Thursday, November 18, 2010

NATO to begin handing over Afghanistan to Afghan Government: Obama on track to being a legend!

About 339 mid-level Taliban commanders and 949 foot soldiers have been killed in the past three months

NATO to begin handing over Afghanistan to Afghan

Security handover to Afghan forces has quietly begun, 2011 looking better!

Wow! When all is said and done I remember when it came out that Karzai was corrupt and he won the election. The people’s attitude was oh well, one corrupt Government is as good as the next .At least the Government is not killing and maiming the people in the name of Sharia law. The government might be corrupt but it is better than the alternative.

This is big and keeps getting better and better! I am pretty pleased that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Representatives of his major insurgent faction have presented a formal 15-point peace plan to the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai. This is the first concrete proposal to end hostilities and get us the heck out of there. Obama can do this, he is doing it.

This would not even be a thought under Bush. As we said in Iraq the Afghan's too must come together so we can leave. They can then turn on each other as I fully expect to be the case in Iraq and also in Afghanistan. Anyway representatives of Hezb-e-Islami met on Monday with representatives of the Government. This is huge as Hezb-e-Islami, or Islamic operates under a separate command from the Taliban, it has links to the Taliban leadership and Al Qaeda and has fought on a common front against foreign forces in Afghanistan.

They only want what I want and that is a withdrawal date for all foreign forces on Afghani soil. That is doable under Obama. We can really do this! They want us to start in July and have it completed in 6 months. The 6 month time frame would have to be flexible and they would have to police the still militant Taliban and keep the peace amongst themselves even if only until we leave as I expect. Insurgent Faction Presents Afghan Peace Plan

Seems what the militants want holds more sway than most think and that is a good thing. NATO beginning to pull out of Afghanistan handing the reins over to the Afghan Government corrupt or not will free Obama up to do the same. They want to start handing over control in July like the Taliban wanted which is perfect. The Afghan government, which has been hampered by a Taliban insurgency, political corruption, a dysfunctional economy and a dependence on foreign assistance, is starting to take more responsibility for running the country's affairs. Great!

This is working and freeing Obama to start disengaging next year. Some compromise can be worked out here. Now if only the Taliban will cool it and cooperate. Their insurgency will only force us to stay. I hope they are smart enough to quell it until we start to disengage. Even the hard core Taliban will go along with this plan if we will only guarantee that we will leave. I really believe we can do this under Obama like health care it would not have happened under Bush or anyone else. Health care, Afghanistan, and the peace prize, what a heck of a trifecta, what a legacy, Obama has already secured his legacy but success in Afghanistan will make him a legend but then there is the Republicans!

James Joiner
Gardner, Massachusetts


Demeur said...

Look at what we have here Jim. We backed what is now Al Qaeda and they turned on us. We picked the Talaban to run the country and they did the same thing. We now have Karzi and the same situation. Ya see a pattern here?

an average patriot said...

We screwed Iran too, who haven't we at this point and it always turns on us. What the hell is wrong with us?

Zhann said...

Lets not get too excited. It is far too early. While I see no reason for the US to stay in Afghanistan, until I see troops moving out I will not put much faith in what is being said.

an average patriot said...

zhan it is about time we have a President capable of thought and evaluation and will listen to and do the right thing for the country. Any way you look at it what is going on in Afghanistan never would have happened under Bush!

Holte Ender said...

The season are extreme in Afghanistan, and the optimism and pessimism seems to be equally extreme. But it is good, before the big heat of summer, that there is a reason for hope.

Tim said...

Do you think we will have learned anything from all this..
Me thinks not.
We are a war mongering nation. Since WWII we have been in something like 42 conflicts. That seems to be the pattern.

an average patriot said...

Holte it keeps looking better and better now if the militants just stop long enough for us to get the hell out.

an average patriot said...

Tim we will not learn anything. I started thinking about our wars and instigated conflicts etc and we have been in almost constant war since day one. You have to question our entire past and it stinks.

Jolly Roger said...

I wonder how many people understand just how little of Afghanistan is actually controlled by the Karzai regime.

It's a real pity that we aren't drafting, so that Chip and Buffy's parents would have to educate themselves.

an average patriot said...

Hi JR! I doubt it, I posted a map a few stories back showing what areas belonged to each and if I remember, there is 64% that belongs to the Taliban and 18% controlled, the rest worse. It really is sick that we let our ff'd up leaders suck us in again and for what we really don't know.