Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bush turns Cradle of Life to Cradle of Death!

Iraq, the cradle of life Bush turned into the Cradle of Death!

I was interested this morning when I was sent the following information in relation to what Bush has created out of Iraq, The cradle of life. As we all see every day he has turned Iraq into the cradle of Death and it promises to spread throughout the entire middle east. Reading the following facts about Iraq and what Bush has created there as he proposes to stay there indefinitely with a Korea style force I want you to pay particular attention to a verse from the Koran at the end and pay particular attention to the number!

First a few facts about Iraq
1.The Garden of Eden was in Iraq 2.Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq , was the cradle of civilization! 3.Noah built the ark in Iraq 4.The Tower of Babel was in Iraq 5.Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq ! 6.Isaac's wife Rebekah is from Nahor, which is in Iraq ! 7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq 8.Jonah preached in Nineveh - which is in Iraq 9.Assyria, which is in Iraq, conquered the ten tribes of Israel 10. Amos cried out in Iraq !

11. Babylon , which is in Iraq , destroyed Jerusalem 12. Daniel was in the lion's den in Iraq ! 13. The three Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq (Jesus had been inIraq also as the fourth person in the Fiery Furnace!) 14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon saw the "writing on the wall" in Iraq 15. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive into Iraq 16.Ezekiel preached in Iraq 17. The wise men were from Iraq 18. Peter preached in Iraq 19. The "Empire of Man" described in Revelation is calledBabylon , which was a city in Iraq !
And you have probably seen this one: Israel is the nation most often mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is Iraq ! However, that is not the name that is used in the Bible. The names used in the Bible are Babylon , Land of Shinar , and Mesopotamia ... The word Mesopotamia means between the two rivers, more exactly between the Tigris And Euphrates Rivers .. The name Iraq , means country with deep roots. Indeed Iraq is a country with deep roots and is a very significant country in the Bible.

*No other nation, except Israel , has more history and prophecy associated With it than Iraq And also, This is something to think about: Since America is typically represented by an eagle. Saddam should ha ve read up on his Muslim passages.

**The following verse is from the Koran, (the Islamic Bible) Koran ( 9:11 ) - For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; And there was peace.(Note the verse number !) Hmmmmmmm?!

The Koran verse really amazed me andSaddam should have paid attention to it. Did bush? I find myself wondering why 911 seems to crop up all the time? Why the constant symbolism? Can this all be fate? Coincidence? Give me your thoughts please!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


enigma4ever said...

Your Blog is looking great....and you are on my blogroll- not quite in alphabetical order- I tend to try to place blogs near each other- but you are up in the A's on my blogroll ( you have been on thre since the 2nd time I came here ;-)

IRAN issue is now on the Table...go to Crooks&Liars...John Amato is asking that people call the DC Capital Swtichboard- 202-225-3121....Today and Tomorrow.....time to Raise Some Serious Your reps...everyone should start doing this BEFORE the speech tomorrow night...

John Gets INFO ....soild..if he says it is Time - it is time to work this....( btw I will write you off line...many have contacts- and have been getting Mixed info on this....but we need to work NOW...I have been holding off until I got the signal..)

( hmm, good thing I have extra minutes added to my cell)

enigma4ever said...

Please Please Send People to Crooks& Liars to read John 's post....and also post the DC number..thanks..and call after modnight-they still answer and they count the calls- say NO TO IRAN AND BRING THE TROOPS HOME.....Spread this as fast and far as you can...thanks

an average patriot said...

Is crooks and liars a blog on your Blogroll? I will go and look. Anyway I asked you to add me because i got the idea you were doing something new and wanted it. Otherwise I knew you had me.
Glad to hear the Iran issue is on the table there. I have been talking to an Iran think tank for a couple of years now. They mistakenly think it can be averted.
It was a foregone conclusion before Bush attacked Iran to get into the middle east. Thats why he must stay in that civil war until he can find the excuse to go after Iran. They are effectively boxed in now.
Anyway I look forward to talking to you as usual and I will look for crooks and liars.

an average patriot said...

Will do enigma! I am going to look for crooks and liars now.

an average patriot said...

The issue is to get Congress to realize Bush is going to attempt to beat them to the punch by attacking Iran and furthering his new middle east order before they can get it together and stop him.

an average patriot said...

I have to tell you I have been writing my Rep for years now as to Bush's intentions with Iran and I will not stop but I don't think they give a damn what we think because they think they know better.

an average patriot said...

Okay I found it! help crooks and liars drive to stop the attack on Ira

Naj said...

No other nation, except Israel , has more history and prophecy associated With it than Iraq

Quite true. However, do keep in mind that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are VERY close. In fact, Islam and Christianity are offsprings of Judaism.

The bible, the Torah and the Koran are quite ignorant about the "oriental" divinities.

Also keep in mind that monotheism is believed to have been a doctrine borrowed from Zoroaster.

Arabs and Israilite are the children of Abraham's son's. Arabs are descendant of Ismael; Israelites are descendants of Isak. They are effectively cousins.

an average patriot said...

You are quite right! When islam was formed in 610 it was to give Muslims a sense of equality with Christians and Jews and based around the Bible. when it was first formed Muslims use to face Jerusalem when they said their prayers.
I don't remember which tribe it was that betrayed the Muslims but that put an end to niceties. Religion to me is the root of all evil and it will be our demise not our savior!

Amre El-Abyad said...

montheistic religons borrowed for Zoroastar!!!!!!!!!

There was no such thing as Persians and zoroastar untill the 6th or seventh century B.C.

the tree most mentioned nations in the bible are Israel, Iraq and Egypt..........

David the entire stroy of creation in the bible is a hybrid of Egyptian and Iraqi creation stories. The Noah and flood is a copy and paste from babylonian literature. Montheism has got its roots in the religon of the Egyptian pharoah Akhnaton....... who dismantled the Egyptian semitic empire that ruled over levant and norhern mesoptamioa and asia minor.......... and believed in a single sun god." Atone"..the man preached equality between Egyptians and the subjects of the empire...........

According to many historian the new religous movement must have found favour among the Isrealites who were enslaved in Egypt back then.....for most estimations date the enslavement to the period of the modern Egyptian kingdom which was imperial and expansionist in its character.............

The origin of th hebrews themslves is most probably mesoptamia....... and that could be easily detected in the the tremndous influence Iraqi literature and mythology have got on judaism.........

to sum up, one could quite arguably state that Judaism was hybrid of Iraqi and Egyptian culture and value: Just look at the following extracts from he Egyptian book of the dead and compare them to h the ten recommndments:

Thou shalt not kill, nor bid anyone kill.
Thou shalt not commit adultery or rape
Thou shalt not steal nor take that which does not belong to you.
Thou shalt not bear false witness, nor support false allegations.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods.
Thou shalt remember and observe the appointed holy days.
Thou shalt not take God's name in vain"

Moreover, christianity started out in Egypt during the hellinstic era...where the Egyptian cult of Isis spread thrugh the midle east, the title of Isis in ancient Egyptian Arabic was Miri yam " the beloved" also the Egyptians believed in a trinity of Father osiris who killed by "sat".satan the resurrected by the holy mother miriyam.......................while the heavenly son horus ruled the earth on behaf of th father.............Egyptian christianity then spreadamong semitic peoples as form of a passive resitance to the OPression and military prowess of the Romans.......

Amazing and strange..........Middle east is a magical spot!!!!!

But to be honest and fair, I have to add that Israel was more of a mythological nation than a historical one........the judaist cult first adopted by a peripheral village kingdom
which hten spread among some semitic peoples...........later on during the diaspora religon mixed with the meories of the mythological nation of ISRAEL.

It worth mentioniong that, Egyptian temples which is scientifcally considered the perfect chronicles of the ancioent times.......detailed all nations and folks that inhabited the middle east back then...........Ammorites, Babylonians, Aramaics, Lybians, Aramaics........etc but they never mentioned the word ISRAEL!!!

Waiting impatiently for your reflection

Naj said...

Oh here's the anti-Persian amro! I am not bothering to read or respond to him :)

But just a correction, Jim:

Islam was not formed in opposition nor in protest to inequalities brough about by Judaism nor Christianity.

Mohammad came from Arabic tribes. Those tribes were trading communities. The Christians and the Jews were themselves a minority. The arab tribes, against which Mohammad emerged practiced idolatry, not Christianity, nor Judaism.

Mohammad tried to revive Abraham's monotheism. In doing so, he was grately influenced by the Christian and Jwish priests, with whom he learned. He was also influenced by Persians, as Salmaan-e Farsi, was one of the first Persians to contribute to his movement.

Mohammad stood against inequality practiced against women, against slaves, against minorities. And he fought the inaptitude and the decadance of his cousines, the ruling elite in Mecca!

The rift between Sunnis and Shiites, to a great extent begins right there and then. The descendants of Mohammad were banished almost immediately after Mohammad's death. Ali, his cousine and his son in law was the forth Khalif. He was killed by a group of al-quaeda-like zealots who were unhappy about his agreeing to the "democratic vote" of the assembly who elected the previous Khalifs.

It was then. that the Omayed dynasty, the children of Abu-Sofian (the ruler whom mohammad fought and defeated) took power. It was then that the rifts between muslims emerged.

The wars against Christians, the crussades, only happened when Arabs sought to expand their islamic empire, after they had laid their hands on the vast wealth of Persia.

In Islam, there is no OPOSITION to Christianity nor Judaism. Moses, Jesus, Noah, Abraham and Mohammad are the GREAT prophets. And there are 124,000 othe r prophets, recognized in Islam, predating Mohammad, all bringing the message of peace and equality.

Islam is the religion of equality, modesty and peace. Any deviation from that is deviation from Mohammad's teaching.

And the rest you know.

Naj said...

bread and butter, wikipedia
Zoroastrianism is considered to be one of the earliest monotheistic beliefs, but the Zoroastrian definition of monotheism is neither comparable nor compatible with the monotheism of other religions that - in addition to being monotheistic - are also monist.

In Zoroaster's revelation, Ahura Mazda is a transcendental and universal God, the one uncreated Creator (standard appellation) and to whom all worship is ultimately directed. However, Zoroaster also perceives Mazda to be wholly good, and that His creation is wholly good. In conflict with creation is anti-creation, evident in the created world as decay and disorder. Since anti-creation is purely destructive it cannot have been created (otherwise it would self-destruct) and hence must - like the Creator himself - be uncreated.

In the Gathas, Zoroaster does not acknowledge any divinity other than Ahura Mazda. However, the hymns of Indo-Iranian religious tradition (of which the Gathas are a part) are always addressed to a specific divinity and those closely associated with Him, and in this sense the Gathas are not (necessarily) a denial of the other divinities, but the exhaltation of a specific one. ...

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear James,

I find myself forced to coorect the inaacurat information of the decent lady above....I dont blame her at all for her she knows very well that Iran has never been a part of this region......Arab countries "nation" don't welcome them.basically because of their chauvonisim...and insistance to impose themselves on arabs and their history........

From an hitorical perspective.....the penisula semitic Arabs were hybrid of different middle eastern peoples...Egyptians who inflitrated through north western Arabia.....hords from Iraq who were pushed to the desert....syriancs from Syria.......etc those adopterd the aborignal yemense culture. Yemn itself owes the very earl origins of their culture from Egyptian sailors in the red sea and Iraqis........

history is sustained by Judeo-christian mythology ....where Aberaham a banished Iraqi who was imprisoned by the pharoas of egypt was released and given an Egyptian salve-girl who bore him Palestine.........Ismael then settled in ARABIA..indeed, a very telling stroy that reveals how the ccontemorary Arab culture is the legitmate hier and extension of the ancient near east....and it shows the comon destiny and history of all Arabs..........

The Arabic tribes in Arabia were actually monthiestic.they worshipped Allah ...however, they were so much influenced by the babylonian gods like eshtaroot and and the Syrian god ba'l they viewd the several dieties a vessel of Allah..............if you get study the preislamic Arabian will find that it is full of ancient stories about pharoas, ammorites..........people of babylon...all of them were the ancestors of the pennisula Arabs.......

By the time of Mohamed the entire semitic middle east was colonised by th civilised but foreign Byzantines and barabrian persians.....

It is worth mentioning that at the dawan of Islam a confederation of Arabic tribes faught the persians in famous historical battle called zi el kar.......100 years before Muhamed the Arab tribes revolted against th Romans but were the time of Mohmmed the Arab pennisula was over populated....and the Arabs were begining to develop a sense of Identity a semitic nation ...mUhammed was genius because he realized the nothing could ever unite theArabs except religon mainly because of their stouch tribal very proud disposition.......eventually the Arabs went oput o ASrabia and fullfiled their message of unting the semitc near east which had always been one nation under construction.............the outcome is the predominatly Arabic midddle east we see at the pesent

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear James,

About the sunni shiite thing.........

It started out as quarrel over power between Mohammed's Qurishite clan and other Qurishite clans.The power ended in the hands of the ummayaids who created a VERY SECULAR EMpIRE THAT STRETCHED FROM THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA TO PARIS.

However most of the ummayid caliphates were athiests....they simply viewd it as an Arab Empire.........the persians held the status of slaves.........however he Arab rivals of the Ummayids the Hashmites revolted and they got the suport of non Arab elemnts because they highlighted islamism over Arabism.......the Abbasids ruled and they treated Persians and Turks very jsutly.........

Anyway it would be intereting to tell you that Iran remained sunni untill 15th cetury...............back then Iranian lost their national identity..........they were mainly ruled by of them called Ismael el-Safawy.......imposed shiisim on them, and tried to revive the persianheritage, in order to conjure up resistane to the Ottomanian empire..............

It is worth mentioning there, that Iranians resisted shiism vehemntly....Ismael had to commit genocides and exterminated the population of entire cities like Asfhan into shiisim...........that expalins the fantic nature of the contemorrary shisim in Iran

Amre El-Abyad said...

@ Naj

"Zoroastrianism is considered to be one of the earliest monotheistic beliefs"

well that is funny it isay one of the earliest.......the earlies, however according to scientific wetwern history is the Egyptian cult of Akhnatone...........


an average patriot said...

It is interesting indeed observing the nuances of Religious beliefs and how strongly some are affected by them. It is painfully obvious why there will be no poeceful solution to the middle east problems Bush started. Many ancient emotions have been set free and they will not be quelled Diplomatically.
Myself I am a Christian but being a to each their own kind of person I absolutely respect everyone elses feelings and thoughts and would never think of enforcing mine on anyone else.
I do though see a future for us that Nostradamus warned the world about. It isn't good and it is being fed by Religion. He gave us two roads to travel into the future one of peace and prosperity and the other of war and horror.
Sadly we are on the wrong road and no one seems to care. It blows me away because all the history of the past regardless of interpretation is worthless with no one in the future to live it.

an average patriot said...

Thanks for the education just one thing. I did not mean Mohammad was protesting inequalities to Judaism and christianity. His intention was to give Arabs a sense of equality to what was perceived as the two great Relgions.
It isn''t funny but it is something thet the Sunni Shiite division came from family differences after Muhammad's death.

an average patriot said...

I wrote something once I call a History of God and Religion and the lies we call History but I must admit that you just educated me about Zoroaster. you are more knowledgable than I and I am more so than most Americans. I think it must be your Heritage or Genes. Makes me think but i'll keep it to myself. Thanks naj

an average patriot said...

Listening to you and naj it is very obvious both of you are Religiously deeper, more knowledgable, and concerned, than Americans.
It is easy to see why there are divisions that will never die but will rather soon come to a head and to me Bush nurtured the environment to allow this division to come to a head.
I have my own beliefs but it is hard for me to understand the deep emotions in yours because I wam of the frame of mind that my thoughts are mine and they stay with me period.

an average patriot said...

You are both so much more knowledgable on this subject than myself so I am being educated and largely must digress. I did do some research a while back for a book I wrote.

To my limited western remembrance which is now vague, the Sunni Shite division came about after Muhammad's death and each thought their version should carry the day.

an average patriot said...

amre And Naj

Peace I say, to each their own and live and let live.

Amre El-Abyad said...

average american: How I wish that were more people of kind in the middle east. Life would have been fun........and the people of the region would be safe and properous instead of sufferening from never ending bloodshed, poverty, religous extremis..........etc

You very well identified the core of the is when people try to impose their value system o others, simply because they already presumed it to be not only the best, but also to be valid for all people at all times................

Iranians made a revolution.very well tha is their own business.....Why do they insist on exåporting it, though?

Christians and muslims fight??? that is crazy JESUS IS MESSAGE OF LOVE AND PEACE.......Jesus would have never raised an arm even on Satan himself.......... In the Arabuic spain..........Muslims saved Jews from persecution by catholics, and they they were most esteemed and held influential stae positions. In spain Arabs, Berners, Jews , christians and muslims lived harmoniously together............. Why can't the middle east mimic this beautiful and poetic past????

The free founding fathers America rebelled gainst monarchy, injustice and inherited class rights..........they freed the balck slaves and treated them as eqyaual citizens......they integrated all ethnic groups-Italians, jews, Arabs, Africans, White folks into the concept of Americanism.........where everyone is given a fair chance regardless of religon, race or class should get only according to what he is merits and hard works.............It was WEilsomn of the United staes that declared the right of people for self-determination...............what has happened to the American values and core prnicplas? whoo has hijacked America the land of th free and the the one that was supposed to be the future of humanity.................?

Is there some devil palying with the world? is there bloody cartel pulling the strings from behind the scenes...........we are all avrage citiznees who want to live and love, be safe and free..........if all individuals share that point of departure.......and most probaly they.then who is manipuláting them?

Islam, christianity at the ultimate levl are forces of good, freedom and progress?

an average patriot said...

I thank you and agree with you. I want to respond to this but right now I am in the middle of putting a piece together that you, naj, and everyone else should agree with and can help stop. Give me 10 minutes and I will be back to you Thank You!

an average patriot said...

Okay, It is hard for averahe Americans to understand not wanting everyone to enjoy life and have peace and prosperity for everyone around them regardless of race or Religion.
I have to believe that like average americans average Iranians want peace and prosperity for everyone as you do.
Sadly like the warmonger we are under, they are under one too. With both of them trying to force their will over there this will only end in totl hell in the entire middle east before it encompasses the world.
Particularly troubling to me isBush started all this so he could initiate his so called new world order.
If you look at the story I just wrote you may agree and want to speak out in one regard or the other. You can call DC with the supplied number or add your two cents to crooks and Liars.
I do not understand why the middle east can not get along beyond the fact that alll 3 of the great Religions lay claim to the same place and do not want to share it as I would be inclined to do.
You know, Bush is fond of accusing the so called Islamists of perverting and hijacking Islam but he has perverted our Democracy and Christianity and we are powerless to stop him. He does not represent true Christians or a true Democracy.
He is merely using religionand Democracy to achieve his goal of new order with him on top. This hell is still developing and he will make it much worse with help from Ahmadinejad, Israel, Russia, and China, at the least.

Naj said...


Me? Religion? Nooo waaay Jose! I have kissed religion goodbye since age of 18! :)

an average patriot said...

I was refering to your knowledge of the History. I know you are an atheist. Many more are being pushed that way because of what is happening today. I have some catching up to do but you will be hearing from me today.

Sophia said...
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Sophia said...

Average Patriot,

As a Christian Arab by culture, and an atheist by belief, I can confirm that Naj's rendition of the beginning of islam is the most accurate. The rift was there in the beginning, and the prophet rose against his own tribe for economic and social inequalities. In a way, Islam is more of a reform than a spiritual religion. That explains why after the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, killed secular movements that were strong across the Arab world (I am not talking here about Iran but it can apply there as well) in the sixties after decolonisation, they are facing now Islamism.
Contrary to what people believe in the US, there is a strong aspiration for reform in the Arab world but this aspiration must be sustained by a set of beliefs. After the decline of secular movements, the Baath party in Iraq being one of them, people turned to religion.
And what the US is doing now ? It is supporting authoritarian and Backward rulers like in Egypt and saudi Arabia, against the desire for reform of their people. What the west do not understand is that Muslims of faith can reform their own society from the inside. It is a different model than what one can see in the west but it wil be reform toward more democracy and more civil participation.
In the US people mix different Islamist movements but some are different and follow the reform path in a very democratic sense. Lately, Imam Fadlallah, the highest shiite authority in Lebanon, issued a fatwa against honor killings ( I must mention here that Honor killings are not specific to one religion in the ME, they are practised also by Chritians, druze, and jews). How many newspapers mentioned this ? And how many information loops this revolutionary news item got from CNN ?
Not all Islamist organisations are the same. I have an old post on this and should find it for you.

Now for symbolism. I think we have to be careful here. It is not a cause but it is a tool for public opinion manipulation. Yes symbolism is present in this war. Last March I visited an exhibition about the bibles of the apocalypse at the Morgan library in new York and in it you see the symbolism why right wing christians supported the Iraq war. There is an illustration with Baghdad, the city of all vices, burning. This reminds us of a famous blog from Baghdad.
In my opinion, as we are becoming, through the CNN media age, a fully irrational society with a short memory (only the memory of short information sequences on TV) and no history which we can use to put in context our informations, all it can be used as context is symbolism. Symbolism supresses rationality, it speaks by evocation and in a subliminal way. I am quite sure that the architects of the present mess are using this symbolism at lenght.
Did you notice Bush's neologisms at each talk before the nation ? His latest is 'Surge Rollback'. I mean someone is putting the words in his mouth. For a man who is unable to speak correctly, you have to admire the neologisms and the mind framing with words.

an average patriot said...

I have to tell you and it applies to Naj and Amre, as a people you are much deeper than people in America. You have an understanding I find enjoyaqble albeit over my head at times though I am hungry to learn.
You know, you inadvertantly hit the nail on the head and why the middle east will explode and soon before it spreads through the world. The middle east is capable of reform and they desire it and are undergoing it but with Bush there forcing his version the entire middle east will be embroiled.
As you note, symbolism is very strong here and is being played to the hilt by the Neocons.
I have to laugh, Bush's surge roll back of course is being controlled for his gain but what you credit as clever neologisms most Americans would credit as you note, stupidity, stumbling over words, being mentally burned out, and having no command over the English language. Stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

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