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Bush the peace President's middle east war Fortress,screwing the kids, Ahmadinejad and Bush's lies, all designed to support the upcoming war!

Bush lying and defending screwing the kids for his wars',with Ahmadinejad's help a reason for war will be found!
First, as usual I started out to write about something simple or so I thought. As I was researching it, it got wider and more convoluted with many conflicting storylines. It all boils down to a race to war in the middle east with both sides, Bush and Ahmadinejad professing to be Presidents of peaceful Nations to cover their obvious drive for war and both sides say they want peace but will not cooperate or compromise.
Back in May I did a story about the only project in Iraq that was done on time and was actually ahead of schedule and that was Bush's super fortified flagship to his middle east debacle, the most expensive Embassy in the world.

Proving that it's not easy to make anything in Iraq secure, the security of the new U.S. embassy under construction in Baghdad has been compromised. The building plans were published on the Internet. The project will be the United States' largest diplomatic mission. Security for people within the sensitive facility is now compromised with the publication of computer-generated plans of the nearly complete fortified compound.

Ten detailed images of the plans for the compound appeared on the Web site of the U.S. architect for the project, Berger Devine Yaeger Inc. The State Department on Thursday asked the firm to remove the images that included the overall layout of the compound along with individual buildings. Those buildings included the embassy, office annexes, the Marine Corps security post, swimming pool, recreation center and the ambassador's and deputy ambassador's residences.Yaeger maintains that no real damage was done because it says the images were not that detailed. Besides that, company officials say that people will eventually figure out where everything in the embassy compound is anyway.

I mean come on, we didn't build it under top security for nothing. Oh I guess we did like everything else! then we hear the almost 3/4 of a Billion democracy Fortress will be a year behind. The Vatican-sized compound, which will be the world's largest diplomatic mission, has been beset by construction and logistical problems. "They are substantially behind at this point," and it would be surprising if any offices or living quarters could be occupied before the end of the year, one official told The Associated Press. Problems identified so far are related to the complex's physical plant, including electrical systems, and do not pose a security risk, said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly.
Read the whole story

I don't really want to talk about this embassy of middle east peace. I just wanted to point to it as I was peeved this morning hearing of the continued audacity of this war mongering chief idiot as he does his share to embroil the entire middle east in his Forever War. This morning he had the audacity after requesting $200 Billion to continue his illegal war in Iraq to openly defend vetoing the $35 Billion for children's healthcare saying the Democrats were going overboard and their Bill would cover those that do not need it and in essence Federalizing healthcare even though the numbers back up the Democrats 100%
Look at the numbers. The amount Bush was bitching about is already real. For the first time since 1998, the number of children younger than 18 without health coverage ticked upward last year by 361,000, along with the overall increase in the ranks of the uninsured, according to census figures released last week. Of the nation's nearly 74 million children, about 8.3 million, or 11.2 percent, lacked coverage in 2005, up from 10.8 percent the year before.

The discouraging development surprised some health experts, who attributed the change to budget crunches that led some states to curtail enrollment of children in government-subsidized plans and steady declines in the number of people who receive health insurance through their jobs. The uptick in the number of uninsured kids could play a major role in next year's debate in Congress over whether to renew the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), a nine-year-old federal-state effort to provide health coverage to children of the working poor and near poor.
Children without health coverage are three times as likely as insured children to lack a regular doctor, according to a report released last month by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Research from the American College of Physicians in 2000 found that uninsured children were less likely to be up to date on immunizations and to receive treatment for sore throats, earaches and other common childhood illnesses. A University of Texas study found that kids with insurance tend to have fewer school absences. number of uninsured children rising rapidly

The thing that irks me is the chief idiot is justifying screwing the kids over while asking for another $200 Billion for his illegal war. meanwhile the idiot has announced he wants a permanent US middle east presence which will do nothing but create war while today I hear the idiot professing to Al-Arabiya how peaceful and well intentioned he is. he doesn't care how stupid he looks or sounds as long as he gets his destructive way.
In a rare interview with an Arabic satellite news station, U.S. President George W. Bush denied that the United States is gearing up to attack Iran and said he remains committed to working diplomatically to resolve the standoff with Tehran over its nuclear program. Bush, in an hour-long interview with Al-Arabiya TV, also reiterated his pledge to negotiate with Iran if it gives up its nuclear program.

I have said that if they suspend their nuclear program, we will be at the table," Bush said, according to a transcript of the interview the White House released on Friday. "But they have so far refused to do that." Bush brushed off as "gossip" reports in the Arab press that he has issued orders to senior U.S. military officials to prepare for an attack on Iran at the end of January or in February. "I would call that empty propaganda," Bush said. "Evidently, there's a lot of gossip in the parts of the country — world that try to scare people about me personally or my country or what we stand for. And that kind of gossip is just what it is. It's gossip. It's baseless gossip." Bush, warmonger peace President won''t compromise

The idiot says our image in the middle east has been distorted and tarnished but the idiot refuses to admit it is and he did it. Anyway while he is swaying how peaceful he is and he is confident a compromise will be made he says he will not compromise and Ahmadinejad reiterates the same thing. Ahmadinejad said Iran has already achieved proficiency in the whole nuclear fuel cycle, from extracting uranium ore to enriching it, and that Tehran has removed any hurdles in the way of its nuclear progress.
"The Iranian nation favors talks but it won't negotiate over its definite and legal nuclear rights. They (world powers) have to know this," Ahmadinejad said in comments before Friday prayers in Tehran. He added he believed the nuclear issue was over and Iran will ignore attempts by the United States and its European allies to further politicize the issue. "From our point of view, Iran's nuclear issue has been closed. The fact that these powers are screaming tells us the case is closed. This is a great victory for the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said. Ahmadinejad the peace President won't compromise either

What really kills me is Ahmadinejad and Bush both profess to care about the average citizens while at least Bush can not stop harming them and some of you can tell me about Iran while at the same time they both are racing to confrontation and war while while saying that is not what they are doing. It is obvious this will end only one way. I have been expecting it this fall but now I am hearing January. I don't know when but it will happen then we will be in serious trouble as that will put 2008 elections in jeopardy from many sides.

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PoliShifter said...

Hi Average Patriot,

to answer the question you left at my blog The Peoples' Party, that's not my main blog. is where I blog and write daily. I occasional contribute to the uncapitalist journal and have another blog but I don't update that one often either. I update daily.

It's hard to say what the hell Bush and Ahmadinejad really think.

For Bush I think it's just about money and power. For Ahmadinejad I suspect it's a little more about religion.

I'written before about the coming religious wars at my other site.

For Bush he may be trying to facilitate the coming of Christ but I really doubt he is that regligious. I suspect it's more about money and power, enriching his friends, etc.

For Ahmadinejad, he want to bring back the hidden Imama, The Mahdi.

Both Christians and Shi'a have a fatalistic view that God is going to come back and destroy evil. Except the extreme Christians think Islam is evil and the the extreme Muslims think Chrianity is evil.

Why Ahmadinejad continues to poke the bear is beyond me. To come out with statements about bombing Israel and denying the holocaust just helps Bush build support for war with Iran.

I'm convinced at this point both want war.

What pisses me off is both of these crazy fuckers are playing a high stake poker game with our lives. It's infuriating that our leaders can be so cavalier with human life.

Ahmadinejad may think he can call Bush's bluff. Maybe he thinks Bush won't bomb Iran. Bush is probably sitting there hoping Ahmadinejad keeps calling his bluff so he can bomb Iran.

It makes no fucking sense to me.

If war with Iran happens, it will end badly for both sides. Millions will die and it will still not be clear what for.

Iran by most estimates is 5 to 10 years from being able to make a nuke let alone having ICBM technology.

I hope we can avoid war with Iran until the next President takes office, if there are elections. If we start war with Iran before then Bush has the Executive Orders in place to seize power.

Even if Hillary Clinton becomes President I think she will at least negotiate with Iran.

It's all very bizarre to me. It defys logic.

an average patriot said...

an average patriot said...
It's funny but after waking up to the news on Myanmar and Darfur, remembering Tianamen square and what is happening right here and around the world I was going to put a story together on it and I think I will after hearing from you. I am going to have to check out your site now.
You know, listening to what you said about Blackwater and our police and knowing how F'd up it is and will get a lot worse here and around the world, our future certainly is tenuous at best.

Naj said...

something you may wish to do through Daily Kos

Naj said...

Guys, check out my new post, wars happen for ONE reason, ALWAYS HAVE, and ALWAYS WILL:

so a small group of people can remain rich and become richer!

an average patriot said...

Thats right! I have you in my favorites but I have to link to you.
You and all us peace lovers of the world are pissed but that is not the goal of Bush or the world right now that is why everyone is infuriated. However with new order world war, what I call Bush's Forever War the goal, everything is going as planned and Bush is a happy camper.
Bush wants his new middle east order and Ahmadinejad wants hisand war is the only way to achieve it for both sides and they are eager to pursue it . Sadly the unknown factor (Russia and china) are sitting on the sidelines for now eager to jump in with Iran.
Don't get frustrated, you have to understand Bush is trying to bring about the end of days and Ahmadienejad is doing his share. Thing is, if working for God was really their agenda they would remember Gods past of destroying those that he did not like and he is not going to like that both sides are taking things out of his hands.
As we approach the 2008 election that will not be,things will get a lot worse as Bush is speeding up his mis agenda. He will dwarf all he has done to us and the world as his greatest damage is yet to come.
Sadly the average citizens of the world do not matter and are just pawns as you know and don't look at Hillary for savior as she too advocates attacking Iran, at least on the face. The savior with her is that she wants Bill to bring the world back to normal so that may be the worlds best hope if we even have elections.

an average patriot said...

I am curious about about what I may want to do through kos so I will check that out now.
I have a problem getting them to see the reality of the worlds situation but I will see what you have to say first.

an average patriot said...

I have to say, I just read the link you supplied and do agree. however trying to point that out is what I always do and has caused me much trouble at kos for some reason.
I think there are many trolls there or there is a hidden Bush agenda. I have never been able to figure it out and I now limit my writing there though I still try to wake them up but do not read the ignorant comments.
It really is befuddling to me seeing this purposeful race to war while those at kos play politics as usual failing to realize how dire things are and they are wasting their time but mmaybe that is the goal. I have been told that in the past but who knows. It is all just very confusing to me.
Anyway I have found that you independant Bloggers see reality and are unbiased. That is why I have started interacting with all of you.
I only hope we can make a difference but I do not see that happening as a war agenda seems to be the only concern.

an average patriot said...

With what I call Bush's Forever War in mind this war with Iran will hapen but that is only a small part of it.
I have been trying to get people to realize for years now that it is not just about the oil as most think. It is all about profit and oil is just a part of it. Bush the idiot will ensure there is a lot of war profit to keep his economy going for many years if we survive that long.

an average patriot said...

oh yeah, I am on my way to see your post today so thanks!

Naj said...


the world IS changing. America's war profiteering is coming to an end. Have you noticed the devaluation of the American Dollar? Just take a look at the economy in the north!

an average patriot said...

I know! It is frightening though, especially seeing Bush's warmongering to keep us on top and knowing the Chinese and Russia will not allow it. Not a good future we have before us. All we can do is lean on the good people of the world like yourself and ride this out if possible.

Naj said...

Iranian students seem to be gutsier than their American counterparts in Harvard, heh?!

an average patriot said...

My hat is off to them. They had the guts to protest but at Columbia Ahmadinejad said they could. Those studends were hit with tear gas I see as a result. I don't know if you read and absorbed the whole thing.
Students here do it frequently to Bush but get the same kind of treatment. It all boils down to people being told they have rights but do not have any as a predetermined course will not be swayed here, in Iran, or anywhere in the world today.
I hope you get this. Can you resend me that article on Stoller please? I wanted to include that in my story today.