Sunday, May 02, 2010

Economic clout rising, China takes No. 3 seat on World Bank, opens Shanghai world Expo!

World Bank Gives China Greater Voting Power

After a shaky year China is getting her due and I have faith what was discussed at the World economic forum last year will indeed rule the day and the future! Economic clout rising, China takes No. 3 seat on World Bank

China to agree on Iran sanctions: Biden

Shanghai World Expo spectacular open

China's turn around on Iran, their monetary finagling, and their last minute turn around on whether or not to attend the nuclear summit is bearing fruit. They hosted the Olympics next the world expo and now they are the number 3 seat on the world bank.I am envisioning a side by side with China and the US as leaders. Who is on top does not matter to me.

Just prior to this sudden mood and cooperation change with the US we were being threatened for arming Taiwan, for meeting with the Dalai lama in Washington, and threatened with slowing our economic recovery. I fell for the line of thought that the so called experts were floating that China realized that if we go down so do they. Remember the economic summit?

China is getting increasingly emboldened: They were threatening our recovery and everything they could as they tightened the screws on us. We do not have the leverage we use too! We need each other! Remember US-China ties to shape 21st century'? Both sides must remember what they said less than a year ago at their 2 day economic summit!

US-China ties 'to shape 21st century

The US and China will never be the same but share the same big boat hit by huge waves

Cooperation between China Russia and the US is critical! Obama is right to say our ties will shape the future of the 21st century. The US and China are eying each other and moving very cautiously as they try to strike a balance. A few years back I began to view our relationship with China as the most important in the world. Not because we drove each others economy but because if at the time with Bush's instigation to war with Russia China due to the fact of how our 2 economies are so intertwined that if something happened China would side with us not Russia. We must unify!

We can not do this alone! Not just Russia but we need China to help with Iran and North Korea. China holds over a trillion dollars of our debt. They make many of our products so we keep them employed and in that respect we keep each others countries going. They sell the majority of the products they make to Wal-Mart and continue to loan us money.

We are intricately inextricably interwoven in a symbiotic roller coaster relationship. I don't know if I like it or not but it works and must continue. It will get bumpy along the way but I trust like it or not our relationship will continue into the foreseeable future. I am seeing China get stronger and increasingly taking over Japan's role in Asia too. We have many differences but one important thing in common, a desire for a successful future for our two countries! Like it or not we need each other and must get along if either one of us have hopes for a viable future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

What gives me pause is I doubt China wants to share number one billing with us. We are fine for now until they've exhausted our every opportunity.
Perhaps that's just me being Paranoid.
I just think they need us for now..
I also think we could be number one if we just change our ways. Stop War Mongering,meddling, and make investments here. You don't see China with bases all over the world.
I also think it's Human Nature to dominate. There I go fighting windmills.;)

Demeur said...

I think this was just a bit of pandering to China. They hold enough of our debt to crush us without firing a shot. No way could we ever hope to compete when their workers' wages are so far below ours and their lack of environmental laws.
When we first started relations with China back in the early 70s my Dad used to say "wouldn't it be great if we could sell the Chinese toothbrushes". Great idea Dad except it would turn out that they would be the ones making the brushes and selling them to us.
Another thing to remember is that they got along quite nicely without the rest of the world for thousands of years.

an average patriot said...

I know Tim sadly it is the nature of the human beast. No one wants to share the top, everyone wants to be king of the hill!

an average patriot said...

Demeur funny you said that about tooth brushes, you're right! I am sure there was pandering to China and you can be sure it is going both ways to appease.

I know I do not matter but I am adamant about China and the US getting along as both our futures count on it.

柏辰 said...
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