Sunday, September 02, 2007

Vacancy sign at the White House! To be filled or not to be filled that is the Question?

Yesterday I was listening to a story on CNN and the thought that the Bush Administration was falling apart. It led me to question a few things. I know it is normal for every Administration to have staff problems at the end of their tenure. However this is no normal Presidency or Administration. This is the worst in the history of the country and as such I see the end of his tenure as no normal ending or simple staffing or confirmation problem.
In light of the fact that this is the first obvious liar I have ever seen as President in my life and he has blatantly pursued his new societal, middle east, and world order, requiring all those in his mis Administration to be proven liars faithful to a fault I expect impasse unless Bush does something underhanded. The Democratic Congress finally realizes this and is not going to willingly allow any questionable confirmations.
Bush has just 17 months remaining. A lot of work to do ,not just in attempting to pursue his new order but trying to find the proven liars that will enable him to do so. Like its predecessors, the Bush administration faces a large number of vacancies in its last months, as political appointees explore opportunities in the private sector. Finding replacements won't be so easy, analysts say, especially given the conflict between the Republican White House and the Democratic Senate that must confirm Bush's picks.

"It is very typical to get a slew of vacancies" near the end of a presidency, says Thomas Mann, a senior fellow in governance studies with The Brookings Institution. "It's tough to get good people to fill in, especially if there's a possibly of a contentious confirmation process." The biggest problem to me is that Democrat's realize Bush must be stopped. As I watch events ratchet up daily with Iran as you know I believe Bush will beat Congress and attack Iran and news I heard this morning and will talk about tomorrow seals it for me. Democrats in Congress I hope have the same concern but I am afraid regardless they will not stop Bush!
Besides attorney general, Bush is also looking for a secretary of Veterans Affairs, a chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and another member of the Federal Election Commission. There have been at least 89 executive branch departures this year, according to a Government Accountability Office database of government jobs. Since Democrats took over Congress in January, Bush has nominated 93 people who have yet to be confirmed, she notes. The Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday on Bush's choice for director of the Office of Management and Budget, former congressman Jim Nussle.

Other nominees awaiting confirmation include the surgeon general, two candidates to the Federal Reserve Board and the director of the U.S. Agency for International Development. I know we need a Deputy Attorney General, an associate Attorney General, what else?
I understand that many think the biggest obstacle to attracting new talent at this stage may be the rigors of getting confirmed by the Senate. But that is only because of the chief liar and the desire to stop the still just unfolding horrors he has in store for us the middle east and the world.
Vacancy sign on at White House -*
Can anyone tell me if it is normal to have this many vacancies and difficulty in getting confirmed or is Bush the Pariah we believe?

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Anon-Paranoid said...

Let me see if I understand you correctly.

Your saying that there are no men or women of Honor or Integrity who are willing to fill the vacancies in the Peoples House.

How can this be? Aren't all RFN's honest and truthful? My oh My what are we to do if we can't fill these jobs?

Wait, I know!!!!!

Lets outsource them to China.

God Bless.

Larry said...


Check out this article on Common Dreams:

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...


Outsource them to China? LOL

Larry said...

Like everything else they will fill it in the dead of night on a Friday and then sit back while Reid and Pelosi manuever the opposition in their favor.

an average patriot said...

Anon I have to laugh. I am sure if that was or wasn't a possibility that Bush and his handlers already thought of it.
Thank God the idiot can't subvert and give our and our kids America away. Wait a minute that is what he is doing isn't it?

an average patriot said...

I have mentioned it to you and many others. This is exactly what I run into routinely when I try to talk about the truth.

America is steeped in conspiracy, and even more steeped in propaganda that discredits those who try to expose the conspiracies. Whether we’re talking about MLK, Jr., JFK, RFK, Iran-Contra, 9/11, or, most importantly, the status quo, anyone who works to uncover the truth is branded a “conspiracy nut” and discredited before any evidence has a fair hearing. The government/corporate/media version is THE VERSION. Anything else is illusory.

In fact, the cultural success of labeling investigative reporters and forensic historians, and, simply, anyone who tries to name reality, “conspiracy nuts” is perhaps the most successful conspiracy of our time. Well, not the most successful. That prize goes to the conspiracy to give corporations all the rights of individual persons under our Constitution. That conspiracy has codified and consolidated corporate power so that it controls our lives in almost every meaningful way. It controls the election funds of our candidates, and them once they are in office. It controls our major media including public broadcasting. It controls the content of our television programming. It controls how are tax dollars are spent making sure that the richest get the most welfare. It controls the laws, the courts, the prison system and the mind numbing propaganda that we are the greatest democracy on earth. It controls the values with which we raise our children. It controls our ability to dispense justice. It controls how we treat nature, how we deface our land with strip malls, and blow the tops off our mountains — a form of corporate free speech. It dictates our modes of transportation. It controls our inability to respond to true crises like climate change. It attempts to create a spiritual deficiency in every person that can be filled and healed only with stuff — and no stuff is ever enough.

It is obvious to say that we have been engineered into a culture that values competitive consumption and consumers instead of community cooperation and citizenship. Capitalism with its obsessive and necessary appetite for consumption, expanding markets, resource depletion, and increasing profits has consumed democracy.
Immediately after 9/11, President Bush advised Americans to demonstrate their love of freedom and their resistance to terrorism by courageously, selflessly, hurrying to the mall to buy something. What we aren’t told is that the more precarious and unstable the world is, the better the business for the arms dealers I’d call that conspiracy.

The neocons have claimed, with some accuracy, that they can create reality faster than we can react: the deed is done, now deal with it. The troops have invaded, Halliburton, Blackwater, and Lockheed signed their contracts, the prisoners are tortured, your email is bugged, the resources for social programs are gone, the laws are changed, the Wal-Mart is built, the sludge dump has already polluted the aquifer, truth is hollowed out —- catch me if you can!
How is that not conspiracy?

The reason we can’t talk about conspiracy is because it is the modus operandi. It isn’t the elephant in the room, it is the room itself. We all live there. We can impeach a few elephants, and we should, but the architecture is in place. And they control it.

Larry I have said the above many times but at least on kos it is belittled and discredtited, now I know why!

Larry said...


Naj has posted info on the lies Bush is telling leading to a war with Iran.

Naj is an Iranian who lives in the U.S with her husband. She is very concerned about Bush attacking Iran.

Check out her latest post and the info she provides.

She has asked Lydia and myself to spread the message with her info and I will work on a post for the future.

Thought you might find it useful.


an average patriot said...

Suzie I wouldn't doubt that at all.

look at what I highlighted from Larry's comment. That is axactly what is happening and why we can not get the truth out.

an average patriot said...

Larry you're entirely right again, then they will sit back and ridicule the Dems for trying to do something about it. It works for them. I highlighted and replied to you what you sent me and is exactly what is hapening but we seem powerless to stop it.

an average patriot said...

Larry thanks for the info about Naj. I am right now putting something together to see if I can get to the people at kos and will publish it here too.

sumo said...

To be right is a good thing...but in the instances of our administration and the trickle down effect...I wish you weren't right. I'm sure you know what I am saying. Being right is a terrible burden...especially when one has to stand by and watch it happen.