Monday, October 22, 2007

California Burning as Bush ignores it and asks for more money to fight his wars. I am blown away as excuses pile up for Bush to Declare Martial Order!

California Burning as Bush ignores it and asks for more money to fight his wars. I am blown away as excuses pile up for Bush to Declare Martial Order!please follow it at the link!
After 9/11 I realized we were routinely being lied to and misled so I started to write in order to ensure people learned the unbiased truth as to what was happening and why. Then I became aware that Bush was purposely widening the gap between the haves and the have not's in our society and realized that he was setting up his idea of a new societal order.
It became instantly obvious that Bush was lying about the situation in Iraq and Politicians on both sides of the aisle were falling for the lies, so he could get our military back into the middle east and begin to implement his and Israel's version of a new middle east order.

Since 9/11 he has used fighting terrorism as his excuse to steal more power using the Patriot Act. He uses the excuse of protecting America and that is what it is, is an excuse, to use his bullying underhanded so called diplomacy around the world so he can have his way and implement what he thinks will be his new world order. He has done this with North Korea, is using it with Russia and the world as he uses the missile defense system to force Russia, China, and everyone else that is against his militarism.
He lied and used his underhanded tactics to attack Iraq and is now doing it to Iran so he can get his excuse to attack but the world is allying against his new world order militarism and they will take him on! China as you know is gearing up militarily as is Iran and Russia and they will not back down in the face of Bush's antagonistic, bullying, do as I say or else, so called diplomacy.

I have been saying for quite a while now that Bush will attack Iran Before Congress or anyone else can stop him and that situation is getting closer. War seems to be the only thing that is important to Bush. He shows it daily as he pays attention to furthering his new world order Forever Wars and the countries Governmental, structural, and Societal infrastructure, fails.
Being a Bush Basher was not my intention. It just evolved as I became increasingly aware of what he was doing, why, and how this was going to evolve and turn out. He has done absolutely nothing right period! He talks a good game but plays a terrible one. He does not care how obvious his lying and deceit is as long as he gets his way and follows his course of new order wars.

I say every day now that his coldness and mindless audacity blows me away and gets worse as his time hopefully runs short and he speeds up his damage. His worst is yet to come. I am stunned as I watch California burn down and with 250,000 people mandatorily evacuated and dozens of fires in Southern California that have now jumped to Northern California I heard just now that Bush was preparing to speak about the fires and I thought okay, I guess I misjudged him. Wrong!
I was blown away that a Declaration of Emergency was declared in California as the fires are zero contained and spreading rapidly as well as a declaration of emergency in Georgia and other areas as they are running out of drinking water and the friggen idiot does not even mention it. I told you yesterday that his excuses to be able to declare martial law are adding up and it is only a matter of time until he is able to do just that and appear to be justified which is all he cares about so he can follow his wars.

Yesterday I was wondering what excuse Bush was going to use to declare martial law as he went fishing during Georgia's emergency. Today seeing him ignore the rapidly spreading fires in California while going on TV to ask for more war money I am really getting peeved at this idiot. I am going to leave you with the rim of the world link so you can follow the fires in depth. Please do! Follow California Burning This is serious to the rest of us if not Bush!

Anyway to prove what I keep saying the idiot never mentioned the fires or anything except that he needs more money for his wars. I am stunned.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Anok said...

Ah, I was wondering when you'd get on over to California. Its a mess the state they're in. Sometimes, it scares me to bits.

Its late, I'll post more tomorrow.

an average patriot said...

I wasn't going to write about it until I saw how horrific it is getting and today it is even worse but Arnold came on and said the fires are now acros the State and zero contained and he declared a State of Emergency.
You know I keep saying the excuses to declare martial order are purposely being allowed to add up. So it was mind boggling to me that Bush interrupeted Arnold on TV and never even mentioned the horrible fires.
I have not heard a word from Dems on that either. They are all in cahoots.
He just said he wanted 46 Billion more for his wars this year and Congress better give it to him before November then he got off never even mentioning the fires or people running out of water or anything.
Just one more reason for Bush to declare martial law and continue his Forever Wars. Very frightening indeed. I have a couple sons in this too!

an average patriot said...

I have to get ready to go to the DR. and see if I managed to escape therapy for my arm but I will be on again soon so I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Chuck said...

I'm not so much stunned as I am sickened.

Naj said...

this is EXACTLY what I have been wondering! Does this idiot care about the magnitude of this disaster?

I think he has learned from Katarina disaster that he cannot let American's pain any longer distract him from his war plans, and he needs to make his fellow shareholders in the defense industries a few good bucks before he gets the hell out of political world.


Have you seen this new Iraq-related scandal?

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

When the Tsunami hit Bush did not leave his vacation to speak about it for a couple of days, and when he did he said he did not rush out to do some lame "I feel your pain" speech because it did nothing to help and then he offered a paltry sum. He likes to see the disasters in this country get out of control so that it is impossible for the feds to have an impact on relief, just an impact on law enforcement once the situation is out of control or the media can claim it is out of control. This is absolutely horrific but not surprising.

an average patriot said...

We should be used to this idiots crap by now but it just gets worse and worse. Now he declares a state of emergency as his purpose has been served. With 10,000 taking shelter at qual comm stadium i hope they fare better than new orleans but with massager's and people making baloon animals for the kids I am reminded that these are mostly rich whites and it should be different.

an average patriot said...

OOOH naj
You are timely. I am just working on a story corruption in Iraq and the way to beat Bush on his 46 Billion dollar demand so thanks for the link. Maybe I can use something there.
Anyway Bush will use California burning to his gain. it is still getting worse so we will see what happens. These are rich whites though so this will be very different than Katrina.
He does not care though, only to the degree that he can benefit from it politically and in following his new know the idiot sickens me too!

an average patriot said...

I was horrified when he totally ignored it yesterday and just demanded 46 billion more for his wars from Congress but it is now worse and he can use it in his favor.
With 10,000 at QualComm you see shades of Katrina but these are rich whites and Arnold so it will be different.
It behooves Bush to let as much go wrong as possible. There are so many excuses adding up for him to declare martial law it is only a matter of time and then he can head his new order forever wars indefinitely.
I just hate this idiot and what he is doing. Why can't anyone that matters see it and get it heard?

an average patriot said...

That's cool! The link you sent me is one of the many examples I was going to use but I thank you for the link. This corruptive insistance on no oversite must end and Bush's latest demand is the right time to do it for many reasons.

Naj said...

These are rich whites though so this will be very different than Katrina.

I am hoping some of his rich war-mongering supporters will be bogged down with the fire! Why doesn't any natural disaster ever hit Dallas and Crawford ranch?! I go pray some more :))

I watched the Frontline, I am sick with headache!

Actually I just remembered, a friend gave me a voodoo doll of Bush to poke my anger at! I'll get on with that! ;)