Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jean-Michel Cousteau on the gulf disaster: This is the greatest environmental disaster of our lifetimes and it has only just begun

With the Gulf of Mexico oil spill still increasing, Jean-Michel Cousteau urges widespread involvement to ban any new offshore oil drilling and to increase support for renewable energy.

Jean-Michel Cousteau interviews Billy Nungesser, President of the Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana, where oil is now entering nearby marshes. Matt Ferraro of the Ocean Futures Expedition Team explores the now oily marsh and finds plants and animals coated in oil.

Dispatch from the Gulf Oil Spill: Philippe Cousteau Tours the ..

This is the greatest environmental disaster of our lifetimes and it has only just begun. Photos and videos from Cousteau in the Gulf of Mexico. Jean-Michel Cousteau, one of the world's leading ocean explorers, has spoken of his “frustration at the human species” over the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

This is going around the world as it is going to the Gulf stream. I was ridiculed when I first said that but with the likes of Jean Michael Cousteau stating this is a chain that will kill everything it touches in the ocean and everything that lives because of it "think about that" also that it will get into every other ocean we have still unfolding a disaster of epic proportions just beginning to unfold.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Face it - much of the Gulf Coast is history right now and instead of formulating plans bitch Palin is given the floor to blame Obama.

an average patriot said...

Tom it really irks me the bitch is even allowed to speak. This really is going to be all planetary all life changing. Why this happened really irks me but I will shut up!

Weaseldog said...

Look at the Live Spill Cam today.

BP had another blowout. The cam shows the oil spewing from a crater.

It's getting worse. You don't even see the original rig equipment in the cam anymore.

Demeur said...

Saw Billy on Ed Shultz yesterday. He looks beside himself.

Weasel the images you saw was BP screwing with the BOP. They're trying to get an idea how to do the Top Kill and Junk Shot. Whether or not the BOP can stand any more pressures when they try this is anyone's guess.

Tim said...

I'm going to be an asshole here, BP in my opinion has no intentions of stopping anything. Not until they are ready to tap into the well from another right along side of it. Why?
To turn this into a profit. I don't believe they couldn't have plugged the well within days of the disaster.
The game their playing is we will all be so grateful when it's plugged, they will look like they are Heroes for stopping it. My views are skewed from disgust. Some have been critical of me being emotional over this, I ask of them where's your emotion..
Thanks Jim I needed that...

an average patriot said...

wease I am willing to bet this is a valdez every day or worse. This is a frigging well not a tanker or a pipeline. I refuse to believer they did this and because of callousness'

They plan on shutting off the cam when they try this next thing so no one sees anything. I don't like it. This is a disaster already and it is just beginning. The ocean is where life began. Life itself is dependent on it.

an average patriot said...

Tim this is epic! All these frigging oceans are interconnected at some point. This is terrible. The ocean is where life began. Just look at the chain on planetary life with an unviable ocean. You are more than right to be concerned Tim!