Thursday, May 06, 2010

Probe in failed Times Square attack focusing on Pakistani Taliban: You fools it didn't fail it was successful!

Investigators probe Shahzad

Probe in failed Times Square attack focusing on Pakistani Taliban

Our so called officials have this whole thing wrong from beginning to end. Somebody please help me wake them up! Remember their modus operandi. We have been punked, probed, set up, and forewarned. Instead of realizing what just happened and why our so called experts on TV are all joking about this supposedly inept attempt. Damn it, it was successful!

Now they know they can successfully do to New York city and anywhere in America they want what they are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan and are powerless to stop them. This was not a feeble attempt but a success. That guy being hailed a hero saw smoke, big deal it was for a reason and our so called officials do not get it. They better get prepared!

Our comedians too of course are having a field day with this. Remember, he who laughs last laughs Best! That guy was just a dupe with all the prerequisites to look like a half assed terror attempt. They made a little smoke and proved their point. They have the capability to amass a car bomb somewhere off location drive it to New York city or wherever and detonate it.

You know the Pakistani Taliban have been threatening us with a wave of attacks now they know it is possible. There is no smoking gun or in this case a car or a van just a detonation capable of bring down city blocks and killing and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They are praising people for being vigilant. If they were vigilant Shahzad would not have made it to the point of parking the vehicle there loaded with what "could" have been put together to be lethal.

People, all people in every neighborhood better start paying attention to what is going on around them. Be nosy! Ask questions, notify police of suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. We have been warned, They now know we are vulnerable to their standard methods of terror right here. We all better be alert and be prepared, this is coming period!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

The whole damn thing just didn't feel right. The Crowing on the right on how during Bush's Reine of terror their were no Attacks on America. Of course they would be wrong. The left is really no better, all puffy that an attempt was foiled.
This guy they have in custody it seems is much to willing to talk. Possibly false information intended to cover their tracks. Jim, I'm with you on this,something is rotten in Pakistan.

an average patriot said...

Tim I get sick of hearing those idiots say nothing happened on Bush's watch. Everything bad did including world financial collapse and 9/11

They really better wise up. That was no attack. They let him go play and now they know when they want to do what they do in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and everywhere else they can right here wherever they want.

Weaseldog said...

The reporters I saw on the Television this morning sounded like they were taking stupid pills.

They were covering all aspects of his life as though anyone who lived in a similar fashion is a terrorist.

If you answer yes, to any of the following questions, the you may be a terrorist.

1. Have you ever owned or lived in a house?
2. Did the house have a garage?
3. Have you ever owned a bag of fertilizer?
4. Have you ever shopped for or purchased fireworks?
5. Have you ever used fireworks?
6. Do your neighbors ever see the inside of your garage?
7. Did you attend college?
8. Did you graduate?
9. Did you earn a Masters degree in Business?
10. Have you ever lost a job?
11. Have you ever faced foreclosure?
12. Have you ever had financial problems?
13. Have you ever had marital problems?
14. Are you happily married?
15. Does your spouse love you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then turn yourself into the proper authorities immediately as you may be a terrorist.

an average patriot said...

Hi Weas! Yes I know, after the fact they start their crap and make everyone sound like a terrorist. On Reddit some were calling me a right wing fear monger. Lala land!

Richard T said...

Writing from the UK, welcome to the club.

We've had car bombing by the IRA for about 25 years (don't ask who financed that particular brand of terrorism just look at yourselves) and now we get occasional islamist attempts. You're right about vigilance and you'll have to accept a lot of restrictions on parking and maybe more camera surveillance across your cities. Innocent folk will also have to realise if a car is parked where it shouldn't be or if there are suspicious articles visible they might come back and find the bomb disposal squad have done a controlled explosion of the car.

Your security forces will need to gather information about who's been buying weedkiler, Hydrogen peroxide, and the rest of the DIY bomb making gear. You might even have to think whether it would be a good idea to keep a very careful checks on who's been buying guns.

So, as I said, welcome to the club.