Saturday, November 27, 2010

China's Nobel fury unmatched since Soviet and Nazi regimes. Not good!

China's Nobel fury unmatched since Soviet and Nazi regimes

US Worries Over Nobel Pick's Wife as China keeps her cut off from the world

Six countries turn down Nobel ceremony invite 16 have not replied due to threats from China

I fell for the line of thought that the so called experts were floating that China realized that if we go down so do they. I thought they were going to accept their new position in the world but they are more than concerning me with their muscle flexing. I use to think they would be our ally if Russia became a problem I am now thinking Russia will ally with us against a more militaristic boisterous China.

Cooperation between China Russia and the US is critical! Obama was right to say our ties will shape the future of the 21st century. The US and China are eyeing each other and moving very cautiously as they try to strike a balance. A few years back I began to view our relationship with China as the most important in the world. Not because we drove each others economy but because if at the time with Bush's instigation to war with Russia China due to the fact of how our 2 economies are so intertwined that if something happened China would side with us not Russia. I never imagined that today problems between China and Japan would be the issue.

As we discussed there have been at least three cases of groups of Chinese military ships crossing through the area of Okinawa since November 2008, first 4 ships then 6 then 8 and now 10 including destroyers and submarines. The latest case appeared to be the first involving surfaced submarines. The group of 10 ships, including the submarines, was observed about 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of Okinawa in international waters.

Two missile destroyers and three frigate ships from the same group were spotted participating in a flight exercise of carrier-based helicopters April 7-9, the Defense Ministry's Joint Staff Office said in a statement The war ships were in international waters but close to Okinawa and Japan was not notified. That area as you may know has natural resources under the ocean and islands claimed by both Nations. It is important that we stay in Okinawa as China plays a more important role in Asia and around the world as she gains strength militarily and economically as we just discussed. Remember our discussion on the importance of China and the US staying together to move successfully through the 21st century

We must maintain as much of the old world balance and order as we can to maintain a balance as we try to move progressively and successfully through the 21st century! I know of China and Japan's past, I know of the still ongoing Island disputes, the disagreement over natural gas in another area of the East China Sea, I also remember that with China's economic clout rising she took the number 3 seat on the world bank and we talk constantly that China is taking the leading role in Asia and Asia relations.

Being in a superior position puts one in a unique position of power and that power must be handled gracefully, with humility, responsibly, and not abused. That is something I taught all my sons and America under Bush did a lousy job of handling. I am a little worried that China too is getting a little too heavy handed and abusive with her new position of power and beginning to take what she wants instead of being content with what she has which is what I constantly lecture has to be the case if we are to have a future. The time when man and the planet could handle war and colonialism is over, period or else!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

Jim, I've spent much the night thinking about this upcoming conflict.
In order to wage war with North Korea we would have to borrow the money from China. I mean were as broke as a joke. Were spread so thin as it is now. Obama has been compared to Truman in some circles. If that comparison were true, would Obama be forced into using Nukes. That's the one thing we have ample supply of.
Your thoughts...

Snave said...

Seems to me that when N. Korea does crazy stuff the Chinese don't do or say much about it. What's with that? Does it serve their interests to have the region destabilized? Maybe it does.

If we went to war with North Korea, we would be at war with China also. It seems to me that those who like to talk about how wimpy our responses have been to North Korea must also like the thought of getting into a third World War, with us having to face off against both Russia and the PRC.

The ruling family in North Korea is not worth getting into a world war over. Them having their nukes is a bad thing, and they might even be more unpredictable with their use of the technology than militant Islamists might.

Is it time for some limited tactical strikes on North Korea? If there is a way to get China on board, I'd have to say not just maybe, but yes! But with China seemingly looking the other way when the North pulls some stunt like they did the other day, I doubt we would get any support from them any time soon.

What Tim says is right on about us being too broke to get into another war. And your earlier commentary about China being behind what N. Korea is doing? I think you're on the right track there, too.

We have gotten ourselves into this mess with China holding us over a barrel in many respects. What can be done to reverse this, if anything really can be done?

Dave Dubya said...

North Korea's Lil' Kim is really no different from our Lil' Bush. They both embrace provocation and "pre-emptive war". They both know the key to power is belligerence and fearmongering.

I hope cooler heads know this is not worth going to war over.


Hi James...

How are you?

Forgive the absence. Been on a self-imposed hiatus for a while; not blogged regularly too nor visited my usual blog haunts as you probably noticed.

Read your comments in my blog and pleased. Yes, things are looking chirper country home side but work front too -- not complaining, in fact pretty happy with things.

I see you too are as concerned as I am over (as must a lot of folks) the situation in the Pacific. Seems the world is once again on a bit of tenterhooks what with a madman in Nokor and big China pushing her weight around.

Sigh... gotta be vigilant. I suppose this is one of those times when the US and Europe should have a common front -- our [western] way of life may just be in peril here. I believe in the saying rather play with the devil you know than the devil you don't know.

Cheers... Looking forward to visiting again. And thanks for dropping by.

an average patriot said...

Tim I'm not concerned with China shutting us off because they can't and won't. Shut us off and they shut us down.

They have been instigating their lap dog to do this. The Kim's were just in China remember. China supports their military to keep us away.

China will do what they can to keep this from happening because all out war would screw them big time. They are not ready to take us on. They will likely get Russia too and as victors all our debts will be released.

an average patriot said...

Snave you're right but you saw my response to Tim! China has more to lose than us as they are after ate area's undersea riches and will inherit millions of refugees. They pay North Korea to keep Democracy off their door step

an average patriot said...

Yeah Dave he is said to be worse than his father and I can see him thinking China will come to his rescue but I wouldn't want to bet on it. I don't like this! What about Iran, Somalia, Yemen?

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna! Happy to hear from you. This is very disconcerting particularly closely following on the heels of the Kim's visit to China.

Supposedly China is now stepping up but BS, they are behind this in their effort to have their NK lap dog keep Democracy off their seas and their front door. not good! You take care of the home fires and stay in touch!


Not good at all, James. But China might just be facing a full plate, more than they can handle, what with the China economic [on credit] bubble predicted to burst anytime.