Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hillary and Bill, our best bet at repairing Bush's damage if there is a chance now that I know her plan for Bill! What do you think?

I have been holding on to a story about Hillary and Bill for about a week. Looking over today's ever growing list of problems around the world it just blew me away. The entire friggen World is erupting and personally I blame it all on Bush and his warmongering new world order Forever War. I thought Al Gore is the only one capable of saving the country and the world but I am personally sickened that he must not realize how dire things are, how badly we and the world need him, and has not come forward.

That said, after seeing the countless messes around the world and many of them Bush created I am rethinking my own feelings about a Hillary nomination, her chances of surviving Rove and the Republican disinformation juggernaut, and weather or not she can do the job. I started thinking about what I have said about a Hillary Presidency right from the beginning and that is that the best thing about Hillary is that you get Bill too, a proven success at least as President.
That thought made me revisit this Hillary story because I now see a Hillary Presidency as able to happen and our best hope of surviving into the future and cleaning up after Bush if we even have elections in 2008.

I have to believe all the positives we are starting to hear about Hillary is because of her plan for Bill. The latest ABC News-Washington Post poll released Wednesday shows Sen. Hillary Clinton passing a significant political milestone. For the first time, a majority of Democrats nationwide supports Clinton for their party's nomination. Clinton's support in the Washington Post-ABC News poll jumped 12 points from last month, to 53 percent. She's 33 points ahead of her closest competitor, Sen. Barack Obama. That establishes Clinton as the clear national front-runner. Being front-runner means being a target of criticism from other Democrats.

"I heard Sen. Clinton say on Sunday that she wants to continue combat missions in Iraq. To me that's a continuation of the war," her Democratic presidential rival John Edwards said about her views on Iraq in a debate last month. Obama attacked her attempt to reform the health care system during her husband's administration. Anyway does it mean she's likely to get the nomination? Well, yes, if you look at the record. Which CNN did going back to the 1980 election. Every candidate who has gotten majority support in polls taken the year before the election has gone on to win the nomination. hillary passes milestone

If you read the story at the link you see the debate is why the sudden surge. I reiterate that it is because of her voiced plan for Bill. She now has my vote for sure. The plan in a minute! first her fundraising has also picked up! Sen. Hillary Clinton raised $27 million in the third quarter for her 2008 Democratic bid for the White House, a Clinton aide said Tuesday. All but $5 million of Clinton's funds can be spent trying to win the Democratic presidential nomination in the primaries, the aide said. More than 100,000 new donors contributed to the New York Democrat, the aide said. Clinton outpaced Sen. Barack Obama over the last three months, a reversal of positions from the second quarter. The turnout of Hillary being the nominee was declared a given by Bush and many others but I did not see it that way until I saw how she plans on using Bill. Now I see it as a foregone conclusion. fundraising also picks up because of Bill

This is what has given Hillary the kick and I am pleased at this. If Hillary Clinton wins the US presidency, Bill Clinton will be given the job of repairing America's damaged international reputation, the former president tells the Guardian in an interview today. Mr. Clinton, 61, reveals that his wife has said she would ask him to "go out and immediately restore America's standing, go out and tell people America was open for business and cooperation again" after eight years marked by unilateralist policies that have "enraged the world". For the first time in his political life, Mr Clinton says, "ordinary US voters in the heartlands are concerned about who would be most likely to restore America's standing in the world" in the wake of the Iraq war, lack of action on climate change and other policies.

"The average American knows instinctively that we have almost no problems in the world that we can solve all by ourselves," he says. "And that, I think, is helping her candidacy, because people believe - I think rightly - that if she were elected she would quickly move to restore our standing in the world, and tell people there may be a few occasions when we have to do something on our own, but our strong preference is going to be to be cooperative." The collective effect of American unilateralism has been "to enrage the world at the very moment when we had more support than we've had in recent memory, because of 9/11", Mr Clinton says.

Mr Clinton argues that American voters are tiring of a politics and media that have been under the sway of "the most ideological, rightwing element of the Republican party", leading to a national climate in which "three-dimensional reality" has been turned into "two-dimensional cartoons, and then [the rightwing media] try to get people to divide up on the basis of whether you like the cartoon or not ... I want the American people to stop rewarding the ideological wing of the Republican party, so we can have a centre-left party and a centre-right party and they can have real debates about real things."

Ms Clinton's presidential campaign is looking stronger than ever. One recent poll shows the New York senator opening up a 33% lead over her closest contender for the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama, and a Washington Post/ABC News poll released yesterday suggested she would beat the Republican frontrunner, former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, by a 51-43% margin in an election. Please read on

I am very happy that she has gone public about her plans for Bill. It isn't just our image Bush has damaged. He has purposely destroyed world order. I think Bill can help bring it back but he will certainly have his work cut out for him. I now believe that a Hillary nomination will happen and because of Bill. I also believe the 2 of them can survive Rove and the Republican disinformation juggernaut. Together Bill and Hillary are what we need to clean up the country and the world after Bush and his purposeful damage. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Naj said...

Sorry, Jim, Hillary will be a CRIMINAL president. I really hope the shadow of Bill won't fool America that this woman won't be the next Iron Lady, more conservative in her economics and more brutal in her politics, only to show women can be assholes like men!

A WOMAN who votes in favor of ANY war is NOT a woman, but a creep!

Naj said...

One more thing :)

an average patriot said...

I am far from a Hillary fan but I am afraid getting out from Bush's destruction right now makes her and Bill the best bet for us and the world.
Supposedly she was snowed by bush to attck Iraq but it was obvious he was lying.
She also advocates going after Iran but I hope that is just politics talkin.
Hopefully with her wanting Bill to bring the world back together again I am hoping he has the influence over her I think he will have if elected. That is if she can get past the underhand Rove and there even is an election in 08.

Naj said...

Jim, I am checking CNN, google news and etc, not even a word of Oxford Ressearcg Group report on the failure of war on terror

Have you heard about the report?

All european media are buzzing about it. Is America silent or did I miss something?

an average patriot said...

Very good! I hate to tell you and them but Stoller and Steve are pretty slow on the uptake. It was obvious to an idiot what has been going on from the start and they still do not have it.
I was listening to Pelosi this morning talking about being confused why Bush can't see the effect he is having on the middle class.
Of course he does! He has been purposely changing our societal order from day one and will not stop. Have you read Bush uncovered on my main page? I have been trying to wake people up since day one but no one is listening or getting it.
I am afraid it is too late as much beyond our control has been set into play around the world.
It was never about John Bolton or anyone else like Gonzo. It was and is all about Bushco and pursuing new world order. Nothing else matters period!
No one seems to get it but all the waking up and organizing against Bush in the world is worthless because he was given too much power as a result of 9/11 and the Patriot Act and he can not be stopped unless he choses it and he will not.
Bush will ignore all the horror and attack Iran then the entire world will be engulfed in Bush's Forever War as planned from day one. Then his pundits will call for a Constitutional Amendment to keep him in office and at the helm of his wars.
Either that or he will cancel elections and declare martial order which is in his power. People are waking up but it is too late and no one will stop the chief idiot because they do not matter, only the Decider they created does.

an average patriot said...

No I haven't heard anything about it but since Bush controls the MSM that only makes sense as it reflects negatively against the chief idiot.
I will look around for it though. What stinks is Bush would only beg to differ and get away with it. I am sick of hearing how many so called terrorists he has killed or captured. For every one he has created 10,000 more. I am going to check on that now. Stay in touch!

an average patriot said...

I haven't read it yet but I have heard it all before but as I said before Bush will say it is a lie too continue with his Forever Wars. Anyway I am going to read it and Here it is

an average patriot said...

I just looked at it and in light of our conversations this morning I think right now I am going to include it all in my post today.
I told you this morning I have been trying to wake people up from day one on what if hapening and what you sent me this morning on those guys and this report proves they do not have a clue and to all our demise they never will.
Bush is not failing in the war on terror. To him it is a quallified success. It has to be kept alive for his new world order Forever Wars so it is a complete sucess to him. He needs to embroil the entire world and he will.
If you read bush Uncovered which I wrote 4 years ago but no one gets, Bush is following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction and must create war and disorder to replace it with his new idea of order.

Robert Rouse said...

I don't believe Hillary will do anything to bring our troops home. I find her record on Iraq irresponsible at best. If anything, I can see her trying to double or even triple the number of troops. She scares the crap out of me and I don't understand why so many people are supporting her. She scares the crap out of me.

an average patriot said...

You are right! I believe she is one of the nominees who says 2013 would be more like it. She also advocates going after Iran. All scary but it will happen and worse.
It is pretty bad we have to think of her. I only hope Bill will have the sway over her and the world I think he will have. Short of Gore it seems to be our only hope right now.