Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sons home on leave! Yippee! well Damn!

Just feel I have to say I love to write the truth every day. Today though I am going to miss because my sons are home on leave. It sure is a wake up talking in depth to both of them and hearing their battlefield and air support stories.

It is an absolute pleasure having them both around but I feel cheated a bit not being able to see what kind of crap we hear today and writing about the truth. I will have the time to write tomorrow as they have to go to New Hampshire to see elderly Grandparents.

I will have to take it day by day until Monday but I will try to write when possible as I can sneak time as I am right now. Cookouts and alcohol are the priorities for them right now I guess and I am forced to indulge. Darn!
So much and none of it good is happening right now I am compelled to feel staying abreast of it all is of the utmost importance!

I am going to try and sneak in some analysis time right now. Adios for now!


Larry said...

Forget the blog it will be here in a week or two.

Family is more important, especially those home from war.

an average patriot said...

Yeah your not kidding! I really wish you could hear the stories especially from Jim in EOD after the field. He is very hardcore and strict. The kind you read about.
It is just that I feel cheated not keeping up with this crap!

Larry said...

The same crap today will be the same crap next week, only worse.

Enjoy your sons.

an average patriot said...

Jesus Larry!
You know, the kids were just here helping me and had to leave for the day but will be back of course later. Jim was just saying he takes a train tomorrow at 6:am back to NY where he was working the UN so the Government will pay to get him back to Alaska where he is preparing to go back to Iraq.
It stinks to know this and say it but I wish I could agree that things will be the same next week but it gets worse every day and he is soon to make this mess look like a joke.

Naj said...

Good for you Larry!

Keep them home, lock them up, keep them safe.
This is what American Army needs to do to keep the world safe!

Naj said...

Sorry, I had to say good for you Jim :))

an average patriot said...

I wish to God I could lock him up but he has a mind of his own and is very hard core. All I can do is worry! It really stinks knowing what the chief idiot is doing and how bad this is going to get as he prosecutes his Forever War! he is a mad man and is happy with all this. I am sickened for us and the entire world!

an average patriot said...

I really wish that us average citizens of the world mattered but we do not. If we mattered there would be no wars. We are only the pawns who do all the suffering and paying for the so called leaders of the world.

enigma4ever said...

You matter to me..and so do your sons and so does naj and larry and anonp...I hope they have a wonderful time home...that there is much food, baseball and a few beers...I am posting my BBQ chicken this weekend- just for you all....have a wonderful visit....

an average patriot said...

You are a kind heart and I thank you. They did have a good time home. Jim got called away early to go to Cambodia and Joe leaves tomorrow morning to go back to Charleston.
We have been barbecueing every day, primarily fish and shrimp and corn on the cob but I love to halve a chicken and barbecue that. hope you and your eye and 6.6 are well.