Thursday, May 27, 2010

With threat of war Japan PM points to North Korea to explain decision to keep a controversial US airbase on Okinawa: What about China?

Lee: NKorea Must Pay for Torpedo Attack on Ship

NKorea Must Pay for Torpedo Attack on Ship
Pentagon and UN Chief Put New Pressure on North Korea 

N Korea 'severs ties' with Seoul

Japan PM points to North Korea to explain US base plan 

War drums: North Korea military 'on combat alert' after South Korea warship row


Pressure on North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean warship intensified Monday as the United States announced it would conduct joint naval exercises with South Korea and the top United Nations official said the Security Council would need to take some action against the North. Despite warnings from North Korea that they would silence the speakers with missiles the South has started blaring propaganda across the border. This threatens to trap South Korean workers in the DPRK. Also to ratchet this up we are going to conduct naval exercises in the disputed area and I believe they are ongoing.

The naval exercises are aimed at improving the ability of South Korea and the United States to detect enemy submarines and halt banned shipments of nuclear materials. This is the Pentagon's first statement since the sinking of the warship. I hope they have proof that it was not an old torpedo or mine because shutting off trade and waterways to North Korea would instigate war unless China takes her role and steps up to the plate, As we keep saying, they have more at stake than anyone with the exception of the Korea's.

Knowing that, Little Progress on Korea Dispute as China Talks End China and the United States wrapped up three days of high-level meetings here on Tuesday with some modest trade and energy agreements, but the United States made little progress on winning China’s backing for international measures against North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean warship. Predictable but not good for anyone!

I refuse to believe the US and South Korea would be purposely trying to keep the two Korea's divided but feel free to set me straight.Kim Tae Woo senior North Korea Analyst at the Korea Institute says the extremes will be avoided, that is doing nothing and tit for tat retaliation. The US and South Korea will together go before the UN and request tighter sanctions.

Personally I had big hopes that Kim Jong Il was trying to pave the way for peace and for his son to take over when he died. It does not look that way for sure. That said we know Kim Jong Il was just in China looking for money and more help. China is critical in Asia's future and resolving the issues between the Korea's as we have said numerous times. I hope they step up!

As we discussed in the past, being North Korea's next door neighbor China has more at stake than anyone except North Korea. They must do more! China does not seem to have the leverage they use to or I thought they had. They do have an abstract leverage! They should want to be key players here. They are our banker and we owe them trillions. Being North Korea's immediate neighbor they would be the recipient of hundreds of thousands of refugees if not more. Regardless of the past that is gone. We have to be concerned with the future now.

China is increasingly getting more clout in the world's finance structure and in Asia. I hope they step up here and do what they can to play peace maker and resolve this issue. They have a lot at stake here and I hope they step up!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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