Monday, November 01, 2010

Yesterday's election: Be forewarned, do not buy Republican hype!

It is no surprise, none of this especially the timings. It really bothers me, every time I bring it up someone around the country shoots me down saying I am delusional.

It is simple undeniable fact! You can google it or do a search right here on "the bankrupting of America" These sheeple are so stupid, they are going to bring us down along with them.

Everybody knows! That is only one of the many lines of conversation we have had as Bush has endeavored to destroy FDR's legacy. FDR was able to accomplish what he did because he had the cooperation of Republicans.

That is why they have vowed to make Obama fail and create his and our Waterloo. If you believe the idiots in main stream media they are going to do it. Average Americans and the elderly are in serious trouble if their fear mongering succeeds.

When I remember Romney stumping for McCain for President and he said democrats are America's biggest enemy it gave me chills.

Our trying to take care of the sick and elderly and everyone who needs help is why we have all these problems.

Bush was always reducing what they call unfunded liabilities "social security, Medicaid, and Medicare, amongst other things.

My youngest who called yesterday from Afghanistan is getting ready to come home but he was pissed saying Obama cut NASA and is trying to cut military retirement.

Bush signed the irrevocable law on NASA before he left office along with creating this financial mess. The timing was no coincidence. It was to put the blamed on Democrats and it is working.

All the people that worked for Bush that were left in office have followed his plan and have been eroding Dem plans since. No surprise Gates was Bush's Secretary of Defense.

We are absolutely screwed if Republicans succeed in getting the power to repeal Health care, privatize Social Security, continue and enhance welfare for the wealthy, and taking Obama to court for crimes against America.

That should have been Bush's reward for destroying America and then flying away proud of his accomplishments. Not a good future we have before us and remember the state of the Political and environmental world of today!


Demeur said...

FDR had the same problems with the rethugs as we do today. They called him a socialist back then and said Social Security would destroy this country. They said it then and they've been saying it ever since. So nothing's changed in their party.
I say ask Mr Republican senator what his mother would do without her SS or Medicare? They keep referring to these programs as 'entitlements' they're not. An entitlement is a benefit you get for just being a member of a group and is not paid for. Last I checked everybody's pay stub has a place for SS and Medicare deductions.

Dave Dubya said...

Yeah, so much for Americans showing the world how smart they were two years ago.

Ignorance is strengh.

an average patriot said...

Demeur at least they gave FDR enough to help America succeed, today's R,s want failure and nothing else but to finish us off. The people know not what they have dine and what they are doing. I hate Boehner!

an average patriot said...

Dave I can't frigging believe it. All I can say is after another 2 years of stopping all progress and looking at and listening to Fascist Boehner maybe people will wake up but no guarantee with these fools.