Monday, November 29, 2010

In Afghanistan we are resting our hopes on "the malignant actor" Col. Abdul Razzik and he is in bed with Ahmed Wali Karzai

Col. Razzik and his force of some 250 men have become invaluable to the U.S.-led operations to seize Taliban redoubts in Kandahar province, U.S. commanders say. Unlike other Afghan security forces—often ineffectual, reluctant to fight or simply unfamiliar with Kandahar's terrain—his men have wowed American commanders with their tactical skills and determination.

"I have a clear strategy: When the enemies are killing us, we shouldn't be giving them flowers," Col. Razzik said in an interview, as he awaited a visit by the American ambassador to his fort-like base in the border town of Spin Boldak.

Col. Razzik's ability to safeguard the strategic Spin Boldak crossing from the Taliban in recent years has allowed him to stay in office. That job security comes despite what officials in Kabul and Washington say are well-founded concerns that he has been enriching himself and his patron, President Hamid Karzai's brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, with revenue from heroin smuggling, customs-skimming and bribes. people from his own tribe are scared to death of him and leaving the area. In Afghanistan, U.S. Turns 'Malignant Actor' Into Ally

Just a week ago a NATO drug raid carried out by United States and Russia without Karzai's permission raised his ire and we said Great, they were probably his! The raid netted more than a ton of heroin and morphine worth $US250 million ($256.1 million), as well as equipment, Viktor Ivanov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.The report said Afghan interior ministry officials had been involved in the operation. This is huge and in the past Russia frequently criticized what it describes as the inadequate anti-drug policies of United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan, leading to an increased flow of drugs into Russia through Central Asia.

I think this was great and despite Karzai's anger at the raid saying he was not informed and we had no right performing a unilateral attack on drug labs without his permission, this Russian US cooperation was perfect and I love it. Hell Karzai is upset because those drugs and labs most likely were his, his brothers, families and friends. He couldn't warn them and spoil the raid, boo hoo!

Remember discussing this exactly a year ago: It was terrible finding out Ahmed Wali Karzai a brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a CIA agent.It was bad enough knowing he is a Drug Lord and frauded the election for his brother but finding out he is in bed with the CIA raised many questions.Remember the chopper that crashed killing DEA agents returning from a mission? I suspected foul play. I am sure of it as Karzai knew of this in advance and this time he did not. Hmm go figure!

Knowing how illicit Ahmed's activities are I was a bit surprised to find out he has been working with the CIA since day one. Have they been turning their backs on his poppy growing and drug trafficking? In exchange for what? There has certainly been no real accomplishments in Afghanistan since day one despite our soldiers heroic efforts.

Ahmed runs the National Protective Program amongst numerous other things. Ahmed Wali Karzai News - The New York Times Quite interesting! I do not know what you think about Ahmed working for the CIA or "rumors" of him being a Drug Lord but think about this!

First hearing he is a drug lord made me wonder what was being discussed in all the pictures I see of him visiting towns and conversing with tribal leaders. Being a a prominent political figure in the southern region of the country with regular visits makes for a lucrative convenient position in the opium world. I refuse to believe it can be ignored though Ahmed denies any involvement. Yeah like the million rigged ballots he didn't rig.

Okay! Ahmed is a drug lord. Him and his profits are probably helping to fund the war against us. Think about it! It gets worse. While returning from a successful mission searching a compound for drugs the helicopter crashed killing 7 troops and as we now know, 3 DEA agents. In the fight after the crash 12 "insurgents" were killed. They were just returning from a successful mission cleaning out opium interests in Ahmed's region. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Poor Karzai's! Go Russia and US cooperation! Good luck to the malignant actor! Okay we're in the drug business until we leave Afghanistan!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

After watching the 60 minutes piece last night about the Afghan police I'd say this whole operation is going to go nowhere. They pointed out that you can train them and pay them but you can't force them to be honest.
As I've said before you can't make a country out of something that doesn't want to be a country. They seem to be happy being small tribes with local leaders.

an average patriot said...

Yeah I know, we can't force them to go to work or fight the Taliban either. I was just updating them killing us their trainers. We did our job we better get out and let them have their Bush guaranteed civil war.


Why will they want to change when we keep paying them good money to be bad?

Google Warlord, Inc. PDF report can be downloaded here:


Of course, given the circumstances, time to re-think US-NATO Afghanistan policy...

"The establishment of Task Force 2010 shows that the Department of Defense is well aware, at the highest levels, of concerns that US contractors are funding warlordism and corruption in Afghanistan." -- WARLORD, INC Extortion and Corruption Along the US Supply Chain in Afghanistan, Report by Rep John F Tierney, Chair Subcommitte on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform US House of Representatives, June 2010

an average patriot said...

They won't change Anna! We have known for years we pay the Taliban not to kill us. I have discussed it many times. Heck they have offices in Kabul/ I just wish their so called lone wolfs would stop killing our trainers and let us get out so they can have their civil war and kill each other.