Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gulf oil disaster is Obama's Katrina on steroids: Another disaster compliments of Bush/Cheney

People keep telling me to forget about Cheney and Bush as they are gone. However as I keep saying, we will never be able to forget them.

We will be living with their destructive militaristic oil legacy for decades at least but centuries if we are around that long.

This is no exception! I noticed this morning that Rove said this gulf oil gusher is Obama's Katrina. I have to agree but on steroids and Bush and Cheney created it and like everything else they did, this too will be much worse. Newt Gingrich accused Obama of dereliction of duty while Bush and Cheney are guilty of dereliction.

Remember Bush and Cheney's secret White House meetings with the so called energy czars? Remember, the rest of the world by law must use an acoustic valve in case of emergency that would have prevented this. Since oil ran this country Bush and Cheney decided at 1/2 million per valve it was too expensive for oil companies as profit and cutting corners was their only goal not the people and the environment. This is factual and right on! Bush Cheney and the energy czars

All inspections of drilling and platforms stopped in 2001. Obama's mistake was not re instituting them instantly. Failure to do so could have been outside influence as I suspect.

This resultant nightmare is just beginning, will be planetary life changing in many respects, And is another one of their destructive legacies. Remember, life as we know it started in the ocean. We have got to keep it life sustaining. Remember, you kill one level of life all levels will eventually go down as life is a pyramid.

This was our own fault for putting oil "Bush and Cheney" in control of America! I did hear something this morning I did not know. We keep hearing comparisons between this BP "British petroleum" Gulf oil disaster and the Valdez disaster promulgated by Exxon who I thought was another company and a competing guilty party.

That said, I found out the Exxon Valdez was run by a consortium led by BP so BP was responsible for that disaster too. BP hell British Petroleum is not even an American Company, they are British and we have been letting them do as they wanted in our America. We are letting the British destroy us as they could not during the Revolution and it must stop period!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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