Friday, May 21, 2010

Louisiana fears oil onshore is just the start as Congressman says Oil Leak Estimate was Dead Wrong', "you mean a lie" Watch the live cam!

Congressman: Oil Leak Estimate 'Dead Wrong'

On Wednesday, Representative Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts wrote a letter to Lamar McKay, chief executive of BP America, asking the company to make its real-time camera feed of the gulf oil spill publicly available.

BP has complied, and the feed is up at the Web site of the Energy and Commerce Committee, of which the Democratic lawmaker is chairman. Now, the only problem is that the site’s servers are unable to handle the traffic. As of early this afternoon, the video was not viewable. “We’re working around the clock as we speak to fix this,” said Eben Burnham-Snyder, a spokesman for Mr. Markey. “The enormous demand for this video means that it’s now taxing the servers.”

Mr. Markey had hoped that the video, from 5,000 feet below the oceans surface, would better inform both scientists and the general public. “This video will allow the world to see the damage that is occurring in our oceans, and reinforce the urgency to end this disaster,” he said in a press release. watch the live feed, this is terrible

LIVE: Oil leak cam shows gusher

Latest Footage of Gas Burn Off at BP Oil Spill Site and BP calls this an industrial accident? BP, under fire, says its oil leak control advances

They call this an industrial accident? WTF? * BP says now capturing 5,000 barrels per day of crude, what That should mean it is capped since they kept saying 5,000 gallons per day were leaking.
* U.S. wants independent verification of leak quantity! What the hell did they wait so long for?

* Louisiana governor says heavy oil sheets coming ashore. oil is in the loop heading for the gulf stream and BP says it is only a little. To them we know a little is a lot! Many of us figured the truth to be 200000 barrels per day at a minimum and the damage so far is proving that to be true.

I am disgusted with BP. They are still lying and downplaying this. Thick oil is now in the Mississippi river delta 10 miles in. I am thinking those massive underwater plumes are going under the booms and entering the Delta and estuaries.

Louisiana fears oil onshore is just the start

Florida prepares for oil spill; BP exec says Gulf `will recover'

Last week some were accusing me of fear mongering for saying we were being lied to, this was much more monstrous and devastating than we were being told, and this was going into the Gulf stream period. It is all true and much worse. This is the worst possible scenario as thick oil is 10 miles into the Mississippi river delta destroying the marshland and it is in the loop headed for the East coast. while BP admits the so called leak is 10 times worse than they admitted. I am disgusted!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This is looking more and more like the mining industry. I caught just a bit of Blankenship lying through his teeth yesterday saying how his mines were safer than most. Somebody needs to go to jail and I'm not talking about the workers who were following orders.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I am so sick of this crap! In this corporatocracy those people are in charge not the Government who are mere dupes. WTF?

Tim said...

I'm so disgusted with them all. Obama,and MMA including Ken Salazar.
I keep looking for our President to get off the sidelines and take an active part of anything. Especially this. Look for help from other country's. Just do something! Even I can think of better shit than they tried. Top hat my ass.

Jim thanks I am feeling better. I can walk a little.

AMIT said...

We people dont know what to do in this political matters.

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