Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pakistan arrests Army Major complicit with Taliban and Faisal Shahzad! Pakistan must be aware alert and relentless

Shahzad's Taliban connection

To me that guy was just a dupe with all the prerequisites to look like a half assed terror attempt. They made a little smoke and proved their point. They have the capability to amass a car bomb somewhere off location drive it to New York city or wherever and detonate it.

     You know the Pakistani Taliban have been threatening us with a wave of attacks now they know it is possible. There is no smoking gun or in this case a car or a van just a detonation capable of bring down city blocks and killing and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They are praising people for being vigilant. If they were vigilant Shahzad would not have made it to the point of parking the vehicle there loaded with what "could" have been put together to be lethal.

     People, all people in every neighborhood better start paying attention to what is going on around them. Be nosy! Ask questions, notify police of suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. We have been warned, They now know we are vulnerable to their standard methods of terror right here. We all better be alert and be prepared, this is coming period!
     I am actually more concerned with Pakistan. We know Faisal's father is a retired Pakistani air marshal. We know he had help getting to Waziristan and getting connected with Pakistani Taliban who gave him training and money. What I am bothered by is that after all this time and house cleaning by Pakistan of those in the military with Taliban ties, sympathies, and those clandestinely aiding them we find this out.

     I have to wonder if this Major first, knew Faisal's Father. Secondly it is obvious that Pakistan's Government, the military, and the
Inter-Services Intelligence "the super secret ISI" will always have sympathizers towards the militants and against us and their Government. We will always have to have our own "black ops" keeping keenly aware of what is happening behind the scenes there. We can never relent period!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

We've had the shoe bomber, the underpants bomber and now this guy. If this is the best they have then I'd say we're winning. The intel failure wasn't our fault it was the overseas security that failed.

an average patriot said...

I have to agree but what will they try next? You know they will not stop period.

Tim said...

I think this was an eye opener for the terrorist. They know they can hit us anytime. During WWII we had volunteers walking around city's and towns helping to secure the area. Their name escapes me. When we asked what can we do after 911, perhaps this would have helped.
The more eyes we have to spot unusual things the better. Maybe now there's to much apathy to do something like that. Be sure if it's our neighborhood, it might seem like a good idea.

AMIT said...

I have heard this news few days back.

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