Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bush's Forever war is barely beginning!

                            JMJ 1st 2nd and 3rd, 4th?

I know many think I am crazy as the truth is and must be laughed at if you are to survive it but my sons know this is barely beginning.

I have told them and said for years this will dwarf the hundred years war. Remember someone at least in our minds that don't matter have to be able to live here when they are done.

End of days seems to be the goal! I remember right wing idiots under Bush saying it was his goal and they are ready was I.

I was talking to my EOD son Jim yesterday, he lost 17 friends and many have what he calls bouncy legs. He is trying to train one up now who has severe PTSD and one leg left and they had to cut off the better of the two.

He is happy that now that EOD is considered special forces he can PT the hell out of the kids and many are dropping out unable to take it. Better than having them die from inadequate training as many are.

One of his buddies that is also a battle hardened crazy lost more than a dozen friends and vehicles around him and a couple limbs along with the stress of losing many friends he tried to save.

They were PTing the kids when his leg flew off and they laughed themselves silly before a couple kids panicked and started crying before dropping out. It is a horror comedy still in the making.

You have to laugh, some can step out but they too are along for the ride like it or not. Anyway all my sons know to them this is just starting and it is job security.

I figure like it or not Yemen or Somalia "the Gulf of Aden" is next Jim believes it is Iran who they think they will take on from 5 or 6 carrier battle groups in the Gulf. Jim just says "whatever" I would rather be back in combat with a 70 pound pack on my back than 3 kids.

To that I say WTF? Did you ever read the 70s science fiction story "the forever war"? get it if you can. That is becoming reality like all the rest of the horror we used to fantasize about.

Hold on, I use to worry about these kids stepping up when called on but step up they have and now it is I that am worried not them and the world with his war mongering.

This is the reality Bush has created for them. That is why I would like to slap him and cringe when I hear him brag and many calling him a great President.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

That is a fantastic picture James. Have a great day.

an average patriot said...

Yeah isn't that cool! I won't ruin it with our reality I will just say thanks and take care!

Dave Dubya said...

So it's great that Bush got all his buddies killed? Poor guy.

RealityZone said...

Have a good gobble gobble day.

This endless wars without borders is way above W.
It is the shadows behind the curtains that are dictating policy.
W enjoyed it, and took it to another "torture" level.
Now the Big O is a war of choice president.
If we even start to draw down in Afghanica, another front will open.
Tajikistan is a near by target.Yemen has already been primed.
Fuses are everywhere. So yes the endless wars without borders will continue for eternity.

an average patriot said...

He did a great joB didn't he Dave? It peeves me the smug little bastard still can't think or talk but he is proud of his stupidity and accomplishments. Yesterday I hears him compare Palin to him. OMG that's what I'm afraid of, another dupe to be controlled!

an average patriot said...

HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD THANkSGIVING RZ! YOU ARE RIGHT RZ, YOU SAW MY COMMENT TO DAVE, HE KNOWS THAT AND WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT FOR YEARS. WHOEVER IS BEHIND the R's and the corporatocracy want the dying by us and war profiteering by them to continue in this war economy corporatocracy.