Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Oil Options Weighed after Obama Traveled to Gulf as the oil geyser heads for the Gulf stream!

New Orleans fears new disaster but trust me that is mild compared to what may be!

Oil Options Weighed after Obama Traveled to Gulf

Admiral Thad Allen is in charge. Ignore the selfish efforts of BP oil to redirect the oil to be captured by a barge. WTF! Admiral Thad Allen says it will be capped period and that is our best bet and we better do it as quick as possible. We cannot allow this to get to the Gulf stream. Boom efforts have been stopped because efforts were futile. They better concentrate their efforts on stopping that growing massive spill before it reaches the Gulf stream.Gulf oil geyser heading towards the Gulf stream unabated

rig blast aftermath

This is a massive unprecedented environmental disaster and it will be a catastrophe if it makes it to the Gulf stream! So far 6800 square miles of prime fishing area have been shut down from fishing. So far the massive oil field has spread 30 miles as it heads for Florida's east coast. God forbid they let it reach the Gulf stream While BP searches for ways to save their oil. BP says they will pay for this. BS, we will all pay for this especially if it reaches the Gulf stream.

If this massive oil gusher that has already poured 1.5 million gallons of crude oil which I am sure is under estimated reaches the Gulf stream we are in serious trouble! Cap that well now! That should be the only consideration at this point and asap! If that oil reaches the gulf stream capped well or not it will be disastrous to the East coast and the world.

From Florida the Gulf stream will carry that oil right up the East Coast to New England's up to now rich fishing grounds. From there up to Canada then crossing the Atlantic to Europe and Norway. Look at the illustrations and read about the influence the Gulf stream has on the entire world. The Gulf Stream - An Overview of the Gulf Stream Current in the ...

Images of the Gulf stream current around the world

You know the influence the gulf stream has on ocean temperatures. However I ask what influence would it have with millions of gallons of oil possibly altering its speed and temperature? Besides the shellfish, fish, birds, and the breeding grounds of innumerable other forms of wild life and man I ask what affect will this have in speeding up the the melting of the ice caps? The entire world better wake up and become activated. This is one more problem the entire world must work on as like it or not this is going to in one way or the other affects us all.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

And the Reich Wing tries to blame it on Obama and evnironmentalists. The only positive thing I see in this horrible mess is maybe more people will wake up to the criminal corporate negligence going on all around us.

Tim said...

Hey Jim
If it gets to the Gulf stream were in for a World Wide disaster of Epic proportions. I've not had a chance yet today to catch up on what's happening with the well.
Another Blogger by the name of Christoper wrote about nuking it.
I mean in of itself it would be horrible but I can't help wonder if it might work. That's how they stop land wells. They dynamite them.
It's the same principle as siphoning,break the Vacuum and it stops.

an average patriot said...

Hey Dave! They do not care and it makes me sick. Remember those secret energy meetings with Bush and Cheney?

That scum Cheney is the one that nixed the emergency shut off that is fool proof as it cost too much at 1/2 million. It is a law for the rest of the world but the frigging corporations own this country. Pardon me but it sucks!

an average patriot said...

Yeah I saw that, those ass holes are saying it is good because it is no longer headed East. It is headed West. Oh yeah that's great, wipe out the sanctuaries that were not initially hit.

It will turn again and if or I mean when it hits the Eastern Seaboard it will be in the gulf stream. Even if they can cap it there are millions of gallons already.

I am really pissed about this!