Monday, May 03, 2010

Southeast Asia overtakes Middle East in number of civilians killed by terrorists, another perverse sign of success!

Pakistan closes in on Taliban as it creates increased terrorism. It will not end with a defeat in South Waziristan! In Pakistan this is no longer a battle against insurgents, every day it becomes increasingly obvious this is a war! Police say the suicide attacker in this instance too knew he was killing civilians as they were lined up to collect their monthly pensions. Women and children in a clothing market, grocery markets, people collecting their pensions, they are targets of retribution to the Taliban as the Government squeezes them in South Waziristan.

As the military makes continuing progress in South Waziristan militants continue to target the military and the Government elsewhere killing as many civilians as possible, I will never understand killing your own people because you have a beef with someone else. I do not get it? I am sick of hearing it is cowardly! Cowardly or what ever that is neither here nor there and is a waste of words, We will stop this period should be all that is said.

Saying the militants are cowards or they have no plan so they kill is a moot point, they have no legitimacy, we strongly condemn their actions. Big frigging deal do something about it! I hear the citizens may be growing weary of this and come out against the Government to stop their action in South Waziristan. The people better back the Government and remember who the Taliban are killing and will continue to kill if they were ruling.

I reiterate: The attack started some 7 months ago now and the Taliban backing up threats in some cases is increasingly bringing the fight to the Government. This is a defining moment. 30,000 Government troops are taking on some 10 to 15,000 militants many of them from the Mehsud tribe, hardened, desperate to kill and on their own turf. They are closing in on Haikimullah and must kill or capture him and all his killers period!

In this mountainous terrain long avoided by the Pakistani Government at elevations from 7 to 8,000 feet this is going to be a long tough fight! In fact it is being called the mother of all battles and it will be a mother! This is the third attempt by the Pakistani Government having sued for peace and withdraw in the past. They can not fail this time!

It will a huge setback if they are not successful in fact think about it, it would be catastrophic and short of putting boots on the ground we better be doing what we can behind the scenes to make sure they succeed! I am concerned about Pakistan's nukes falling into militant hands but not like I used to be. Despite a recent increase in bombings on Government buildings specifically targeting where the attack on South Waziristan was being planned I think it will backfire and Pakistan can do this!

I am impressed with Pakistan and her military as I have said many times. The Pakistani people are in a hell of a fight themselves and the world can be proud of them. I have more trust in Pakistan's ability to deal with the Taliban and other militants than with ours. Good luck and God bless, God bless the Lashkar too they are pivotal in this!

As result of all the success Pakistan's military has had against Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other militants Southeast Asia has overtaken the Middle East in the number of civilians killed by terrorists, another perverse sign of success! I know civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan are increasingly being targeted in order to hopefully turn them against the Government but hearing the growing civil war in Iraq with civilians and Government buildings being the targets of sectarian violence it is brutal hearing that South Asia has overtaken the middle east in civilian deaths by terrorists. Terrorist attacks spike in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Civilian Deaths Spike in Afghanistan, Pakistan - CBS News

I hate to see this happening to innocent citizens but this is a sign of desperation by the terrorists and a sign they are feeling increasingly threatened and Pakistan, Afghanistan, and NATO can not let up now but must press on until the insurgents step back so we can go home.

James Joiner
Gardner, ma


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Jim,
how are you doing?
Liked your yesterday's post on China... and yeah Demeur's right too: we're the stupid ones letting them take over!
Hear, they're really good with the internet, too! Not just human rights and environment!
what a sick world!
Anyways, seems you're really not at all at ALLVOICES anymore. Here's something, that's really important to me:
But would you believe it, several people have sent me their comments privately and one vet even added: "Hope, you're not thinking I'm heartless...!"
People are really having a very hard time dealing with the realities of war!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah Sofia! No I will not write at All voices until and if they clean up their act. Knowing how it was it is insulting to see what they did to it.

There are a few like yourself there but largely it gets low reads and it is like the national enquirer.

an average patriot said...

Oh I am sorry Sarah I will come by to see what you have to say. Take care, Have you heard about this horrific oil disaster? It will be heading your way eventually!