Monday, May 17, 2010

Scientists say broken rig was spilling up to 20 times more oil than was estimated: I heard up to 2.5 million gallons per day, Remember the Gulf stream?

BP oil spill cap delayedbut supposedly now capped

Undersea robots tried to thread a small tube into the jagged pipe that is pouring oil into the Gulf of Mexico early Friday in BP's latest attempt to cut down on the spill from a blown-out well that has pumped out more than 4 million gallons of crude at least according to estimates based on BP's lying underestimate to hide the truth as to how bad this really is.

     Remember our discussion on this oil hitting the Gulf Stream as it will and what about Mexico? We cannot allow this to get to the Gulf Stream. Boom efforts have been stopped because efforts were futile. They better concentrate their efforts on stopping that growing massive spill before it reaches the Gulf Stream. Gulf oil geyser heading towards the Gulf stream unabated   as you now know, it is as bad as I said and much worse than they admitted to or maybe even realize.

      I do not care what lies they tell, this is a massive unprecedented environmental disaster and it will be a catastrophe if it makes it to the Gulf Stream! So far 6800 square miles of prime fishing area have been shut down from fishing.
The size of the undulating spill was about 3,650 square miles, or the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

 So far the massive oil field has spread more than 60 miles as it headed for Florida's east coast and temporarily turned around heading west towards Mexico. It will turn again! . God forbid they let it reach the Gulf Stream While BP searches for ways to save their oil. BP says they will pay for this. BS, we will all pay for this especially if it reaches the Gulf Stream.

     If this massive oil gusher that has already poured a minimum of 4 million gallons of crude oil which I am sure is under estimated reaches the Gulf Stream we are in serious trouble! Cap that well now! If that oil reaches the Gulf Stream capped well or not it will be disastrous to the East coast and the world.

     From Florida the Gulf Stream will carry that oil right up the East Coast to New England's up to now rich fishing grounds then from there up to Canada then crossing the Atlantic to Europe and Norway. Look at the illustrations and read about the influence the Gulf Stream has on the entire world. The Gulf Stream - An Overview of the Gulf Stream Current in the ...

     Images of the Gulf stream current around the world

     You know the influence the gulf stream has on ocean temperatures. However I ask what influence would it have with millions of gallons of oil possibly altering its speed and temperature? Besides the shellfish, fish, birds, and the breeding grounds of innumerable other forms of wild life and man I ask what affect will this have in speeding up the melting of the ice caps? The entire world better wake up and become activated. This is one more problem the entire world must work on as like it or not this is going to in one way or the other affects us all.

Those asses highlighting every day how much money they are spending on this. To hell with them! They spent 375 million; I don't want to hear it. 375 Billion Then we'll talk but will not listen. They will never remedy what they did to man and the environment and they do not care!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

What can I say-I don't trust these people any farther than I can see them.

Trust but verify when applicable ya know.

an average patriot said...

They have FFF'd the entire planet and they could care less. I finally heard what was obvious from day one and that is this will be heading to Europe. It is a lot worse than that. It will go around the world and mix with the complex of other currents. What a ffing mess and those scum better pay big time.

Demeur said...

Notice by the latest news reports how they're trying to spin this like everything's under control? Their reports are that the spill is only 4 by 10 miles in size.
As for pay outs they're only paying the fishermen a fraction of their income to help clean up and only about 10% of them are being employed. They are creating a lot of pissed off people.
Up here where I live people are starting to boycott BP and their affiliate Arco.
But keep your eyes open for a rig called Atlantis their other big deep water rig. Not much oversight on it from what I hear.

an average patriot said...

They are frigging lying scum. Now they are saying there is a 10'x30'30- mile underwater plume of oil. You can be sure it is monstrously larger than that and at any rate now they are admitting it is headed to the Gulf stream, Europe and the world. What a catastrophe!

an average patriot said...

My son that flies is here for a barbecue. Gotta run be in touch!

Demeur said...

Have fun with your son Jim. We'll be expecting stories of his experience from a boots on the ground view.

Dave Dubya said...

I think the people who are capable of waking have done so. The corrupted powers will do little to change anything.

History will not look kindly on our behavior.

an average patriot said...

Demeur, you know, he flies air support and can't tell me anything until after the fact.

Tom Is back in Iraq doing clearance. I am bummed knowing he leaves Iraq in July to go to Afghanistan for 6 months knowing 5 of his comrades were just killed in a convoy car bomb explosion.

an average patriot said...

What a frigging mess Dave! They were saying it is headed for the Gulf stream and then the world is in big trouble and BP could care less. All around the world, I am so bummed out about this. It could have been prevented by Cheney and Bush and then BP who said screw all the malfunctions and warnings and keep drilling. FUCK!