Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tic tac toe Afghanistan style in Kandahar Taliban's stronghold!

Taliban offensive in full effect in Afghanistan

US troops, Afghan police storm Taliban stronghold

Taliban Defiance On Show With Attacks

Believe it or not I think this is looking good and we are in their stronghold taking them on and bringing them out. Now is a critical time over there and we must be more vigilant and relentless than the militants are. This can go either way and we better make damn sure it goes our way period so we do not join Afghanistan's graveyard of nation's. As we have discussed numerous times, this really is crunch time and since Mullah Baradar’s capture in Afghanistan and Pakistan things keep getting better and better

The Taliban said Sunday they were behind an attack on NATO's main base in southern Afghanistan, the third on international forces in a week, showing their determination to meet fire with fire, AFP reported. As U.S. and NATO troops escalate operations against the militants in their heartland of Kandahar province, the Taliban are making good on threats of a nationwide campaign against targets allied with the Kabul government.

The attack in Kandahar was the third on international forces in a matter of days after a suicide attack in the capital on Tuesday and an attack on Bagram Airfield, about 35 miles (60km) north of Kabul, the following day. Seven hours of fighting at Bagram resulted in the deaths of an American contract worker and 16 militants, NATO said. Nine NATO soldiers were wounded.

Earlier this month the Taliban announced a new nationwide campaign of attacks in Afghanistan, targeting diplomats, Afghan parliamentarians and foreign contractors, as well as foreign forces. Taliban Defiance On Show With Attacks

At West Point President Obama correctly predicts Biblical times are ahead but we will be victorious as long as all Nations hold together. He is right! He drew sharp contrasts to the go it alone, war monger, Bush he proceeds.

Biblical times are ahead and much worse than he realizes because of President Bush and Islamic militants. Religion on both sides of the issue guaranteed it.

We all knew Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes but we do not matter. Gates said if we have to go after DPRK we will use air and navy and they are not over extended. They will be if that and Iran happens! Any sane man would have saved themselves for eventualities as they will arise like it or not. That said, we are in this to win and win we must so we can go home and fight from there as this is still barely beginning.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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