Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did Kerry's Skull and Bones Bush brotherhood allow this mess to happen? How far will societies Division over new order war Go?

This should be real thought provoking. It all certainly got me thinking and anxious. Yesterday our friend Anon did a very good thought provoking story on FEMA concentration camps in the US America Weeps

It really got me thinking. If you haven't read it please do. In light of the Taser incident yesterday when Senator Kerry was being questioned by a student I do believe the student was handled a bit roughly and I would say Kerry agreed because he said in all his years he has never had a speech end this way and he was sorry because he wanted to answer. Anyway the student raised a couple of very important questions. He wanted to know why Kerry did not contest the 2004 election, and If Kerry was also a member of the secret Yale society Skull and Bones?
I researched it and found out they did. That made me wonder knowing that secret Nazi society is the reason we are going through this Bush created Hell, if the Kerry Bush common membership in Skull and Bones is why Kerry has not spoken up in the past and has not seeded Impeachment to ours and the worlds detriment?

The way the Government under Bush Heavy Handedly responds to any dissention recently highlighted during the DC protests and today the over reaction in this violent needless tasering of the student really has me curious as to how far the Government will go in quieting anti war dissention? It will only increase as he stays the course in his civil war, sets up permanently in the middle east, and finds his excuse to attack Iran and he will.
After France's foreign minister warned Sunday that the world should prepare for war if Iran obtains nuclear weapons and said European leaders were considering their own economic sanctions against the Islamic country saying We will not accept that such a bomb is made. We must prepare ourselves for the worst," he said, specifying that could mean a war. Russia puts in their two cents as expected.
A U.S. military strike on Iran would have ``catastrophic consequences,'' Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov said. ``Bomb attacks on Iran would be a wrong move leading to catastrophic consequences,'' Losyukov said in an interview with newspaper Vremya Novostei, published on the ministry's Web site.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due in Tehran on Oct. 16 for a meeting of leaders of the countries bordering the Caspian Sea, and Losyukov was asked if Putin might be in danger from U.S. attacks if he attends. ``I think they will refrain before the summit, otherwise they'll have very serious problems,'' he replied. A U.S. attack on Iran would destabilize the Middle East and lead to ``an extremely negative reaction'' in the Islamic world, Losyukov said, adding that ``use of force would be a serious diplomatic and political mistake.''
Dan Plesch, director of the Center for International Studies and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, said a preemptive strike would damage U.S. relations across the region. ``If they do it, they'll destroy everything,'' he said in an interview in London. ``You can destroy Tehran and you will lose Turkey and Egypt, in terms of political action.
Russian Threats

You have to believe that knowing Bush is following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction in following his new world order he must be pretty happy as this mess is building according to plan. He will have his World War! Knowing that Bush purposely causes division in order to have things his way and that he creates division where there is none consistently.
As bush races towards his new world order World War 3 the division between those that agree with his warmongering and those that do not is oanly going to grow. I was hearing in the past of some thinking American's would be used to forcefully contain other free American's but thought it unlikely. Now I really have to wonder. I found it rather timely that Blackwater is kicked out of Iraq on trumped up charges. Why now?

Knowing how grossly Bush has subverted our Democracy and exerted control often clandestine over average Americans and those who disagree with him I now find myself wondering if those FEMA concentration camps are for thos who disagree with Herr Bush? And Blackwater troops will be used to gather and control them?
Will Bush have America so divided that fellow American's will literally allow some to be interred and seperated from their society? From their new order America? as with the Nazi's the poor, sick, elderly, gays, dissenters, they are increasingly segregated and ostricized. Where will this all end? What are we going to do?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Gracie said...

Great post and indeed thought provoking. I think most of the people in Chimp's administration are somehow connected to S&B or Yale including the new "soon to be" AG.

I've reached the conclusion that everything we observe is nothing more than theatrics - quite scary I must say.

an average patriot said...

What an eye! Anyway, thanks! I wish I had saved and included the list of Government and financial leaders that were in Skull and Bones and worse. If you too are curious I bet if you google skull and bones you'll get an eye full.

enigma4ever said...

about Skull and Bones..you might want to go back to my Poppy Post a few weeks back..then click the title- it is about CIA and Opium trade and is illuminating....

About this whole mess...where the hell has OUR democracy gone..that is the 10 dollar question...and I am trying to raise a son here...what do I tell him..don't ask questions?

an average patriot said...

This is a Democracy in name only. This is Bush's America not ours. I remember your story on Opium and sent you one i did. I will go back and check it again though.
Bush's new order is sosietal as well as world as you have noticed. He accuses islamist of being fascist. He is the master of fascism. That is where his nazi skull and bones comes from. Did I send you the Manifesto to the World I put together that explains everything he is doing, why, and how this will end up?

Naj said...

speaking of skull and bones:
watch this chilling video of the brotherhood at work, as John Kerry watches a student being tasered after asking him about Bush impeachment.

Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Av Pat,

Of Tasers, Skull and Bones, and so-called freedom of speech

The time for civility is long past. To manhandle and then taser-torture a student for asking questions, no matter how inconvenient, is evil, pure and simple.

Is true freedom of speech for the rich only? Is the USA's constitution nothing more than an "Illuminated" deception? Sadly, all of the available evidence seems to prove it!

Here is Wisdom...

Holly said...

Hey Patriot did you see that bush met with war bloggers and said he wishes he were in iraq with the troops i can't believe he said that

pissed off patricia said...

Pathetic as it is, there is something good to come from the taser incident, it is being talked about and no one seems to agree with what happened. We are hearing American voices speaking up and loud. That tiny morsel gives me hope.

an average patriot said...

I am interested and will watch the video so thank you. First, In Kerry's defense here he too was apalled and tried to prevent it telling the cops to let the kid speak and that he wanted to answer the student. The cops were wayoverbearing.
Knowinng what is happening today and the skull and bones nazi connections this is getting scarier by the day and it should be true for the middle east and the world. We are in so much trouble because of Bush!

an average patriot said...

seven star
Thanks for the link and I will check it out but first the deivision Bush has created to enable his following this so called new order is getting worse and I hope you read the end of my post but I am afraid it will be used against those in society Bush has been keeping down and those speaking against him.
This is getting too over bearing, obvious, and too much. I heard it defended this morningg which makes it even scarier!

an average patriot said...

Hi Holly
Yes I caught that I think on POP's site or something. Now that the idiot succeeded in avoiding commbat in his time, now that he is the chief warmonger, he likes to be surrounded by like minded warmongers he can lie too in order to keep his new order wars going!

an average patriot said...

I wish you were right. I woke up this morning to hear the student Ridiculed and the overbearing cops defended on WBZ