Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Russian leader rejects Stalin cult, warns of world war three!

Medvedev: Chances of new World War exist, but we must never allow such tragedy

Russian leader rejects Stalin cult

Watching the video and listening to Dmitri speak of the horrors of world war two and the horrible memories of his family members who had numerous battles and had to kill many people though they were against killing but did it for country I started remembering. Medvedev said we all know who started the war and how it turned out for them meaning Germany.

I was thinking wait a minute! Didn't Russia start out on Germany's side until Germany turned on her? Despite blaming everything on Nazi Germany, the media's most famous 'baddies Russia started out on Germany's side. The bulk of the European war was fought by the fascist 'Axis' of Germany and Italy against the uneasy alliance of France, the British Empire, the United States and Communist Russia with numerous small contributors on both sides.

However, Russia began the war by seizing and suppressing Poland in allegiance with Germany in 1939 - albeit having first tried to find support against Germany from the western nations – until Germany invaded Russia in 1941, while an Italy freed from fascist rulers joined the Allies in 1943. All across Europe over fifty million combatants fought, with over ten million causalities and equal that number of civilian deaths.

Russia suffered Great suffering and horror during WW2 and Stalin was the right man to lead the fight but he killed a great deal of his own people and do not forget he okayed the slaughter of thousands of Poland's officers and officials and tried to blame it on Germany until recently. To Europe and the US WW2 started in 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Germany and Russian's commemorate that date. Russia however generally holds that the 'Great Patriotic War' began on June 22nd 1941 with Operation Barbarossa (the German invasion of Russia). World War Two in Europe - Overview of World War Two

World war one terrible, World war to was horrible, If there is a world war three it will be much worse as wars do not get more survivable they get more horrific with the increase destruction of our weapons. We can not afford a world war three for many reason not just the costs in lives and money but the planets health. I thought WW3 was a given as Bush and Cheney did everything to instigate it.

Putin was rallying the world to take them on. I know Putin wants to run again and be President and do not think that would be good as far as Russia, China, and the US coming together against a threatening Iran and future. We need each other despite the games that are played and the lies told and lived if we are to move through the 21st century successfully. That possibility is shaky at best but if we are to do it Russia, China, and the US and its allies must do it as one!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

I think WW III has already been lost. Multinational corporations have seized most of the governments and the rest play along.

an average patriot said...

Dave I am afraid I have to agree! Just look at this oil deluge with Billions of gallons of oil under near.

They have no clue what to do so potentially this will be going round the world in the gulf stream.

In this corporatocracy those scum get away with blaming it on everyone else and once again nothing will get resolved and another problem purposely caused for illicit gain is no one's fault.

Who was it Stalin that said we will defeat the US without firing a shot? We are bringing the whole world down with us! I have to repeat something our friend Brother always said to me, we are FFF'd!