy destroying SCOTUS decision giving our country to Corporations to control! The carrot didn’t work it is time to use the stick!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

I don't want a regular session with the Repugs as it would be easy to set Obama up for disaster. He caught the idiots off guard once so I think he should leave it alone. They will never change anyway.

Larry said...

Did you see this sad post about our friend Jim?