Friday, November 05, 2010

2010 most corrupt nation in the world report: War-hit countries 'most corrupt'? new Democracies? African nations?

War-hit countries 'most corrupt'

Russia most corrupt in the G20 Pakistan world's 34th most corrupt nation, Russia Ranked Among Most Corrupt Countries and Somalia, Afghanistan Top Corruption Index!

Report: Africa Tops World Corruption Rankings

Last year I started paying attention to the corruption index partly because democracies were not doing so well in it but primarily because every country we were involved in albeit in waror in forcing democracy on were amongst the worst on the list. Last year Afghanistan was next to the bootom on the list 2nd only to Somalia. A year later Afghanistan in the same position is on the bottom with Somalia, Burma, and Iraq. Now that is success! Afghanistan sinks in new corruption ranking as US, World Leaders Fall Short in Corruption Fight, Group Says!

What bothers me about the list is that recent efforts at forcing Democracy on Nations by Bush we know as failure but it is illustrated here. I know corruption has been around since the beginning of society and man. However, with the advent of George W and his corrupt underhanded Government in what he called an example of Democracy to be exported around the world the corruption and stolen power became the new standard.

Bush used what I coined as 3D politics taught by Karl Rove to achieve their goals. (3D politics = Deceitful, deceptive, divisive politics) It seems in every election in every country now we hear cries of fraud and corruption not just here in the US and more visibly in Iran during the June Presidential election. Why should we expect Afghanistan or anyone else to be any different? Check where your country ranks in the corruption index

Look at the example we have set for others to follow. I remember the feeling of shame when GW had the audacity to tell China they should aspire to a US style Democracy seeing our own broadcast daily corruption in what many of us believed was no longer a Democracy. Under Bush we became a Democracy in name only and were exporting that not just in the Middle East but around the world.

Stealing elections and corruptions is the standard in the world now. The destruction Bush rained on the US and world balance along with the example he set for the world to follow will affect the entire world for generations if not forever. That is why I can not forget what Bush did and people often tell me to get over it. He made sure he will go down in history!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Jim I though you of all people would have figured all this out by now. It isn't about politics or democracies or anything like that. This is about how thieves operate. Bush and many before him will pick a person with the biggest ego then bribe them to do his bidding. Actually I think Bush was just a stooge for Cheney and the gang but that's another story.
We did the exact same things in Vietnam. Went to war on lies, installed a corrupt puppet government. Controlled that government until they became of little value then installed another. It's just that now Bushco has figured out how to steal the maximum amount of cash in the deal. Here we are spending billions supposedly trying to rebuild a country while we go down the shitter. And if you look what they've built or actually not built then you'd know that this is nothing more than a robbery.
With two wars and the collapse of our financial system I think we should be a little farther down the list.

an average patriot said...

I know but being one that believes in truth honesty and doing the right thing I don't like it at all. It is all about what you can take and I hate it! Thomas Jefferson's thought that when in a Democracy you will automatically do the right thing for that Democracy is the way I feel but it is dead.

Dave Dubya said...

When asked if he approved of waterboarding, Bush said, "Damn right". The fact he is not in prison is proof of how corrupt to the core the US Govt. truly is.

It is now a cartel.

an average patriot said...

The SOB is so fff'd up he's still saying that. Torture only gets the information you want to hear. Hell they'll say anything to get it to stop. Hell all the good info stopped when the torture started. Those ass holes!

Border Explorer said...

Bush says he is not worried about how history will assess his presidency because he won't be around to hear it. [I lapse into 'french' now....pardon my 'french']

an average patriot said...

Hi Billie! Yeah I know, it really pisses you off. Pardon my french! That bastard purposely destroyed world order. I have the day to day facts or should I say lies logged in 7 E Books if these asses ever want to hear the truth from our perspective. Take care Billie!