Tuesday, November 16, 2010

White House considers Yemen drone strikes, officials say: what do they think they've been doing for the past year?

White House considers Yemen drone strikes, officials say Not for nothing but they have been quietly doing this for many months if not years but Yemen and the US better be careful and keep US boots off the ground or face dire peril. The worst of the worst are in this area!

Report: US gears up for attack in Yemen after botched plane attack This stepped up campaign especially using unmanned drones would be a way for Yemen to go after the three pronged attack on Yemen coming from Iran, the Houthi secessionists, and Al Qaeda.

Supposedly the so called experts say the three forces operating to destabilize Yemen from the North, South, and East will not join forces but you bet they will! Al Qaeda has been leaving Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mauritania; to use Yemen as their new base we in turn better meet them there with force.

I understand the so called Al Qaeda headquarters in Yemen was just raided killing one Al Qaeda. There have been two admitted attacks already by the US! The first according to Shiite Houthi rebels killed some 63 people including 28 children while injuring 90. Yemen reported it as 34 Al Qaeda killed! US air raids kill 63 civilians in SE Yemen

Most recently an attack on Anwar al Awlaqi the Yemeni American cleric linked to the Fort Hood attack! Al Awaqi is thought to have been killed in the attack. Yemeni air strike kills 30, targets home of cleric linked to Ft. Hood attack Imam tied to Ft. Hood shootings killed - Video News Live

Then we hear we have quietly stepped up air attacks in Yemen hunting down and killing Al Qaeda. It is no secret we have been discussing it and the fact that Iran's revolutionary guard is also there supporting Houthi rebels in an effort to get Shiite dominance. The attack on a packed air bus on Christmas day came from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; a terrorist cell led by a former personal secretary to Osama bin Laden and was in retaliation for recent attacks in Yemen by the US. There are promises that this was the first of many. I'm the first of many, warns airline 'bomber'

Despite 2 insurgencies and Al Qaeda Yemen is already in trouble. They are running out of water! Wells are down 65 feet per year, many wells have dried up and they can not grow food. They are rapidly running out of water and that problem too is now. Yemen water woes in the poorest Arab Nation

With our air raids in the East, civil war looming in the north, pro-independence protests in the south and al-Qaeda in the background threatening a wave of attacks on America, Yemen is today’s war. To top it off Yemen is running out of water! There is more Al Qaeda there than in Afghanistan why are we in Afghanistan and not Yemen?

Somalia will be the next war as those Al Qaeda who did not flee the existing wars to help in Yemen have gone to Somalia! Al Qaeda has always been in Yemen but it has now become Al Qaeda central. Their principle targets are Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the US, allies and allies in this so called war on terror.

The Saudi and Yemen branches of Al Qaeda have joined forces and many outsiders are moving in to join the fight. We must act in kind! Yemen is on the verge of being a failed state as you already know especially if you have been following my story line. Yemen is on the Abyss and we must help them for own good!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This is definitely not the way to deal with this situation. Imagine if a gang was in your neighborhood. You're trying your best to lay low and stay out of their way when the Air Force flys over and bombs your neighbors house and takes out your wife and kids in your house. No way to win hearts and minds.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I was just saving some info on Somali Al Qaeda going to Yemen to help Al Qaeda there. There is no way around realizing this is barely beginning and whether we went home or not they are not going to relent and we will have to fight and win or we will have no future.

Demeur said...

Jim you scoundrel! Recycling comments now are we?

After nine years of this fighting I'm beginning to think that people are getting a bit tired of it.

an average patriot said...

Funny! No but I noticed something. Sometimes as you know, I am on a continuing story line and I would add part of what I did in the past to show the whole story.

Instead of redoing it and all the links I noticed I could change the date and update the story. Side consequence is it brings the comments with it. I thought of deleting them but then I thought that would look screwed up so I thought one could see how their opinions change. You are the first to not remember, oh well!

Tim said...

Jesus H Christ on a bicycle. Holy crap it's the 100 year war again.
Our troops will be in wheelchairs with long gray beards at this rate.
Jim, I really think it's time to reenact the Draft. Our people can't be expected to do even more. Afghanistan should have been stopped years ago.

an average patriot said...

Tim I know many think I am crazy as the truth is and must be laughed at if you are to survive it but my sons know this is barely beginning.

I have told them and said for years this will dwarf the hundred years war. Remember someone at least in our minds that don't matter have to be able to live here when they are done.

End of days seems to be the goal! I remember right wing idiots under Bush saying it was his goal and they are ready was I.

I was talking to Jim yesterday, he lost 17 friends and many have what he calls bouncy legs. He is trying to train one up now who has severe PTSD and one leg left and they had to cut off the better of the two.

He is happy that now that EOD is considered special forces he can PT the shit out of the kids and many are dropping out unable to take it. Better than having them die from inadequate training as many are.

One of his buddies that is also a battle hardened asshole lost more than a dozen friends and vehicles around him and a couple limbs along with the stress of losing many friends he tried to save.

They were PTing the kids when his leg flew off and they laughed their asses of before a couple kids dropped out. It is a horror comedy still in the making.

You have to laugh, some can step of but they too are along for the ride like it or not. Anyway all my sons know to them this is just starting and it is job security.

I figure like it or not Yemen or Somalia "the Gulf of Aden" is next Jim believes it is Iran who they think they will take on from 5 or 6 carrier battle groups in the Gulf. Jim just says "whatever" I would rather be back in combat with a 70 pound pack on my back than 3 kids.

To that I say WTF? Did you ever read the 70s science fiction story "the forever war"? get it if you can. That is becoming reality like all the rest of the horror we used to fantasize about.

Hold on, I use to worry about these kids stepping up when called on but step up they have and now it is I that am worried not them and the world with his war mongering.

This is the reality Bush has created for them. That is why I would like to slit his throat and cringe when I hear him brag and many calling him a great President.