Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blackwater is a necessary Black Eye thanks to Bush! Who do you believe amidst all the Agenda enabling Lies?

Bushco set a terrible example for the entire world to follow and they are! When I first heard what happened involving Blackwater I thought it was exaggerated for one sect or the other to use for their gain and most likely initiated by them. My first thought was that because of prior experience I would probably fire if suspicious myself if I was them.
We realized quickly how vital Private Security was to the war in Iraq as Political and construction convoys came to an immediate halt without them and they necessarily were reinstated or our troops and Iraq would fail. I am really concerned as to their role knowing Bush now has his excuse to attack Iran and it will happen soon as he and Cheney have been chomping at the bit to further Bush's Forever War.

Blackwater's involvement in all this gets more convoluted and disconcerting by the day. As with everything today everyone is lying so their story will be thought of as the truth to serve a selfish agenda. You tell me what your thoughts are! Myself I have a hard time thinking of Iraqi policemen as being unbiased but An Iraqi police officer who was directing traffic at Baghdad's Nusoor Square on September 16 said Blackwater guards "became the terrorists" that Sunday afternoon when they opened fire on civilians, an incident the Iraqi government said was unprovoked. A 37-year-old Baghdad businessman and a father of four, whose youngest son was killed by a Blackwater bullet, said he wanted no monetary compensation but only for the guards to "admit to the truth."

The police officer and businessman on Monday gave CNN vivid descriptions of the incident in which a senior Iraqi investigator said 17 people were killed and 24 wounded. The convoy of four Blackwater vehicles drove into the square about half an hour after a bombing prompted another Blackwater team that was guarding a U.S. diplomat to rush from the area and back to the Green Zone, the enclave in Baghdad where U.S. and Iraqi government agencies have headquarters.
The police officer, whom CNN is identifying only as Sarhan, said the Blackwater guards "seemed nervous" as they entered the square, throwing water bottles at the Iraqi police posted there and driving in the wrong direction. He said traffic police halted civilian traffic to clear the way for the Blackwater team.
Blackwater incident and cell phone video Read the link this sounds horrible!

I can understand and would expect nervousness but I would have to hope this is not standard abusive behavior but? Read the above link it certainly sounds excessive and cowboyish to me. anyway Blackwater's contractors fired their weapons 195 times -- or an average of 1.4 times a week -- from the beginning of 2005 through the second week of September, the Democratic staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee found. In over 80 percent of the cases, Blackwater reports that its forces fired first, according to the staff report.
The committee is hearing from Blackwater's CEO Erik Prince right now. Records of the company and State Department show Blackwater's use of force in Iraq has been "frequent and extensive," the report says. what is excessive in Iraq? Though Blackwater is authorized to use force only defensively, "the vast majority of Blackwater weapons discharges are pre-emptive, with Blackwater forces firing first at a vehicle or suspicious individual prior to receiving any fire," the report states. I would really expect that so what the hey? Blackwater's version
Blackwater testimony and Utube video

You know, Blackwater makes everything sound hunky dory and eyewitnesses describe it as hell. Knowing this kind of activity has come out many times in both Iraq and Afghanistan you have to be very skeptical about using private security especially knowing we can't believe them or trust them and you have the scepter of the future hanging over us, those FEMA concentration camps, and the real concern that these private security firms will ultimately be used on us.

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Larry said...

Rev Yearwood:

Yesterday I announced that the US Attorney dropped the charges against me of assaulting a police officer.

Today, Tuesday Oct 2nd, I was in line for the Blackwater hearing on Capitol Hill at 9:15 in the morning. When I got to the front of the line at 11:30, Capitol Police stopped the line. I stood there for two hours while the same officers who leapt on me three weeks ago outside of the Petraeus hearing, pointed and stared at me. I stood there, humming “we shall overcome.”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters showed up at 1:30 and saw me standing there. She demanded that I be let into the hearing. Cops were swarming the door, and the honorable Congresswoman from California escorted me into the hearing. Once I got in, three cops stood near me, so I would not forget that I was in their territory.

It is just incredible that as a peace activist, a former Chaplain candidate in the Air Force Reserve, and a Minister, I would be treated so disrespectfully in the halls of Congress.

This is Bush's Nazi version of America!

Holly said...

Hey Patriot i saw the owner of blackwater on the hearings and he makes my skin crawl i dont like him

PoliShifter said...

Pretty sad all the way around. Reality is that privatization has failed misrably with BlackWater providing the cherry on top of Rumsfeld's big stinking privatizatin pile of poo.

What's sad is that let's say Congress gets real tough and decides to crack down on Blackwater, my guess is Bush would sign the legislation then turn around and issue a signing statement exempting Blackwater from any laws and legal responsibility.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Look for them patrolling our streets in the near future.

When the blood starts flowing on our streets they will make the killings in Burma look minuscule in comparison.

Are we happy yet? I'm not. I won't be until there all tried in the Hague for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

You know the charges were trumped up in the first place. It is horrible but this Nazi America Bush has created will as you know get a lot worse and it will not take long.

an average patriot said...

really glad to see you come by regularly. I have to tell you, I saw that too and I found him to be untruthful, hard, and disingenuos, typical Bushco Repug!

an average patriot said...

My sons are home right now and I hear a lot of nightmares.The one in EOD says they are not reliable and are ruining the regular military. It is sure a terrible future we are facing thanks to the chief idiot and his new Nazi order.
I am just shaking my head not knowing how dire things are going to get but know it is going to get dire.

an average patriot said...

The sad thing is you should know by now we are facing one hell of a future and what is happening in Burma will be happening here. No one is reacting to Burma because they are not impostant enough. No one will react to help us because most around the world want to see us disintegrate.

-=Topper=- said...

Not that long ago I read that Bush was sanctioning Myanmar and I thought, ok what did they do? Come to find out what they have done our leadership does here. They should remember this come time for the GOP convention here in Saint Paul. The police have said to me that the department has yet to do any formal training. Basically I suggested to one that they should all stay home and let the situation be what it will. The GOP needs to fall anyway so it might as well be in a big way.
But I have to assume that Blackwater will more than likely be here as well. And that too should bother the police. What a gestapo this administration has become.
There was in the US a benign cancer known as the Michigan Militia with a true liberal at its helm. Now it is even more frightening since they let that leader go and have become a republican militia. And the white house has made their M16 assualt legal.

God Bless? There isn't one.


an average patriot said...

It's funny but after waking up to the news oh Myanmar and Darfur, remembering Tianamen square and what is happening right here and around the world I was going to put a story together on it and I think I will after hearing from you. I am going to have to check out your site now.
You know, listening to what you said about Blackwater and our police and knowing how F'd up it is and will get a lot worse here and around the world, our future certainly is tenuous at best.

chuck said...

Your article is about Blackwater,yet, the picture you post is not of Blackwater personel? Why?