Monday, October 08, 2007

Experts think they found a way around Bush, say war on terror is a failure, Bush won't be stopped,failure to us is total success for his Forever Wars!

Bush's Forever War! Experts think they found a way around Bush, say war on terror is a failure, I'm sick of saying it, Bush won't be stopped and failure to us is total success for him!

I had an interesting series of conversations this morning I would like to continue as I realized that after checking out a couple stories from supposedly enlightened sources that the supposed experts, the supposed enlightened, and people around the world not just in America do not get it. It is sickening to continue to hear it but those being credited with Political enlightenment do not get the fact that it doesn't matter. Only the all powerful Decider matters and he will not alter his course regardless. A report was issued saying the war on terror is being lost. They do not get it either. It is working. It is all a success for Bush. He needs the terrorist. He doesn't want to wipe them out. They are his excuse to continue his Forever Wars.

First I was sent a supposed enlightened article or thought process. Matt Stoller, one of the most significant emerging leaders of the new political left in this country, has just written a fascinating essay that I think is a real breakthrough in his thinking and hopefully in the strategic thinking of the netroots crowd in general. It might be a breakthrough in thought process but it is worthless against Bush and it better be realized.

Stoller's piece is called smart Trotsky. I mean this as a compliment to Stoller who is trying to weave together the incongruities of passion, earnestness, and purity of motive on the left with a shrewder, calculating, appreciation of domino effects on the political right. The essay is cerebral and cites a comment I made recently and have been making from time to time: "one of the characteristics of modern global politics is how organized minority factions are able to overwhelm majority views." It is friggen worthless, that should have been known for years now.
If Bill Richardson is right and most Americans think that the war in Iraq is against their interests and want the troops to come home, then it's clear that our political structure and the influence of a well-organized minority have been able to shrug off this strong public opinion. People do not get it, majority views,minority views, public opinion, none of it matters. Bush has irresponsibly been given to much power to abuse and he will. His worst damage is yet to come. Only Bush matters!

In this article we hear voiced what we all know and talk about often. The drive to war against Iran is beset by changing rationales. Like the war in Iraq, the administration is trying to find the rationale that sells best. Where is the alternative explanation? There is none. Attacking Iran is one reason Bush attacked Iraq and no one will keep that from happening. On warrantless wiretapping and other erosions of civil rights, Democrats react. Why don't they create an alternative catch phrase. Some occasionally (actually rarely) use a term, like the War on the Middle Class. Why not actively promote it and use it with every crisis as further evidence? Why not use every instance of privacy violation as further evidence of Bush's War on Dissent?
And why not actively promote the wars in the Middle East as Oil Wars? Yes, such a term may not capture the full complexity of the situation, but Republican "issues" are effective and they are usually mere caricatures of real issues. And why not try to delegitimize the Israeli lobby and its supporters by labeling them tools of Sheldon Adelson, Bibi Netanyahu, and Likud, none of whom really serve Israel's long term interests? A supposed NetRoots Breakthrough

It isn't all about oil. That is a small part of it. I'm sorry but after years of trying to wake people up as to what Bush is doing and why, I can only laugh. I have 7 unpublished books documenting every single misstep. I hate to tell you and them but Stoller and Steve are pretty slow on the uptake. It was obvious to an idiot what has been going on from the start and they still do not have it. I was listening to Pelosi this morning talking about being confused why Bush can't see the effect he is having on the middle class.

Of course he does! He has been purposely changing our societal order from day one and will not stop. Have you read Bush uncovered on my main page? Bush is not failing in the war on terror. To him it is a qualified success. It has to be kept alive for his new world order Forever Wars so it is a complete success to him. He needs to embroil the entire world and he will. If you read Bush Uncovered which I wrote 4 years ago but no one gets it, Bush is following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction and must create war and disorder to replace it with his new idea of order.I have been trying to wake people up since day one but no one is listening or getting it. I am afraid it is too late as much beyond our control has been set into play around the world. It was never about John Bolton or anyone else like Gonzo. It was and is all about Bushco and pursuing new world order. Nothing else matters period!
No one seems to get it but all the waking up and organizing against Bush in the world is worthless because he was given too much power as a result of 9/11 and the Patriot Act and he can not be stopped unless he chooses it and he will not.Bush will ignore all the horror and attack Iran then the entire world will be engulfed in Bush's Forever War as planned from day one. Then his pundits will call for a Constitutional Amendment to keep him in office and at the helm of his wars. Either that or he will cancel elections and declare martial order which is in his power. People are waking up but it is too late and no one will stop the chief idiot because they do not matter, only the Decider they created does.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


enigma4ever said...

A really good post jim..I need to think this all out...sorry, I am too tired tonight..I will re-read in am..promise...

I do think the "changing rationale" Iran element is scarily true...sigh...
I will be back, know that..

jmsjoin said...

What blows me away is that everything Bush is doing and is going to do was teleraphed long ago and I have been trying to get Congress, the Senate, the media, the public, everybody, to see it and to no avail. There is no surprise here! Please feel free to send this or anything to anyone. We have to do something!

Unknown said...

Heya Jim... Good post! I've wondered about that - why does Bush always seem so comfortable with the way things are going? Our companies ARE making money and the oil price is high, of course.

But now I think he IS worried....

Have a look at this- think you'll find it interesting:

I don't think this is the plan that Bush was hoping for - I just think he'll take what he can get at this point. Right now he seems to be trying to do the whole divide and conquer thing in Iraq by instigating sectarian strife. I think they expected to be able to breeze through Iraq and then they could take Iran. At this point, the whole Middle East is flared up and they're blocking China's oil and have Russia surrounded...

Instead, you've got a weakened America stuck in Iraqi quicksand suffering death by 1000 cuts... I know Cheney wants to grab Iran but they couldn't even hold any of Iran's territory at this point, so it would be an insane idea. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't do it... Ugh.

Hopefully these idiots that are occupying the White House will be smart enough to recognize that they have no chance of success at their 'grand imperial strategy'. China can cripple the US economy- easily- and Russia has oil production matching Saudi Arabia's volume. They're strong, and we're too weak to project force...

Until we get kicked out of Iraq, Bush will certainly continue his 'doctrine of destruction' though... He'll bitch and moan about Iran, but I think that would be an absolute disaster for us if he decides to bomb...

Just my 2¢... Any thoughts?

Btw, you done with dKos?

jmsjoin said...

Hi Dan
First I just want to say no I am not done with kos but I realized I speak facts like it or not and there are many at kos who do not want to hear it , never read the facts, and voice nothing but shit. I have realized there are many out here that are unbiased and see and want to hear the truth. Kos I am afraid is full of trolls. When I want to talk about something they should hear I will post it there.
I take it you read some of my stuff at kos and thank you for it.
Anyway, bush is happy as a pig in shit. Everything is going as planned and he will attack Iran and get this new order Forever War going full swing with China and Russia not just the middle east. His pundits will call for a Constitutional Amendmant to keep the idiot at the helm of his wars after he attacks Iran.
He has curtailed Habeus Corpus and lifted Posse Comitatus. We are in trouble as we are his enemies not the terrorists he needs to fuel his forever war. There is much more and it gets much worse. I would love to discuss things further with you as I have disturbing back up.
It's funny, yesterday someone reminded me of Global Research. I have sent them reports in the past and will start again. I have just been flat out lately. I will check that link out now so thank you!