Sunday, September 09, 2007

Obama with Oprah will unite diverse spectrum of Democrats and Republican's but Obama will then defeat Rove and Republican's

I have been watching with interest Obama's relationship with Oprah since he announced his run for the Presidency. I understand that Obama is a good man but thought him a bit green to think he would make a good nominee or to stand a chance at being the next President.
I would like to see him behind preferably Gore but realistically behind Edwards or Hillary but I don't see that happening either largely due to Rove's disinformation campaign against her. After recent eventsand revelations I now think that Obama stands a chance despite Rove because of Oprah's active campaigning for him!

I will be the first to say I do not understand being swayed by what anyone else says or does. I do understand many are though by Oprah's power and personality and sometimes as when the writer admitted to lying after being on her show and she spoke up for him, they are bamboozled. Having said that I do think Obama is a good man and can see Oprah being the driving force in getting him nominated. I would like to see him as Edwards VP but now think Oprah will get elected whoever is in front of or behind Obama.
Think about the ramifications of a black nominee. Myself I do not care what color or Religion anyone is as long as they are honest and in running for President, will do the right thing for our America and average Americans. However, I can see an Obama run for President as cementing Republicans against Obama and what would be tremendous support from Oprah's power and money and many Oprah fans and Blacks that rightly would see an Obama run as their chance to get into the White House.

Now, lets discuss that! Yesterday while Helicopters carrying camera crews buzzed overhead, and tinted glass covered the windows of almost every vehicle entering as Oprah Winfrey welcomed 1,500 guests Saturday evening to her sprawling estate in what was the biggest fundraiser of Sen. Barack Obama's political career.

Obama bumped elbows with comedians Chris Rock and Whoopi Goldberg. Singer Stevie Wonder, an Obama favorite, performed. But it was the joint appearance by Obama and Winfrey, who never before has involved herself in politics in such a large way, that generated the greatest star power of the evening.

The star-studded gathering marked the most visible effort yet for the billionaire media magnate in her effort to help the Illinois Democrat in his quest to win his party's presidential nomination. As Winfrey introduced Obama's wife, Michelle, who was wearing a dress by Chicago designer Maria Pinto, the hostess called her the "first lady."
At times, Winfrey echoed Obama's stump speech. "How many hours you have spent in the halls of Washington is not the issue," she said, according to the source. "I want a man that has good sense." Winfrey said she never expected to be involved in a presidential campaign. "When you have been called, no one can stand in the way of destiny," she reportedly said. Obama Oprah gathering

We know Oprah is rich and has the ability to attract many follower but it the rich part that I think will put Obama over the top. Oprah is a Billionaire with an obvious interest in seeing Obama getting elected. Although The Post reported that Oprah is in talks with the Obama campaign about taking an active role -- appearing at rallies or cutting campaign commercials -- she could instead choose to launch her own 527 political group that wouldn't have any spending restrictions and I for one would be for it and expect it.
Imagine this scenario: Oprah chooses to create the "O for Obama" 527 group. She then seeds it with $5 million, and plans a series of radio and TV ads touting Obama in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Arizona. Oprah may get some heat for trying to buy the election, but many rich benefactors have used their money for partisan purposes. The talk show diva has been on record that Obama is the first, and likely last, candidate she publicly backs. If that's the case, why not simply go all out?
What do you think about Obama's chances now? Do you think Oprah will push him over the top? Do you think he will get in as a VP ? Can you now see a black President or vice President in the White House? What do you think the ramifications will be?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


sumo said...

I haven't any hard and fast answers yet because I am still suspicious of everyone at this point. I have some leanings possibly...but I am waiting for the time when it is all a done deal...(Gore or no Gore) before I give someone my vote. It will probably take up until the vote nearly for me to decide...too much is at stake. I have to say that if it takes Oprah's machine to get Obama elected then we're in trouble. Not that there is anything wrong with both O's...just I am weary of most by now.

jmsjoin said...

I agree with you! There is too much at stake and more than most people realize. With the master underhanded Rove on the loose I am afraid it will take everything the O's can muster but I do believe they can beat Republicans unless one of the scenarios I keep mentioning come up and I do expect something underhanded.

BigAssBelle said...

assuming we are able to do away with the voting "irregularities" that have cost us the last two elections, i am . . . undecided.

i have, at various times, been an obama girl, a hillary fan, an edwards booster, a kucinich groupie. i like much of what i hear from biden, from dodd. in a way, it is almost an embarrassment of riches on the dem side this time.

i don't think it is only my progressive views that causes me to view with distaste the republican lineup. after watching the debate last week, the only ones who made any sense to me were (1) ron paul for his anti-war, pro-constitution views, and (2) the arkansas guy simply for his kindness (misdirected, but nonjudgmental at least).

but the dems? barring al gore, who would be my one and only, i'll take any of the top 3. right now i'm in the edwards camp. two weeks ago it was hillary. before that it was obama. i am dancing with the top three and uncertain who i'll eventually take home. all i can say is it's nice to have choices.

that being said, i am probably unusual for being middle aged and female, but Oprah carries no weight with me. i am anti-television, anti-pop culture, the last person on earth to be swayed by the views of a TV personality.

i recognize, though, that i am a minority in that. so i'm glad she's getting active. i think everyone ought to get active on the part of his or her candidate.

i think obama would be great. i think hillary would be great. i think edwards would be great. just give. me. a freakin. democrat. lord save us, if we get another rethug i think we're done for.

good post . . .

jmsjoin said...

I agree with you. Glad to see you by the way. I am a Gore fan and do believe he is the only one equipped to save us and the world from Bush's mess.n I guess we wiull have to see.
I am for Edwards right now but can be swayed. Republicans are all screwed up. Ron Paul is the only one I hear that has any sense.
We do need a Democrat but not any Democrat. I do think Obama could do it, Oprah's money would give him the edge, and he would listen to Gore and others with good sense. We need a thinker not a Decider!

sagefever said...

I know I do not want Hilary, but even she is better than a repub. I liked Obama till he said nukes should be considered a energy source..but his name is still most repeated on my dance card~ he does represent change. I like Oprah, she will sway many women, and a lot of black votes.

jmsjoin said...

I agree! I did't like what he said about Pakistan either. I also do not like to hear of nuclear first strike. It is horrible and I blame Bush and repubs. I am not an advocate of nuclear energy as a way of going "Green" If they really wanted to, we could go Green.
I always thought that Obama was a bit Green but then I guess Kennedy was too. Like him, Obama can learn, has the right stuff, and Oprah has the money and pull to get him past Rove and the slandering Republicans.