Sunday, October 21, 2007

Letting the country and the world fall apart Bush is off protecting fish while culturing reasons to declare martial order!

Martial order geting closer as the idiot goes fishing!
As usual Bush's priorities to us are all screwed up because they are counter to what is right for us and our America. He has shown us and the world what the environment means to him and we the people matter not at all as he continues to purposely widen the gap between the haves and have not's while fighting his forever wars in the middle east.
I say it so often I am sick of hearing myself say it but once again this idiot has stunned me showing he could care less what he has done to us and the world and he will continue to play his idiotic selfish games. Anyway as you know Gov. Sonny Perdue declared a state of emergency in most of Georgia on Saturday, and called on President Bush to recognize that the historic drought had created a disaster for 85 counties.
In a defiant plea Saturday at Lake Lanier, Perdue asked Bush to issue a federal disaster designation that would:
•Empower the president to order less water released from Lake Lanier.

• Make federal funds available to state and local governments.

• Offer low-interest loans to Georgia businesses hurt by the drought.

"We will continue to conserve," the governor said, "but we have to have help." Perdue's actions came as the federal government continue to release water from Lake Lanier to protect endangered mussels in Florida at the expense of water-starved North Georgia. The governor, lieutenant governor, two congressmen and several legislators and state officials gathered at the top of a trio of now-landlocked boat ramps at Lake Lanier to deride the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife for "putting mussels in front of people." They also accused the federal agencies of endangering one of the country's most populated areas, which is seeing its drinking water disappear down the Chattahoochee River for the Gulf of Mexico.

Perdue's state of emergency declaration and request of a federal disaster declaration are the latest tactics in the escalating war between Georgia and the federal government over how much water can be released from Lake Lanier. "The actions of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Fish and Wildlife Service are not only irresponsible, they are downright dangerous," Perdue said at Saturday's news conference at Mary Alice Park, just yards from the retreating lake. "If the Corps and the Fish and Wildlife Service do not act now, I will hold them fully responsible for endangering the people of Georgia. Any harm that comes to humans is 100 percent on their hands." Read more of Georgia's wasted desperation

Katrina and history has shown us despite what he says, Bush does not care and like Louisiana Georgia is in trouble.
Everybody at least thinks they know about the role FEMA played, or mis-played, in the response to the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. What many people still don't realize is the role the US Army Corps of Engineers played in designing that disaster.
A lot of folks have bet against the lawsuits filed by a group of New Orleans homeowners against the Corps, on the grounds that the Corps, as a federal agency, is immune from legal action. Well, tell that to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, who Friday filed suit against the Corps to force it to stop shipping water from Lake Lanier, Atlanta's primary water source, to Florida.

As for FEMA, they're still doing a heck of a job. According to the NYT, the agency still has not begun field-testing their trailers for the formaldehyde fumes that many trailer occupants complain of. What the Times doesn't ask about the delay: does postponing the tests until the end of summer (a time when most Gulf Coast trailers have windows closed and AC on, thus preventing the venting of the fumes) mean FEMA is betting that fall-weather open windows will make the numbers look better? powerless against the Federal Government

While Bush is allowing America too fall apart so he can implement his new societal order the middle east breakdown he created for his new middle east order is progressing as cross border killings are increasing daily by Turkey and Iraqi Kurd's amidst increasing calls for full military intervention by Turkey. Anyway this idiot has the audacity while American's are suffering and his created breakdown is progressing so he has plenty of excuses to declare martial order, to all of a sudden act like the environmental President and go fishing. I am really peeved at this idiots calculated coldness.

President Bush traversed the Chesapeake Bay on an invigorating fall morning yesterday, announcing conservation measures for migratory birds while on the west side of the waterway and for striped bass on the east before getting in some fishing himself. At the national Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, the president promoted policies he said would protect habitat for 800 bird species that need resting places as they fly south for the winter and return when warm weather returns.

After a helicopter ride to St. Michaels, Bush unveiled an initiative to make red drum and striped bass, known locally as rockfish, more available to sport fishermen but less accessible as a commercial catch. Chesapeake watermen, who rely on the fish for income, are cool to the proposal. Knowing this idiot and what is being allowed to happen while this jerk protects fish and goes fishing, I was disgusted reading how the jerk was joking and having fun while even the State questions who this is helping and if it is right or not so I leave it to you to Read it if you want

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Anok said...

I had watched the news this morning and caught a bit about the drought dilemma, as well as other areas of the US who are under environmental threats (Such as wildfires that can't be contained etc...) And I too, thought of Martial Law.

Here's the crux of the problem to me:

1) Declaring a state of emergency will allow the government to use martial law like they did in New Orleans if they want to. However,

2) If they don't, great harm will come to the people of Georgia. Neighbors are already turning each other in for water violations - and the state is considering jail time and/or shutting off their water supply as punishment for water violations.

So what will it be? Will natural disasters and environmental emergencies be used in lieu of terrorist attacks? Will the government actually step in and help Georgia, no strings attached?

On another note, how can the president ignore a drought ravaged state? It boggles the mind.

an average patriot said...

The idiot goes fishing instead can you believe it. Like Lousiana he says he cares but hopes for disaster so he can follow his new order for society.
All the mayhem he has created, he is now sitting back saying he cares and waits for all the damage to come to fruition then he can declare martial law and take total control.
That is what he is waiting for. There is so much in play now his excuse could come from any number of reasons now. His greatest damage is yet to come.
I just saw you at enigma's

PoliShifter said...

Bush is to conservationism what war is to peace.

I don't know enough about the issues to comment beyond that (putting mussles before humans etc). But clearly the Army Corps of Engineers in NOLA could have done more...if they had the funding and Congressional mandate to do so.

Anon-Paranoid said...

I do normally post on weekends, however I'm a little behind this week and will try to get something up in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by though and thinking of me.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

It is all painfully obvious to the unbiased thinker. The entire Government is part of this crap. If Bush wanted to do something it would be done by now. Excuses to declare martial order are piling up. Now you just have to wonder what excuse he will use to step this new order mess up?

an average patriot said...

I just saw you at Anok's but I forgot to say as the Atlanta area runs out of water Bush goes fishing and has fun. I am sickened as this is so obvious and no one of consequence says anything.

an average patriot said...

Yeah you are on so I am watching you too so stay in touch and keep up the good work. I have to laugh because it seems like the more people are starting to get it, it is too late to stop now but the busier I am getting and can't get anything done. Ow well!

Naj said...

Howdy guys,

I'm off-blogging these days, so I thought I should pass this buck to you!

Hope to catch up soon.

an average patriot said...

Hey naj
I have been a bit caught up with the fires in California and the idiot Bush. Thanks for dropping in. Thanks for the Buck. I will check it out.

two crows said...

hey, AAP--
yep. gotta protect those sport fishermen. heaven knows their environment is endangered.

as to people who, you know, actually WORK for a living by providing fish to the marketplace -- well, let em eat cake.

an average patriot said...

Hey two crows
I just finished todays story. I am stunned even with this idiot that California is burning down and the chief idiot comes on and doesn't even mention it but looks for more war money. He really pisses me off. Look at the link to see California burning