Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BP doubles estimate of oil siphoned from leak: who the hell cares? Their and Salazar’s lie is headed to the gulf stream!

BP doubles estimate of oil siphoned from leak

Obama to name special panel on oil disaster
Oil, dispersants could smother deep-sea reefs
BP rig inspections were fewer than advertised

Hurricane season nears, adding to worries

This is a catastrophe! "All efforts on the shoreline and at sea, the booms and structures and rigs involved in cleanup and containment, could stop working."As thousands of spill responders gird for a cleanup that could last for months or years after the leaking well is capped, weather and ocean currents are emerging as major unknowns, raising anxiety levels, economic and environmental stakes in the Gulf as storm season nears.
Compounding the uncertainty is how little research has been done on how storms affect oil spills. Some believe storm surges may help disperse the oil off shore or break down the slick. Other research suggests the oil slick itself could keep storms from gathering strength.

NYT: Large undersea plumes found innumerable and the one they measured was 10 miles by 30 miles and 300 feet thick!
nteractive: Trajectory of the oil spill

It is too frigging late now, it was a given from day one we were lied to, this was disastrous, it was monstrously larger than they are still admitting, and it was head to the Gulf stream. Anyway now Scientists are worried that oil is streaming into a major ocean current that could carry it through the Florida Keys and up the East Coast.

please watch the video Whistleblower More than a year before the Deepwater Horizon exploded, a veteran oil industry manager raised concerns about BP's safety practices on an offshore platform. NBC's Lisa Myers reports.

watch asBP's haste lays waste to Gulf waters Rachel Maddow shares reports that BP's pressure on Transocean to skip steps in the drilling process to expedite oil extraction from the well led to the explosion that killed 11 workers and created an ecological catastrophe.

The day this happened and I warned of the enormous lie and definite catastrophe as this is a frigging oil well not a pipeline. I warned of the obvious fact that this was going to enter the gulf stream and head up the East coast before it crossed the Atlantic hit Europe and Norway before it went full circle. During its course it will hit all the other currents as they are interconnected.

Look at the illustrations and read about the influence the Gulf Stream has on the entire world. The Gulf Stream - An Overview of the Gulf Stream Current in the ... Images of the Gulf stream current around the world

Supposedly the Government said the tar balls have started washing up at Key West and they were 6 or 8 inches wide. I saw a report and there was 20 and they were up to 30 inch tar balls. Secretary Salazar's head should roll along with Bush Cheney and all the rest of those involved with this oil lie. They better close them down before we have a worse disaster there. Supposedly there are worse wells there that would dwarf this horrific mess.

Salazar says the Government is partially responsible for not doing their job and enforcing the law. That gets BP off the hook. Screw them, drain the swamp. We and the world have to live with this somehow. As we said from day one, it does not take a so called expert or a scientist, this is going to be enormous and is already catastrophic. Look at the big picture! Look down the future! They brag they spent 650 million so far. Just shut up!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

In the hearings yesterday the repug from Wyoming the way I read it blamed Saladbar more than BP that the government should have done more.

Everyone of these slugs is a piece of shit!

an average patriot said...

I agree as you know! I was just watching the latest footage of the so called leak. It is a frigging raging torrent. This is going to be monumental and better reset precedence.

Demeur said...

I find it interesting. Was listening to a caller on the radio mention that when there was that spill in Europe a few years back that their governments had a bunch of tankers off the coast sucking up the oil. So why aren't they doing that here?
Remember guys these were the left over cronies from the Bush error. Too busy having sex and drugs to do their jobs.
But take heart, I hear criminal charges may be filed.

an average patriot said...

I have been hearing about the criminal charges but I do not know as that would bring out the complicity of the Government. We would have to press charges against many not just Salazar.

So far nothing has made it to the beaches. It seems those gigantic underwater plumes and suffocating corral reefs and life because of the dispersant is the issue.

Seems to me like if they can drop a pipe and suck up the oil from a mile down and they know where the plumes are 150 feet down then they can go to them drop a pipe and suck that up. Anything is worth a try!

Dave Dubya said...

They will never learn. We have been saying for years that unchecked corporate power will impoverish us all and kill the ecosystem. Instead Limbaugh suggests liberals bombed the rig.

Evil is as infinite as human stupidity.

I just want to live to see the day Cheney and his oil thugs get their due. Even if I have to bargain with the Devil to see them in Hell.

In fact, Hell wouldn't be all that bad as long as I'd get to see them there. I'm just not as much a sociopath to get to their level, though.

Tim said...

Demeur I was wondering about those tankers too..I was told it was to costly..Imagine that..
As far as Ken Salazar, he was corrupt when working for Bush, why the hell should OBAMA have thought different.
Salazar was supposed to be the guy to clean up MMA.
Jim I heard BP is squawking about cleaning up deep water oil impact. They want to go to court over that.
Fine then lock em up!

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