Thursday, October 25, 2007

In the end to counter Bush's Forever Wars and Control, Average Americans and the Military will come together to keep our America Alive!

Yesterday as we seem to be doing every day of late we discussed Bush's drive towards World War three that in the end would result in The collapse of the US, and other Western economies and morals and a Significant population reduction using natural and man-made disasters. However in what I learned during the course of the day yesterday about the military and the California fires I see reason for hope and America coming together again. This time to defeat if not Bush, the world he has set against us!

This has turned into a crazy world indeed since Bush has been at the helm. Bush likes to blame it on the world but he and largely he alone has been driving the world down this horrible world as it responds to his militancy. I want to thank Polishifter who sent me this video yesterday to highlight my post and it is still giving me chills. Watch the video! Tell me over and over again my friend you don't believe we're on The Eve of Destruction

I believe we are but I am increasingly buoyed by the knowledge that we are developing the fortitude to come together and beat him and what he has set in motion around the world.
It would be nice if the Government would come together and fight the horror Bush has set in motion instead of bending to his will in what appears to be a drive to gain favor and a future position in this unfolding mess but I see from recent developments that the two most important elements to see that we avoid the scenario in the video, are coming together and that is we the people and America's military.

Before this mess started on 9/11 because of growing emotions and events in the past I was as many were I expect, concerned that if we were faced with disaster let alone another war that our youngsters and citizens would not be able to rise to the occasion. I am happy to see that at least in war, including my own sons, they are but I saw a lack of society as a whole coming together to overcome overwhelming adversity. California burning has shown us that we do have what it takes!
Of course the chief idiot is right there for a photo op and to take credit for the Governments quick response but except for the military and their equipment it has not been the Federal Government that has risen to the task. It has been the citizens of the country and the community and I am heartend at what I see because this is what we will need to survive the mess Bush has created for us around the world for a long time after he is gone. . But first I want so say Bush the idiot is saying he has learned from Katrina so this is going to go better but that is BS because his efforts have yet to come into play. Up to now it has been all "the people" and the military and that is what is going to get us out of this mess.

Anyway san Diego's Qualcomm experience starts with a volunteer Hugger. hugger." Every person she signs in gets a warm, heartfelt hug. Having lost her own home to foreclosure in March, Sharey Shores says she has empathy for the suddenly homeless. Her embraces may not be government-sanctioned, but they are appreciated. "I can't tell you how many people say 'Thank you. ... I needed that,'" Shores said. Welcome to Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers and, for the time being, thousands of people who have fled the California wildfires that destroyed nearly 1,600 homes and burned some 679 square miles.

Some 76,000 people stayed in 42 San Diego County shelters Wednesday night, county emergency spokeswoman Lynda Pfieffer said. Those numbers were dropping as residents were allowed to return home. Qualcomm Stadium housed 11,000 evacuees at the peak of the disaster, but that number dropped to 5,000 Wednesday morning. Those staying in shelters represented only a small fraction of the nearly 1 million evacuees.
Conceived on paper as a safe -- if uncomfortable -- refuge for thousands of people, Qualcomm Stadium has become in practice a wonderland of surprises.Were it not for the absence of a Ferris wheel, the tent city just inside the stadium's gates could be mistaken for a county fair. Stiltwalkers stroll around the grounds waving at gawking children. Food and drink are abundant. Signs hawk free massages, acupuncture treatments and spiritual aide. Math tutors -- admittedly not a staple of county fairs -- are available free of cost.

"The real purpose of this midway, however, becomes apparent only at second glance. At a booth where one might expect to buy cotton candy, a volunteer pharmacist dispenses aspirin and antacid. Other tents are labeled "Safeco Insurance" and "All State." Catholic Charities has erected a tent, as has a local politician. And, in a cold slap of reality, there is a drab tent where evacuees can privately read the list of homes that have been destroyed.
The outpouring of help has been so massive that some volunteers are being turned away, and donated food and water is being stored in tents in the far reaches of the stadium's parking lot. "If you need kosher food, we've got it!," exclaims Phillip Dewitt, a defense department contractor who is volunteering at the site. On Tuesday, volunteer teachers outnumbered kids three to one, said Edwin Lohr, another volunteer. Anitra Means showed up to volunteer on Tuesday and found herself managing one of several food banks that seemed to spontaneously appear on the midway's fringes.

Meanwhile, nearly 400 Red Cross volunteers from across the country were to arrive in the San Diego area Wednesday, said Red Cross worker John Degnan, who came in from Massachusetts. Also, 75 emergency response vehicles were coming to the region to deliver meals and other supplies to shelters. Disaster experts say planners sometimes focus on the negative consequences of disasters, such as public panic or rioting, which are rare. And planners rarely focus on the more likely consequences of disaster -- massive outpourings of help. But whether by accident or design, San Diego is offering emergency planners a lesson in harnessing volunteerism. San Diego shows what it will take

Anyway what San Diego has shown us in the way of acceptance, cooperation, and coming together is what the entire country is going to have to do in order to survive the future horror Bush has set in play for us. But that is only half of the successful equation.
The other half will be our loyal to our America, military. Bush moved a step closer to war with Iran today by unilateraly increasing sanctions against them in creasing the possability of the military rebelling enmasse. We are seeing examples of just that but it must be wider scale and we will discuss this half of the equation to succeed into the future tomorrow.
James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Anon-Paranoid said...

Yes it was wonderful that the citizens of California came together to help each other out.

I just have my doubts though about stopping the madness that the Decider will unleash against us.

So are you ready for $4 or $5 dollar a gallon gas? While oil goes up to a hundred to a hundred twenty dollars a barrel since Iran may not be able to sell there oil to those countries who would be sanctioned by Der Fuhrer and his Nazi minions.

And Condi Liar Braun Rice was called a War Criminal from a code pink lady with red paint on her hands.

The world will rejoice when their all standing trail in the Hague. Please dear Lord let that happen soon.

Anyway that's my 2 cents and I'm not talking anymore unless you water board me again.

God Bless.

an average patriot said...

I hate to say it but I am ready for anything and you better expect it. $5 per gallon at the pump is a necessity. I have to laugh because thyis isn't about the oil. If it was they wouldn't be preparing to tie up the worlds including theirs so most think.
I wrote this over a year and a half ago but tell me what you think. Now you want to be waterboarded huh? take care and stay in touch!$5 per gallon at the pump

an average patriot said...

I tried to find the video but there are so many I didn't know which one you were talking about. Any help?