Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bush is creating a permanent nomadic immigration population of the entire middle east!

We are creating a permanent nomadic immigration population of the entire middle east if not the world with a couple countries as islands!
Do you realize the Brevity of the situation Bush has created in the middle east? You know I am a big picture guy. This morning it hit me when I saw the immigration crisis reiterated. This is a horrible situation for the future of the world and it is just developing. Two weeks ago I did this story on the worsening Immigrant problem in Iraq as they endeavor to escape Bush's so called success. I always talk about Bush's total middle east breakdown that will happen before it spreads around the entire world. What is really happening in Bush's so called war on terror and its results hit me this morning.

The number of Iraqi refugees trying to flee to industrialized nations has increased substantially in 2007 -- and nearly half are trying to go to Sweden, the U.N. refugee agency reported Friday. Direct result of Bush's successful surge I guess. I have been saying for years now that with every Bush so called Bush success comes further Iraqi suffering in his created hell on earth. The ramifications of what is going to happen hit me today!
Sweden received 9,300 asylum claims from Iraqi refugees, out of a total of 19,800 claims made to 36 countries during the first six months of this year, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said. The agency said "the large Iraqi community in that country and its strong social network might account for the high number of Iraqi asylum seekers there." The total number of applications is 45 percent higher than in the last six months of 2006, when 13,600 applications were made. The figures are also more than double those for the first six months of 2006, the agency said.
The figures are based on data provided by 36 industrialized countries to the UNHCR. The United States expects to have admitted only 1,600 to 1,700 Iraqi refugees in the financial year that ends September 30, U.S. officials said . That's fewer than earlier estimates of 2,000 or more for the year. Officials from the departments of State and Homeland Security predict that the number of Iraqi refugees admitted to the U.S. soon will rise to 1,000 a month.
About 2.2 million Iraqis live outside their country, mostly in Syria and Jordan, the United Nations said. Another million have been uprooted from their homes but are still in Iraq officials say. Assistance groups such as Refugees International consider the the situation the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.worst Imigrant crisis in the world

That was two and a half weeks ago. according to this latest report the number has increased by 1 million and now stands at 4.2 million. An estimated 4.2 million Iraqis have been driven from their homes. But experts say assistance from the United States and other Western nations is only a tiny fraction of what may be needed to stabilize the biggest Middle East refugee crisis since 1948. This is just the beginning of a crisis that will encompass the entire middle east thanks to Bush and will dwarf 1948. Host countries in the region, particularly Jordan and Syria, have been overwhelmed by more than 2 million refugees and could need billions of dollars in aid to cope with the social and economic strains.

Experts from nongovernmental organizations, aid agencies and think tanks also say alleviating suffering among those refugees and another 2 million people displaced inside Iraq could require hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to be resettled in countries including the United States. "The humanitarian need inside Iraq and in neighboring countries has been ignored to such an extent that both Jordan and Syria, out of desperation, have introduced visa requirements that effectively close all exit doors for Iraqis," said Andrew Harper, who heads the Iraq Support Unit of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.
But Washington is unlikely to move aggressively, given tougher security restrictions on immigration after the September 11 attacks in 2001 and concern that the continued fighting in Iraq could pose a danger of insurgents posing as refugees.Without U.S. leadership, experts say other countries, especially European nations already jittery about Islamist violence, will not come to the rescue either. growing world crisis

Countries are now closing their borders forced to turn their backs on Bush's immigrants and with a promise of a permanent US presence in the middle east, the still developing immigrant crisis around Israel, Bush's desire to attack Iran and dwarf the current situation, the world better start realizing what the future will be at best. Bush talks about Darfur while he has purposely created a worse situation in the middle east and Bush and Ahmadinejad do their best everyday to spread this to Iran then the entire middle east.

This will only end one way as has been the plan all along. The chief idiot would prefer Iran to lay down but he will fight if he must and nothing like sense is going to deter him. The entire middle east will be embroiled! Bush has created what promises to be a permanent, monstrous, middle east if not worldwide Global immigration population in his new world order Forever War. 4.2 million and Bush promises to dwarf that. You are not stupid. Minus even world war, you know what that means. We are all in trouble!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Chuck said...

That's something I hadn't even considered Jim. I mean I read about people fleeing for their lives and have seen some of the pictures, but I hadn't thought of the creation of a nomadic lifestyle (culture?) by war.

Thanks for expanding things again for all of us as you look at "the big picture". More people should.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Chuck!
Think about it. with 4.2 immigrants on the move in Iraq alone and many more to come there and with bush promising to keep us in the middle east permanently and attack Iran and engulf the entire middle east, this is still just beginning and wil get much worse before it angulfs the entire world in Bush's new world order Forever War! What a mess!