Monday, May 24, 2010

It is horrible to watch your country implode! The latest in this end is the Texas textbook massacre!

Texas rewriting history, changing school text books to teach conservative values

Texas rewriting history, changing school text books to teach conservative values. It is horrible to watch your country implode! The latest in this end is the Texas textbook massacre! It is a terrible thing to watch your your country, your homeland, your place of birth implode. I so wanted to pass this great nation on to my Grandchildren in the condition it was when I was lucky enough to be born here.

It is terrible to think of our Grandchildren's future in this mess we have made of our beautiful united America and our world. Remember America the Beautiful? United we stand divided we fall? I am afraid not enough do and we are in serious trouble! What a shameful legacy we have built and are leaving. We have nothing to be proud of and I am sick with what we have done to what we were left.

Texas State Board of Education approves new curriculum standards

Textbooks are being changed, slavery denied, Christianity advocated, and separation of church and state denied. The NRA is being promoted too and this is sick. I was in the NRA in high school but having it pushed in school with lying conservative values instead of the truth is only designed to destroy our union. This is shameful!

They say we have gone too far and they want to reign in Liberalism. This is a terrible development no matter what they say. These books are sent all around the country. I know we supposedly keep learning. We always hear that we are still a work in process which I never understood.

I thought we were making a more perfect union? This is too much! In the past I have often said time only goes one way, forward! You can turn a clock back but it is still the same time it was. Texas is attempting to go back and undo all we have accomplished, to teach our children a known lie. I am sick!

I like and respect President Clinton. I respect what he has done for the country and the world especially since leaving office. However his shenanigans with Monica Lewinsky allowed the perverted religious right to gain too much power and influence. The result was Bush and the devolution of our America, the world, and existing world order.

Capitalism has run amok as you know. The latest example is the BP oil deluge being allowed to destroy our environment. It will be much worse than they know, realize, or will admit let alone care. Knowing this I am sickened at the likes of Rand Paul castigating President Obama saying he is un-American for being so angry at BP. That is BS! Obama is being very pro American, world, and our America, anti corporatocracy and that is the problem.

* In closing, Rand calls BP's wanton crime a mistake, come on! Since President Obama was elected the right has endeavored to destroy his efforts for a better Democracy, equality, and a more perfect union. They want a return to the mess Bush made, a return to two economies. As you know, we have heard for a while now calls for Texas to secede, a second revolution. Teaching Conservative lies and idiocy in our schools go hand in hand with this. I am sick!

Texas board adopts new social studies curriculum

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Vigilante said...

Excuse me. I have to go now, and puke.

an average patriot said...

I know! It is sick, we just get worse and worse. I'm just shaking my head again. What a future!

Demeur said...

Fear not Jim life will go on. High school kids are smarter than we give them credit for and will figure this out. They're not that much into history anyway. Do you remember your HS history class?

Capitalism? What Capitalism? This has been pure Vegas for some time now. And nothing like passing marker to the taxpayer when you loose.

Dave Dubya said...

Just wait until someone has the guts and smarts to ask Paul about legalizing heroin. I agree with the libertarian ideas against the war on drugs, but this could also be his undoing.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I have to laugh! I am not the one to ask. I loved history and geography. Still do and in fact bought a high school book to pore over at home well after college because it was so interesting.

Sad but as you know, we are far from a Democracy and are one on name only.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave! I agree he is his own worse enemy. He might win the Republican race but he does not stand a chance against a Dem

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

manipulated education is always a terrible thing!

and you're right. people have ti stand together, otherwise they will fall!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia, glad to see ya! I am really bothered by this effort to make what kids learn more conservative and quiet all our gains in making a civil society. I do not like the implications!