Thursday, September 13, 2007

I no longer think it will be nuclear but a lot has happened recently in the march to war with Iran, help stop it!

Russia's Father of all Bombs sounds destined for the middle east!

Yesterday amidst conversation I was having regarding the march to war with Iran I noted My take on the surge is Bush must stay the course in Iraq until he finds his excuse to attack Iran but I do not mean from land. The troops and equipment must remain in Iraq too contain Iran and amidst the Betrayus lies that things are getting better it is obvious Bush is boxing them in! The chief idiot has more than enough armaments in the gulf with 3 carrier Battle groups and a French Carrier, the Charles De Gaulle at the mouth.

Plus as you know, Bush just upped the amount of advanced military hardware he is giving to Israel to 35 billion to offset the 20 Billion $ worth he is given to Saudi Arabia and other supposed allies to offset Iran. It is quite a mess Bush is developing as he pursues his new middle east order. As most of you know by now. Bush had plans to go after Iran before he attacked Iraq to get back into the middle east and he will not stop there as he furthers his new middle east order.
However, despite what Betrayus said I found out this morning that while he was saying things were getting better A fatal attack was launched against the sprawling headquarters base of the American military in Iraq was carried out with a 240 mm rocket — a type of weapon provided to Shiite extremists by Iran, a U.S. general said Thursday. Such an attack with a sophisticated weapon against a nearly impregnable compound — far less vulnerable than the Green Zone in the heart of the capital — sends a strong message to the Americans that nowhere in Iraq are they safe, even in the nerve center of the U.S. mission.

Ahmadinejad just got through saying "Iran has no need to interfere in Iraq. The Iraqi government and nation are close friends of Iran," he said. that told me he was lying and they were interfering. This war between Iran and the US will happen because both sides want it . I had a conversation the other day with a friend who is convinced it will be a nuclear initiation by Bush. My contention was that it wouldn't be because it would contaminate the entire middle east including Israel.
Then I received this saying The Russian military has successfully tested what it described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear air-delivered bomb, Russia's state television reported Tuesday. "The tests have shown that the new air-delivered ordnance is comparable to a nuclear weapon in its efficiency and capability," said Col.-Gen. Alexander Rukshin, a deputy chief of the Russian military's General Staff, said in televised remarks. Unlike a nuclear weapon, the bomb doesn't hurt the environment, he added.

Like its U.S. predecessor, first tested in 2003 the Mother of all Bombs, the Russian bomb, the Father of all Bombs,is a "thermobaric" weapon that explodes in an intense fireball combined with a devastating blast. It explodes in a terrifying nuclear bomb-like mushroom cloud and wreaks destruction through a massive shock wave created by the air burst and high temperature. it was stressed that the new bomb would allow the military to "protect the nation's security and confront international terrorism in any situation and any region.father of all Bombs

It sounds to me like a warning that Russia will help Iran and be able to do so with a nuclear powered force without making the middle east uninhabitable. With this buildup to middle east war appearing to be inevitable nuclear or not this will be a horror certainly the middle east can not afford and we, the concerned of the world must stop.
Enigma made me aware yesterday that John Amato on Crooks and Liars was on a stop the Iran war campaign. Please Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. We need to let our representatives know that Bush cannot attack Iran. GW will not go away quietly as his disastrous term comes to an end. I think most of us believe Iran is the next target on Bush and Cheney’s to-do list. Kristol, the equally insane Ledeen and all his Neocon, warmongering pals are pushing the White House at every moment to make the attack happen. Thay have been for quite a while, we must act now!
Read the whole story

We are getting closer and closer to this and we must do everything humnly possible to avoid it. Nuclear or conventional the world can not afford what is rapidly unfolding. I am very upset kknowing we are heading towards this while the chief idiot who caused it continues to lie so he can instigate so called new world order.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Chuck said...

I think they consider Plutonium 238 and Depleted Uranium conventional. They're way wrong! The fallout from that stuff will be (is being) spread everywhere. Miniscule amounts of it far away from impact points in space and time will not only make parts of land uninhabitable, but shorten life of all species on Earth (not to mention the future mutations).

This is a good post Jim and should be a major concern for all of us. This planet is being "controlled" by a handful of madmen. The hardest part for me is the knowing that we're all sitting back and letting them doom us all.

Larry said...

“The American people long ago lost faith in the president’s leadership of the war in Iraq because his rhetoric has never matched the reality on the ground,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “The choice is between a Democratic plan for responsible redeployment and the president’s plan for an endless war in Iraq.”

The American people have long ago lost faith in you also Nancy Pelosi!

Naj said...


Iran needs stability. I just cannot understand why the hell does Bush escalate things everytime Iranians extend a hand for reconciliation!

Larry said...

Capitol Hill Police "football tackled" Hip Hop Activist who was in line to enter hearing room for General Petreus' testimony on Capitol Hill

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., president of the Hip Hop Caucus, was attacked by six capitol police today, when he was stopped from entering the Cannon Caucus Room on Capitol Hill, where General Petreaus gave testimony today to a joint hearing for the House Arms Services Committee and Foreign Relations Committee on the war in Iraq.

After waiting in line throughout the morning for the hearing that was scheduled to start at 12:30pm, Rev. Yearwood was stopped from entering the room, while others behind him were allowed to enter. He told the officers blocking his ability to enter the room, that he was waiting in line with everyone else and had the right to enter as well. When they threatened him with arrest he responded with "I will not be arrested today." According to witnesses, six capitol police, without warning, "football tackled him. He was carried off in a wheel chair by DC Fire and Emergency to George Washington Hospital.

Rev. Yearwood was examined for possible head and leg injuries then transferred to Central Processing. He has been charged with "assaulting a police officer."

Rev. Yearwood said as he was being released from the hospital to be taken to central booking, "The officers decided I was not going to get in Gen. Petreaus' hearing when they saw my button, which says 'I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ.'"

I thought Bush was fond of the "religious right?"

Larry said...

George W Bush is continuing in the long tradition of republicans starting something they can NOT finish.

John Foster and Allen Dulles started interfering in Vietnam in 1954, blocking elections for democracy in 1956, and created SEATO before the end of Dwight W Eisenhower's administration so future presidents would be saddled with their illegal interference with a foreign country. They used the CIA to attack targets in Hanoi, and sent in Military advisers to set up a government and military in South Vietnam wholly created US enterprise against the will of 90% of the Vietnamese people which never accepted that illegitimate government from Washington. As time wore on each successive president ratcheted up the use of force and the military until the TET offensive showed NO amount of military power from the US short of complete colonization and subjugation of the Vietnamese people to the US would "win" that war.

The Dulles brothers also used the CIA to over throw a democratically elected government in Tehran Iran to install the shah at the behest of the British and international oil corporations, so they could plunder the oil which by rights belonged to the Iranian people NOT any greedy American or British Oil corporation. This worked for the Oil Corps and US CIA until 1979 when the Iranian people ran the Shah out and reclaimed their country from the puppet of Washington.

Thus the two greatest foreign policy disasters of the second quarter of the 20th century began with reichwingers in Eisenhower’s administration, which they handed to the American people to finish the mess they created. (And the idiot apologists of the reichwing claim they are better at foreign policy?)
After the end of the Vietnam War people said never again, UNTIL Ronald Reagan became pResident, then he started running weapons to the Iranians even though he claimed they were mortal enemies of the US, and arming Saddam to attack Iran for the US. T the same time Reagan was arming the jihadists in Afghanistan to attack the soviets, including the future Taliban and Osama bin laden. (Nice of Reagan to set both of them up wasn’t it?)

At the same time Ollie North was running weapons to Iran, he also was sending arms to the contras fighting a democratically elected government in Nicaragua, with the aid of Manuel Noriega. (Which George H W Bush had to overthrow because Noriega was running drugs with the CA and wouldn’t stop after they didn’t need him anymore… (Nice of Georgie’s daddy to clean up that mess wasn’t it), too bad he left Saddam as a problem for future generations after helping set him up in the 1980’s, instead of accepting the Dulles brothers screw up from the 1950’s.

Well in the great tradition of reichwingers Georgie attacked Saddam and Iraq, made a complete fiasco of it, and wants to FORCE future generations and presidents to continue his fiasco by setting up the US in Iraq with permanent bases and military involvements instead of admitting He violated US law, UN charter and the Geneva Convention, and started a war of aggression against a sovereign country which neither attacked the US nor did they attack the US on 9-11 no matter how much GWB or Dead Eye lie about it.

Seems the reichwing loves to start things they can’t handle or finish and leave it to the rest of us to clean up for them, too bad the democrats in congress are too gutless to stop Georgie this time, after all they have 50 years of reichwing screw ups to go by.

This is exactly what Bush is doing.

PoliShifter said...

I don't know that there is any avoiding "it" at this point.

It would take a massive public effort and The People just don't seem that interested.

Amre El-Abyad said...


Nobody wants anymore wars. But if the the Americans don't bomb Iran....who is going to kick them out of Iraq?.....During the 8 years of Iraqi war of defence against the fantic revolution of Khomeini..Iraq manged to build a secular state that was interms of, womenrights, Technological growth, GNP growth, health care, access to education about to catch up with western Europ.......Iraq had to fight Iran because the progressive Iraqi model posed a threat to the fanatic religous Irani model where nationalism is mixed with religon..........Those who are in power in Iraq now are not Iraqis-they are Iranians who faught with Iran against their own country........Propmtly after the American invasion 0ne million Iranians crossd the border and olonised the south..............

Iran main goal is dilute and wipe out the Arabic national identity of Iraq and turn into an Irani client state. Simply because a the trong secular progressive Iraq defeatedIran in the 8 years war and blocked the Iranis from entering he midle east...........

I hate war...but America is the last hope for Arabs against the Iranian hords.......otherwise a devasting war in the middle ast will erupt where Jordan and Egypt will have to interfere to save their national security..........Saudi Arabia unfortunately spends billions on arms.However they lack organization, human resources and experience to use them.........

you can't imagine how bad it tastes for not just Iraqis ( Imean real iraqis) but all Arabs from Morocco to IRAQ when Iranians say they want help building Iraq........ that is not right, Iraq is an Arab country.......for it to fall in the hands of Iranians is very aweful thing........

The helpless prey here is the great nation of Iraq and its people........Iranians are cunnigly making use of the rising anti war sentiments among Americans who were previously misinformed about the issue, to prevent a blow to their country while they further entrench themselves in Iraq where they are persistently causing cultural and demographic changes and ethnically cleansing NOT JUST SUNNIS BUT ALSO A CONSIDERABLE PORTION OF SHIITES WHO ARE OPPOSING THE WICKED IRANI PRESENCE IN IRAQ.

As an American patriot who truly believes in th American core ideals of gentlmanlines and must direct all your efforts towrds saving the Iraqi nation from its medival enemies who are devouring it now , because of the Amerian slip.

Bottom of the line Jim, you can't fix a mistake by making another mistake..........

Honestly speaking and Millions of Arabs share this view with American occupation is far more better than an Irani one for several reasons:

Americans are highly developed and advanced people.....who will sooner later leave, simply because this region is belongs to diffrent cultural sphere than western one.Definetly they, would have a much less harmful effect thn the Iranians, that is if hey dint induce a progressive change.

Iranians on the other hand, are capbable of causing real demographic and cultural changes in this nation is already happeing in the south according to various different press reports.... millions of Iranias ahave crossed the vorder theydisplaced Iraqis....Persian is now an official language in the south..............

I tell you Jim if Iran lays its hands on the tremndous natural wealth of Iraq it will tun into a fanatic monster-that will blow up this region for centuries

an average patriot said...

I don't know about Plutonium but they certainly consider depleted uranium conventional today. I did quite a story on that quite a while ago. I believe that is the source of the Gulf War Syndrome! we have already contaminated the middle east and promise to make it much worse.
You have to come to the conclusion that Bush and others are pursuing the End of days and do not concern themselves with life on earth in the future for the rest of us.
Thanks for that Chuck, those liie you and I are not sitting back but are powerless to stop all this and I want to scream!

an average patriot said...

You are right, sadly we have lost faith in our entire system of Government today. Something has to be done and quick or the enntire world is in serious trouble. I am afraid you can agree with what I just said to chuck!

an average patriot said...

That us because Bush wants confrontation. He must have it so he can fight and destroy the old order before he can replace it with his.
It is part of what I know as the Russian Doctrine of Destruction he is following. If you haven't read it yet go on my main page and check it out. It is obvious what he is doing but let mme know what you think.

an average patriot said...

Wow! I didn't hear that about Reverand Yearwood. That is ubelievable. It is so Nazism and I am stunned they keep getting away with this crap. Pardon me but we are so screwed and something has to happen and quickly. lets talk!

an average patriot said...

As usual you are entirely right. i have been saying the same thing for years. Right from the beginning Iraq was like Vietnam because one again we took it upon ourselves to force a Democracy on a peoples that as a whole did not want it.
Only this time it will be much worse because the idiot is doing it to the entire middle east and the world against their will.
I wrote about it quite a while ago and quite a few times about a permanent presence in Iraq because he mentioned it before and I knew he would do it. Imagine Custer's last stand on a grand scale.
We are scaling down in Korea to set up camp in the middle east and it will only be a horror that Dems will have to deal with again like everything else Bush has done. I am afraid we are not going to come through this one!

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you. now I can save your site. I have been tied up with my arm and everything but you will be seeing me eventually.
Anyway, I am afraid you are right. The people are going to have to rally but not just here but around the world and they just do not get how screwed they are. those of us that do must get something going!

an average patriot said...

I do not want to see happen what is definitely going to happen so you at least can rest easy. Bush is not going to leave the middle east.
He wants a Korea style force in Iraq and it will happen. His ultimate goal is Iran. That was only one of his original goals when he attacked Iraq to get back into the middle east and as you can see he will leave for nothing.
I knew for sure that Ahmadinejad wanted Iraq when it came out that Iran's leaders were arresting Allawi supporters and did not want him interfering in Iraq.
Like average Americans do not want the US interfering in Iraq or the middle east neither does the average Iranian want Iran getting them embroiled in this still developing mess.
That said, it is going to happen anyway and this will be a very long earth shattering, world altering event at a time when the planet can no longer sustain it and be life supporting.
You can only conclude that the end of Days is being purposely brought about. However there will not be a total end.
I wrote about it in A Manifesto to the World that I will send anyone who gives me an Email. It is short but not pleasant to read so I only make it available to those who see reality.